Tuesday, September 20, 2016


          I'm always eager to share with my readers about my experience with products that I truly believe in. One of those things that I was anxious to share with you, is my new Lock and Lock Feather Light Tumbler! It's handy, lightweight and so easy to use, it left me wondering how I got around for so long without it! 

           The Lock & Lock Feather Light Tumbler can hold around 500ml of liquid in it. At first glance,  it admittedly looks heavy, because of its steel exterior. However, looks can be rather deceiving, because you'll be pleasantly surprised with how light it is, making it a very handy travel companion! 

To put things into persepective, an iPhone 6 Plus weights around 190 grams. The Lock & Lock Feather Light Tumbler weighs only an astonishing 180 grams! 

         The sleek design and light weight also allows for it to fit snugly into my travel bag, making it an essential for whenever I travel.. Whether out of town or even just around the metro! 

         The bottle opens with one touch, but because of easy to use Safety Lock feature, and I can rest at ease in knowing that the contents of my bag, including several gadgets, will stay dry!  

          What makes The Lock and Lock Feather Light Tumbler even more amazing is how it manages to keep it's contents cold or hot. I placed Ice into the tumbler before I went to bed, and I woke up with ice cubes still intact! 

           Rina works nights at home, so when she knows she's in for a grueling schedule, she asks if she could use my tumbler for her coffee, which was kept hot for hours! 

           The Feather Light Tumbler comes in a variety of colors, including Gold Pink, Blue, Dark Gray and Violet.

           In case you're wondering why I chose the Violet, it's because I was sharing with Rina, and Violet is her favorite color. She managed to convince me to get Violet over the Dark Gray by pointing out that the Violet was the same shade of the Laker's colors. 

          Well played, Rina. Well played. 

Lock&Lock is available in Department stores nationwide!
Visit the flagship stores and get exciting deals on Lock&Lock:

1. Eastwood
2. Fisher Mall
3. Megastate Bldg. in Araneta Ave.
4. Shangri-La West Wing
5. Alabang Town Center
6. Glorietta 4
7. BF Paranaque
8. Lucky Chinatown Mall
9. Banilad Town Center Cebu

Do you want a Feather Light Tumbler? 

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  1. Maria Christina Gumatay

    I want to win the Lock and Lock Feather Light Tumbler because I like to give it to my son who brings with him a water jug for school everyday. It is hard for me to see him carry a backpack, lunch bag and his water jug all the time. In case I win, he can simply insert the tumbler on his backpack and that would lighten up the bags he carry to school. #myfeatherlighttravel #locknlocktumbler #iwantlocknlock

  2. Anna Camia (maelynn.camia@gmail.com)

    I really really really want to win the Lock and Lock Feather Light Tumbler because of the following reasons:
    1) It IS Lock and Lock. It is one of my trusted brands.
    2) Violet is also my favorite color :) I'm glad it's one of the choices.
    3) I am so happy they are so innovative and come out with new products each time.
    4) I saw your photo of the ice cubes which survived overnight and I was super impressed! I don't know any other product that can do this.
    5) I usually bring a tumbler or a bottle with water everywhere with me or in the car and my common issues are that they don't retain the temperature of the drink (whether cold or hot) for a long time, they are not very leak-proof when I place them in the bag, and they are also quite bulky. So this lightweight tumbler will really be such a big help!
    #myfeatherlighttravel #locknlocktumbler #iwantlocknlock

  3. Krystle Pingol

    I want a Lock and Lock Feather Light Tumbler because I can always bring along a tumbler inside my everyday bag without having to worry about its additional weight as well keeping the temperature of my water or coffee for a long period of time. #myfeatherlighttravel #locknlocktumbler #iwantlocknlock

  4. Ma. Clarice Lao

    I want a Lock and Lock Feather Light Tumbler because it has been a brand that I trust. When they say, it's spill proof.. It is really 100% spill proof. They have always been true to their promise. Also, a lightweight tumbler would be greatly appreciated by my aching shoulders. #myfeatherlighttravel #locknlocktumbler #iwantlocknlock

  5. I want a Lock & Lock Feather Light Tumbler because:
    1) it's a brand you can always rely on, no questions asked.
    2) I juggle between the office, school and gym 5 days a week (okay, 3 days maximum lang yung gym part and 2 days lang yung school hehe) but my top of mind is always constant hydration and caffeine replenishment. There are days that I can't bring my container because it's heavy and I fear it would open up and spill on my things, so I resort to bottled water which is not a good alternative to the environment.

    With a chic tumbler from Lock & Lock, I can rest easy knowing my container won't leak and I can use it for both hot and cold drinks depending on my need :)

  6. Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales

    I want a Lock and Lock Feather Light Tumbler for my everyday water need. It will be very convenient to own this one.
    #myfeatherlighttravel #locknlocktumbler #iwantlocknlock

  7. I want a Lock and Lock Feather Light Tumbler to give it to my humble husband.
    he never buy things for his self rather give everything for me and my baby.
    He is a motorcycle rider, a passionate one hehe Everyday he rides his motor and goes to the Highways of Manila. Its so exhausting. i just want him to have the Lock and Lock Feather Light Tumbler so he can bring it anytime with him.
    thank you :D

    Rosemarie Anne deGuerto

  8. I want a Lock and Lock Feather Light Tumbler because I always bring my own water when I go out and this one's much better-looking than the old Lock and Lock water bottle I use. Aside from its quality and functionality, the colors and its form are quite attractive.

    Aileen Barcarse
    #myfeatherlighttravel #locknlocktumbler #iwantlocknlock

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