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        One of the biggest restaurant Chains in the world has opened up their second branch in the Philippines, bringing yet a new dining option to the ever growing Eastwood City! Already one of the hottest dining spots in the country, the fun loving people of QC will be happy to know there's a new place in town where you can celebrate everything!

        Eastwood is known not only as a commercial Mall, but a complex of corporate buildings, filled with employees looking to unwind after a long day at work, When you consider that some of these offices contain call centers that get out at odd hours, Applebee's Al Fresco area and wide range of Beers, Cocktails and Wines, is a great place to kick back with your buddies!

          For those who need the air-conditioning (me), there's a cozy dining area adorned with gorgeous wooden tones that you can enjoy Applebee's awesome menu in! 


          If you're an average joe working within the Eastwood area, you might feel that Applebee's is a bit pricey to spend your lunch meals. Well, Applebee's now offers lunch combo's where you can get a platter of their best sellers at reasonable prices! You can customize your plate, like I did with this Spaghetti and Meatballs with Chicken Tenders meal, and prices start at a very friendly P245! 


     Whenever I order an Appetizer Sampler platter from a restaurant, there's usually that one specific dish that no one really likes, but it's part of the platter so what are you gonna do, right? Well, Applebee's has rectified that, by letting YOU choose what's in your sampler platter, with their Appetizer Sampler Plates (3 for P550). Your choices can range from their Wanton Tacos, Greenbean Crispers, the Quesadillas, and a whole slew of Appetizers and Bar Chow!

         One of my favorite things to eat at Applebee's is the Boneless Chicken Bites (P375/P275 Bar Snack). You'll enjoy exploring the different flavors that Applebee's has to offer, as you choose between Honey BBQ (my fave), Sweet & Spicy, Classic Buffalo, or spicy Korean BBQ Sauce. 

        Rina's fave at Applebee's is the Sriracha Shrimp (P445/P295 Bar Snack). She has contemplated just ordering two plates of this and some reason, however in the end, some of the other main courses won her over. Plump pieces of golden fried shrimps are coated in a gorgeous Sriracha Chili-Lime glaze that offers a harmony of flavors, ranging from sweet, to spice to even a little bit of zest.

         Something I tried for the first time and absolutely loved was the 4-Cheese Mac & Cheese with Honey Pepper Chicken Tenders (P385). The perfectly al dente Cavatappi pasta is doused in a creamy sauce, made from a blend of four cheeses, then peppered with bacon bits and minced bell peppers. 

       The Pasta is then topped with a crispy Honey Pepper Chicken Tenders, that taste absolutely wonderful. The sweetness of the tenders mixed perfectly with the creaminess of the pasta. 

           For Bacon lovers such as myself, the Triple Bacon All In Burger (P495) is a dream come true. Bacon in the Patty, Bacon on the patty, and Bacon in the ranch dressing, then topped with Cheddar cheese, tucked between a toasted Brioche Bun. 

        I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before How Rina isn't fond of Ribs, but even she couldn't get enough or Applebee's Pork Rubs (P650 Half Slab/P950 Full Slab), Just like the Boneless wings, the Ribs can be enjoyed in a variety of flavors, such as Honey BBQ Sauce, Smoky Chipotle, Spicy Sweet Asian Chili, and Korean BBQ Sauce, giving you a brand new Rib experience, every time you dine at Applebee's!

         Applebee's also serves Steaks at very competitive prices. You would think a masterpiece like their Blackened Ribeye with Red Wine Mushrooms (P1,650) would be more expensive than it is, but the quality you get in return makes it well worth it. The cook on the USDA Ribeye Steak was spot on, however what took me aback me more than anything, was how delicious the fried vegetable garnishings were, and took the steak to a whole new level. 

     Already perfectly seasoned and seared, the steak is topped with a medley of Shitake and Button Mushrooms, bathed in a fragrant Rosemary Au Jus. A melange of vegetables, namely Onions, Potatoes and Peppers, are dabbed in a light coating and deep fried, giving the juicy steak an added texture of crunch. 

     Just to help you understand how delicious those vegetables were... I'm writing about a steak dish.. And I'm telling you all about THE VEGETABLES.

     So yeah, it was pretty darn good!


        For your sweet ending, you can choose between two of their excellent Sundaes.. The Black Forest (P295) and the Fluffer Nutter (P295)! Assembled in a Mason Jar, the Black Forest is made with moist fudge brownies squares topped with Vanilla Ice Cream Grand Marnier Cherries, Strawberry Jam, Whipped Cream, and a Maraschino Cherry.  The Fuffer Nutter is made with Vanilla Ice Cream, topped with a generous helping of Pecan Nuts, a scoop of Peanut Butter, Sliced Bananas, then drizzled with Hot Fudge, and crowned with a layer of torched Marshmallows. 

       With your wide choices of Steaks, Ribs, and Cocktails, the Celebration of Everything continues at Eastwood! 

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