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        If you happen to walk by The Fort Strip area a lot, you would have probably passed by this nice place with high ceiling and mesmerizing chandelier. That's Magosaburo. An authentic Japanese restaurant known for their top grade Wagyu Beef. Opened in Japan in 2009, it has finally reached the shores of the Philippines.

        The interiors (in my unprofessional opinion hahaha) is a cross between Industrial and Zen, with a touch of elegance to give it an air of sophistication without the usual stiffness of a fine dining restaurant. 

Magasaburo has three floors

The Appetizers:

Cream Cheese Tofu

        Let's start with the appetizers. This Cream Cheese Tofu (P280) is really good! I honestly didn't think I would like it this much. It's very creamy with a touch of sweetness. And the best part is I get to sprinkle some (sea?) salt for that perfect burst of flavor!

       Richie, Mister "I-Don't-Like-Tofu" devoured his share and was in fact, looking for more!

Three Kinds of Namuru

Other appetizers are Three Kinds of Namuru (P180)...

Three Kinds of Kimchi

        They also have Three Kinds of Kimchi (P200). I'm not a fan of Kimchi, but the other bloggers seemed to like it!


Luxury Green Salad

        Magosaburo serves special greens such as these two that we tried that day. The Luxury Green Salad (P490) was quite refreshing.

truffle salad

        But it was a delight to see a real truffle. It was my first time to see one in real life. Star struck? Hahaha!


        But honestly, the taste of the real truffle was like normal tasteless mushrooms to me. I guess it was really just the beautiful scent that gives its charms. But this is just, again, my unprofessional opinion haha! (What do I know?)

Mixed Sashimi Salad

        The Mixed Sashimi Salad (P480) was quite good even if I wasn't able to grab a piece of the fish. It was very flavorful. In fact, I liked this better than the Luxury Salad.

Ox Tail Omelet

        The Ox Tail Omelet, Japanese Style (P220) was delicious! I would say this was also one of my favorites. The egg is soft and fluffy and simply comforting, and then comes the savory oxtail right in the middle like a pleasant, savory surprise!.     

assorted tempura

        Their Assorted Tempura (P480) wasn't anything to rave about. Don't get me wrong, It was good tempura, but I've had better in other restaurants. 

beef garlic fried rice

        The Beef Garlic Fried Rice (P380) had great flavor to it, making it a meal in itself. Although it was admittedly a little bit on the oily side, Richie and I like our fried rice that way (hehe).

clam soup

        The Clam Soup in Hot Stone Bowl (P 250) is the kind of soup that provides you perfect comfort on a rainy day. The broth, filled with clams and scallions, brought out bold yet soothing flavors in my tummy. 

The Meat:

Mago Wagyu Chuck Roll Tomato Sukiyaki

        I would say the Mago Wagyu Chuck Roll Tomato Sukiyaki (P720) was my favorite for the day. 


        I had to keep from swearing on how much I liked it. What can I say? I really love sweet and salty! We all ended up eating it with steamed rice. It's really good!

japanese wagyu steak

        Like kids in a candy store, I think I heard the men (yes, GROWN men!) squeal as soon as the Assorted Japanese Wagyu Steak Palette Lava Set has entered the building (P6,200 for 2 people). The plate display showed three kinds of cuts: 80 grams of Special Prime Ox Tongue, 100 grams of Special Prime Short Rib, and 100 grams of Japanese Wagyu Sirloin. You can watch all of these lovely steak cuts get cooked to perfection on the wonder that is the lava plate.

        Even just by looking at it, you can see that the marbling of the meats was exquisite. 

prime beef tongue
Prime Beef Tongue 
lava stone

        Interestingly enough, this special lava plate was said to be made by the same masons who repaired the walls of the historic castles and structures in Japan.

ox tongue

japanese wagyu short ribs
Japanese Wagyu Short Ribs being cooked with some veggies on the side
japanese wagyu short ribs
Japanese Wagyu Short Ribs
        Among all the steaks, my favorite was the Short Ribs. It had a very buttery taste and plus, it was so soft that it melted in my mouth!

japanese wagyu
Japanese Wagyu Sirloin
Chef Motomatsu Takashi

        Thanks to Chef Motomatsu Takashi whipping up this excellent Japanese Steak dining experience! And of course to Ms. Socorro "SC" Cariaga of Magosaburo! 

Fort Pointe 2 Building, 28th Street, 
The Fort Entertainment Complex, Taguig City 
Contact Number: 856-1808 


  1. That Cream Cheese Tofu looks appetizing! And I love the interiors.

    1. The place is gorgeous.. and the Cream Cheese Tofu really surprised me!!

      It was GOOD!!

  2. Those wagyu beef looks deadly! They look almost white! can imagine a super melt in your mouth feeling :)

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