Friday, October 30, 2015

Food Trip with the Canon Powershot G7X

Canon restaurant shots

        Though we’ve only had our Canon Powershot G7X for a couple of months now, I can safely say it’s been a godsend. Having a camera so compact yet with high quality photo and video capabilities has been a pleasure to bring around. In fact, we’d rather bring this with us most of the time compared to our old DSLR because of how light it is. It’s a perfect case of small but powerful. (Like me!)

        The other day I took my little family out to a nice lunch at Maisen because I really wanted my wife Rina to try it. So off we went to Greenbelt with our daughter and our Canon Powershot G7X in tow.

Maisen Greenbelt

        We went to the Maisen branch in Greenbelt 5 because we had to do some errands there as well.

Canon G7 X Interior shots

        As you enter, the kitchen immediately greets you where you can see the chefs preparing each tonkatsu with tender love and care. Considering this shot was taken from a not-so-close distance and sort of dim lighting, you can still see the people working behind the kitchen in crisp details.

Canon G7 X Interior shots Maisen Greenbelt

        The dining area is to the left of the kitchen. The inside is quite small, but not cramped. The big logo engraved at the back wall really gives that wow factor. But that’s pretty much it. There are some more tables outside though. I love how crisp this shot is of this interior even with yellow lighting. 

Katsu sauce

        Like every Katsu Place, they have their own trademark Tonkatsu Sauce. I couldn’t help but be impressed with how rich the colors looked even in warm lighting!

Katsu sandwich Canon G7 X Interior shots

        Because we were so hungry, I ordered the Tenderloin Katsu Sandwich to “stretch” our tummies. (With a little tweaking of the camera settings, Rina was able to lessen the yellowish color of the photo because of the yellow house lights.)

Canon G7 X Interior shots Pork Sukiaki

        Rain was in the mood for noodles so we ordered her the Pork Sukiyaki Set. Rina keeps telling me she hates taking photos of set meals because you have to make sure you cover the whole thing but still do it in an interesting angle. Sometimes it’s hard for big cameras, but with a nice point and shoot like the Canon Powershot G7X, it was no sweat! All details even the items on the edges of the photo are still clear!

Sukiyaki Canon G7 X Interior shots

A close up of the Sukiyaki. In this shot, Rina focused more on that beautiful bacon like slice of pork!

Canon G7 X Interior shots Sukiyaki

Mix the egg with the rest!

        The Canon camera captured how the yolk oozed out of the egg, blending into the white but, with the vibrant orange hue still very pronounced. Not bad for an “Auto Mode” setting, huh?

sukiyaki Canon G7 X Interior shots

        Another shot of a katsu set. See how the deep red tone of the watermelon and the yellow hue of the egg pops out is very defined!

cheese minced pork katsu

        Another thing that is hard to take a shot of is creamy centers. But all Rina needed to do lean closer with just the right distance on this Cheese Minced Pork Katsu, and then tap the center part in the screen where you want it to focus, in this case, the cheese, and CLICK!

black and white Canon G7 X outdoor shots

Outdoor group photo! Because we’re all wearing black and white.

        So that’s just one of the family day outs we’ve had with the Canon Powershot G7X. (See our first-hand experience here) It’s really an amazing camera that’s easy to use (point and shoot), but at the same time a camera that you can use in manual mode if you want to do some tweaking with the shutter speed, aperture, etc.

    I love how the Canon Powershot G7X makes photography much easier for a non-professional like me!  

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