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             In case ya'll didn't notice, I love me some steak. More than that though, I love me some affordable steaks, Blog posts abour restaurants with quality, affordable steaks are usually among my favorite things to share with my readers. Which is why I was ecstatic to write about Johnny's Steak and Grill, located at the ground floor of the posh B Hotel in Quezon City!

           It was a rainy weekend when we checked into B Hotel, which actually made it quite perfect for a relaxing staycation (Stay tuned for my post on B Hotel coming soon!). The place is rather laid back and not too fancy.. In fact, it has a rather "Diner" feel to it.  

           The first thing that immediately will catch your eye is the display, featuring Johnny's selection of steaks for you to choose from. 

        The Steaks are Certified Angus Beef. so you know you're getting high quality stuff for the price you pay. 

          The restaurant also features an open kitchen, so you can see how the hardworking staff prepares your meal.


            As much as I love steak, I always get excited about the side dishes in a Steakhouse. I'm not looking for anything too high brow, just something incredibly delicious. Like the Johnny's Truffle Fries (P60). Cooked to a gorgeous crisp and sprinkled with touches of Truffle Oil, these are one of the most addicting fries you can have. 

    Two other side dishes we had were the Mac and Cheese (P60), and the Onion Rings (P60). The Mac and Cheese uses Sharp Cheddar and Parmesan, which worked well with the richness of the creamy sauce. The Onion Rings were also delicious, and the natural sweetness of the onion was evident. If they can ease back on the breading a little bit, this would be gold. Still a good effort nonetheless. 

          The Steak Rice (P60) was a point of contention between Rina nad I. I actually enjoyed it, while she on the other hand, had some issues with it. Flavor wise, it was on point, but the Chef Explain to us that they like using the "tutong" parts of the rice, for added depth of flavor. I was totally into it, Rina on the other hand was not. 

    Which was good, because that meant more for me hehe. 


          Our meal began with the Lamb Rack Standard Square Cut Chine & Feather Bone Off (P840, 300 grams with Side Dish). If you think saying it is a mouthful, wait till you try eating it. The lamb had beautiful char marks across it's meat, and was masterfully grilled to meaty goodness. When dipped into the Mint Jelly Sauce, I promise you. you'll hear angels sing. 

         For our main event, Rina and I ordered the Certified Angus Beef, Upper Choice Porterhouse Steak (P1,340, 280 grams, one side dish). This was nothing short of amazing. If I had to guess, would normally assume that a steak of this caliber would go for just a little less than P2,000, so I was flabbergasted to see that you could get it for less than P1,500! The diamond marks across the body of the steak ran deep, giving the meat a natural smokey finish.

         When eating at Steakhouses and knowing we'll be taking photos, we normally request our steaks to be done at Medium Rare, so that the steak can cook itself a little bit more as it rests, and the skilled members of the kitchen absolutely nailed it. 

          On the whole, I was elated to find a restaurant that serves affordable steaks, and cooked with precision and skill that belies its friendly price. This would be a great place to take out the family, friends, or even a date! 

                Rina, Rain and I had a wonderful time at Johnny's Steak and Grill, which is just one of the many reasons why we love B Hotel in Quezon City so much! I can't wait to share with you my experience there very soon!

   Special thanks to Eunice and Joy! I'll be seeing more of you in the near future!

Johnny's Steak and Grill Menu

Johnny's Steak and Grill
14 Scout Rallos, Laging Handa
Quezon City, Philippines

Johnny's Steak and Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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