Sunday, May 25, 2014


kfc and clover chips

           I would first like to say that KFC is one of my favorite fastfood chains. I like their original recipe chicken and lots of gravy (though admittedly I liked the gravy better years ago). So when I was browsing Facebook a few days ago, I was intrigued upon seeing their new KFC Crispy Cheese Chicken using Leslie's Clover Chips! A very unusual combination which of course immediately called my attention.

clover chips
I love how they placed the chicken inside a sealed Clover Chips bag when they sent it to us!
    We Filipinos are familiar with Leslie's Clover Chips. It's been a popular snack and has been around for a long time. It's one of those snacks that's enjoyable to share with your friends. I guess that's a huge factor as to why the add immediately caught my attention. In fact I remember asking Richie that day if we could have it for dinner. We never really got around to ordering it, but a few days later, KFC also sent us a bucket for us to try!

kfc crispy cheese chicken

        Crispy chicken marinated in real Clover Chips cheese bits. It really does sound like an interesting idea. You can really see the orange cheese powder all over the crunchy chicken. But as enticing as the Clover Chips part sounds, it didn't work as well as we had hoped. 

      It technically tasted like crispy fried chicken sprinkled with cheese powder. There was nothing there in terms of flavor to really tie it up to Clover Chips. If our KFC Bucket didn't come in the bag of Clover Chips, I wouldn't have been able to connect the two together. 

kfc crispy cheese chicken

     Truthfully, it wasn't so bad. But since Richie and I hold KFC to higher standards when it comes to Fried Chicken, we weren't particularly impressed. Although admittedly, it was better when paired with the rice, and Baby Rain seemed to like it because she ate a lot compared to other days. 

    But personally, Nothing beats the Original 11 herbs-and-Spices recipe! 

    Nonetheless, It's always better to try it so you could decide for yourself if you like it or not! 

    Like KFC Philippines on Facebook  and follow them on Twitter to get updates on their new upcoming creations! 

    This one might not have hit the mark, but props to them for consistently trying to think out of the box. 

   Many people in The Pickiest Eater Facebook feed commented that they could have come up with a better concept. The good news is, you actually also have a chance to come up with your own unique KFC creation entry! Just Tweet your ideas to KFC Philippines using the hashtag #KFCCoCreations for your ideasand your creation could just be the next one to come to life! 

        And yes, in case you were wondering, Richie already sent in his "Bacon Wrapped Original Recipe" Concept.


  1. I first learned about this through an FB post of a frien, saying she was curious about it. I like Clover and cheese so I soon found myself at the nearest KFC. I really had high expectations, unfortunately it didn't make me happy. It has a weird taste which I couldn't exactly put my finger on. You're right, didn't taste like clover, what's worse is that it didn't taste like any of the KFC chicken. It's like they've decided they would not be using their secret spices here. I love KFC, I think I'm just going to stick with their original chicken on my next visit.

    1. I doubt that they can come up with anything that could ever top that!

  2. Just from the looks of it, I don't wanna bother trying it like that stupid burger they had with cheese on top of the bun. Really, KFC? They can really come up with the most embarrassing products at times. But I hail them for their halo-halo krusher. Too bad it's only around for summer. Haha.

    Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

    1. The new desserts they came up with were pretty good as well :)

      But yeah, that burger with the cheese on top was awfully strange

  3. I love the KFC Clover Chips Chicken. I feel like it was the best munchie that KFC ever made. :)

    The cheesy gravy steak sauce to pair with it was so good I wish they had two options of gravy. This invention will bring cheesy junk food addicts to heaven. :)

    I'm not a clover chips fan but I do love chicken. :) This was a hit for me!!

    1. You know what's strange? They didn't give me any Cheesy gravy steak sauce. Maybe it would have made a difference!

  4. di pala ako nag iisa. Kfc gravy diminish in quality over the years. tanda ko pa na gawin ko sopas ang gravy nila. now sucks.

    clover chips +kfc = super unhealthy sadly

  5. I had high expectations for this new concept but, sadly, the taste was disappointing. I'll stick to the original recipe. I wonder what they will come up with next. I wonder how the "Bacon Wrapped Original Recipe" will be like? lol. (^_^)

    1. Concept was interesting enough to get our attention.. execution fell a tad short! But everything is better with bacon so bacon wrapped O.R. would be a hit!

  6. I tried it before,when I didn't know that it was clover chips,and i thought it was cheese curls on the breading. Plus,very messy,the clover chips crumbs fall off.

  7. sino kaya yung nag-suggest nun? di ko pa kasi natitikman yan!

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