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Cannon PowerShot G7 X

        As you all may know, in this blog, it’s my wife who does the photos. I don’t really know how to work the DSLR camera with the huge flash. So in events when my wife can’t join, I sweat bullets, worried if I would be able to take decent food shots. So I have to rely on my awesome photographer to help me with the settings of the camera. 

Cannon PowerShot G7 X

        But its cameras like this that make life easier. Easy to use but produces amazing photographs! The Canon PowerShot G7 X is an amazing compact camera that has huge sensors. Huge sensors means it creates great crisp shots even when indoors with no flash. And this is exactly what I need.

Cannon PowerShot G7 X

        Like its older cousins, the screen of this PowerShot is touch screen. Pinch out to zoom out and see the thumbnails of the photos, pinch in for bigger thumbnails. It’s very easy to navigate. The touch screen responds really quickly to touch. No delays whatsoever.

Cannon PowerShot G7 X

        And another special feature of this screen is that it’s flippable up to 180 degrees, making it a delight to use for selfies. 

Cannon PowerShot G7 X

Make up bloggers will appreciate this feature. It works fine without a selfie stick if you ask me.

Cannon Camera Connect app

        And another thing that I find completely convenient is its built-in wireless capabilities. The Wi-Fi and NFC connections. All you need to do is download the Canon Camera Connect app (which is free) on your tablet or smartphone. With it,  it’s so easy for me to connect and pair it with my phone or iPad...

Cannon Camera Connect I can do quick photo transfers and upload the nice shots on my social media. With this, you can also share and post your photos directly to the Canon Camera Windows app or Canon Image Gateway (an exclusive online photography resource and service site)

Cannon Camera Connect remote shooting

        Another cool thing is the Remote Shooting. When you link your phone to your G7 X, the camera captures the image, transfers it to your phone live, then you can snap the photo using your phone. See in the photo that I’m the one holding the Canon and pointing it at us. And Rina is the one holding her phone about to snap the photo through the app. It’s pretty cool! Hardly any delays in the movement from the camera to the app. I imagine this feature will be perfect for parades. If you’re too small to see what’s happening beyond a huge crowd, you can hold up the Canon, then using your other hand, view it from your phone and snap the photos from there. Really awesome! 

Cannon PowerShot G7 X

        The camera may look like a more macho point and shoot but it’s got dials for shooting in manual mode. A dial for f-stops and shutter speed. But the truth is, the AUTO mode does really really well already. Perfect for me who knows nothing about manual shooting. I have a feeling this is the start of a good friendship! 

Cannon PowerShot G7 X

        The lense is a 24-120mm in 35mm with a 4.2x zoom. But the real outstanding specs of this lense is the fast f/1.8-2.8 aperture. And it’s really amazing with low light situations! It’s really bright with amazing depth of field!

Ocean adventure aquarium

        Like a few weekends ago, we had a family road trip with my father-in-law for his birthday. Since he enjoys aquariums, we decided to take him to Ocean Adventure in Subic, and at the same time, give the Canon G7 X a little test drive! And I must say it did really well! Just look at this shot under dark conditions. Very dark. It was a cave with aquariums for crying out loud. Even in Auto mode, you can still see some details of my father-in-law’s back. He’s not just a silhouette.

Ocean Adventure aquarium

        Here’s another one. Thanks to the G7 X’s super fast aperture, it is able to let in as much light as it can, capturing more details than a normal camera even in dark conditions. Plus optical image stabilization which helps capture crisp photos even if your hands get a little bit shakey.  

Own Ocean Adventure

        Here’s a semi-outdoor shot of the show Walk on the Wild Side in Ocean Park. I say “semi-outdoor” because there was actually a full tent roof above the venue. So considering this was not taken directly under the sunlight, it’s fairly bright still. Also, we were seated at the front but it’s not also that close to the trainers onstage. 

Zion acrobats Ocean Adventure

The G7 X’s zoom really does a swell job. Here’s how far we were seated during the Zion show. 

Zion acrobats

And I was able to zoom in to take this shot with no problem! This is hand-held. No tripod!

family selfie

Selfie mode!

Meat Plus Cafe

        When in Subic, eat at Meat Plus Cafe! Delicious yet reasonably priced steaks meals await! We couldn’t resist taking a “groupfie”. Ow can you not with the flippable screen?

Meat Plus Subic Steak

Me and my steak! Indoor shot with fluorescent lighting at the restaurant. Again, all in auto mode.

Meat Plus Steak

        Close-up food shots? No problem! The Canon G7 X takes macro shots really well. Check out those grill marks! See more crisp food shots below! 

Carnivore Lechon

The Carnivore Lechon from Leonardo’s Lechon!


Apparently, the lechon isn’t the only one on the chopping block.

It also captures great quality full HD 60p MP4 movies. Can’t wait to take more videos with this bad boy! This Canon actually has a Manual Movie mode which means you can manually adjust the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed with the dials while you’re recording!

fountain close up

I also want to show this close up shot of this fountain during a friend’s party under direct sunlight.

All in all, I’m really happy with the Canon G7 X. It’s the perfect camera both for photographers who want to have a pocket sized camera on the side, and really perfect for people like me who needs a camera that takes excellent quality photos with just a click of a button.

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  1. wohoooooooooooooooo nice another canon camera user :D :D :D :D hihihihi :D

  2. Thank you for featuring this. I was in the market to buy a pocket camera to take to the Philippines for videos in mp4, has wifi, selfie capability and more. And the Canon G7 X was what I had been looking for. I enjoyed reading all your blogs!



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