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                If you're a reader of my blog, then I'm pretty sure you all know by now all about my love affair with Yabu: The House of Katsu. From the very first time I got a taste of these gloriously deep fried cutlets, I was a goner. My biggest problem with the menu, however was that I wanted to try every single item on the menu in one sitting, however I didn't have the funding nor the stomach space to do so. 

             Which is why I was ecstatic to find out that Yabu now has new Katsu Pair Platters that makes it easier for you to enjoy the wonderful variety of Katsu's they have! I still may not be able to eat everything in one sitting like I wanted to, but this helps me get awfully close! 

        Before we got started with the Katsu Pairs, Yabu gave us a taste of their new Tofu Katsu dishes, beginning with the  Tofu Katsu with Uni (P250). This was three pieces of pillowly soft tofu, coated in Panko, and deep fried the way that Yabu become known for. The Tofu Chunks are then topped in   a creamy Uni sauce, and sprinkled with fresh uni, thin strips of nori, spring onions and bonito flakes that adds smoky notes to the dish. 

      Uni has become more and more popular nowadays, and its clearly an acquired taste. And though the tofu itself is actually quite good, this Picky has yet to acquire the taste of Uni. 

  The Agedashi Tofu (P220) dish was actually more along the line of my taste. Instead of Uni, the Panko Crusted Tofu is instead doused in a lightly sweet Soy-Dashi sauce. and is topped with shredded bonito flakes and grated radish. This was tasty enough for me to make me forget for a split second that there was no meat in it. 

   Just for a split second ;) hehe 


              The Katsu Pairs come in set meals, the same way the Katsu orders are served. If you're not familiar with Yabu (I'm not sure we can be friends) , that means it comes with Unlimited Shredded Cabbage, Rice, Miso Soup and a small fruit cup. 

           Believe it or not, I feel that Yabu's Seafood offerings are very underrated.  People are so focused on ordering the Rosu (Pork) Katsu that the other seafood dishes are often overlooked. But I can't blame customers, either, because I feel the same conundrum everytime I dine at Yabu. You feel a sense of regret when you visit Yabu and NOT order the Rosu Katsu.  Pairing the Rosu with different seafood items solves that problem. 

             You can order the Rosu and Oyster Katsu Set (P495). The Rosu cutlet is paired with two massive panko crusted, Jumbo Hiroshima Oysters.

                You may also opt for the meatiness of the Rosu and Salmon Katsu Set (P540),  

            The Rosu and Prawns Katsu Set (P530) is perfect for Rina and Rain, because Rain loves her shrimp, but usually can't finish an order by herself yet. Rina loves Shrimp to, so this is an economical way for them to share an order together, while being able to enjoy pork and shrimp at the same time.

               If you want to have a little bit lighter fare, then you can go for the Chicken and Dory Katsu Set (P380). I find the Dory to be one of the underrated items on the Yabu Menu, and it was cooked beautifully. 

          The Menchi Katsu though, was calling out to me. So I ordered the Chicken and Menchi Katsu Set (P390). The cheese filled Menchi Katsu is my  favorite item on Yabu's Menu, and pairing it with Chicken gave me a great opportunity to finally try their chicken dish, which I enjoyed as well. 

        Thank you to the lovely Denise, Candice, Chef Lee Jose, Joaqui, and the rest of the Yabu team for a splendid meal! The Katsu Pairs undoubtedly be yet another hit!!

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