Thursday, June 8, 2017


       Marco Polo always finds ways to keep its flagship restaurant, Cucina, on the top of its game, by conceptualizing various international food festivals, and inviting some of the most acclaimed Chefs to elevate the dining experiences of their guests. 

     Their latest food festival, raises the bar once again. Invoking the bold flavors of Italy, Marco Polo has recently launched their Festa Italiana festival, which is spearheaded by Award Winning Chef, Andrea Delzanno, a native of Italy who now calls Marco Polo Hong Kong his home. 

    I was fortunate to have personally witnessed the amazing spread that Chef Andrea prepared for his guests, exemplifying the excellence that the Marco Polo name carries throughout the world. 

       It was no less than Marco Polo Ortigas General Manager Frank Reichenbach that introduced Chef Andrea to the media, giving us a chance to ask questions about his heritage and experiences working all over the world, that helps his create such outstanding Italian dishes. 



A quick glimpse of what you'll find in the Festa Italiana Spread.. From the Starters, we were served the Mixed Seafood Salad with Lemon Dressing and Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella Caprese

        The Buffalo Mozzarella was easily one of the best cheeses I've ever had the pleasure of tasting for myself. (I had it without the tomato)

        I normally stay away from Tomato based dishes, but since this was an Italian Food Festival, it was pretty difficult to do so. And the reactions my friends had after trying the Traditional Tomato Soup with Garlic Bread and Parmigiana Cheese got me curious. I was not disappointed, a the natural acid on the tomato and the cream balanced just right. And no joke, that Garlic Bread was fantastic!

      One of my favorite Italian dishes is Risotto, and the Risotto with Mushrooms was spectacular. A great earthiness, paired with a gentle creaminess created flavors that will get your palate going.

     How can you have an Italian spread and not go straight for the Pizza, right? especially when it's topped with homemade Chorizo!

       Pasta, another Italian staple, is well represented with Cucina's Pasta Station. You may select from the various types of Pasta, then have it cooked to your customization, fresh to order!


        I love how the dishes that Chef Andrea prepared for the spread was more of the rustic side. Nothing too flamboyant. Just straight forward, delicious dishes, clearly made with the love and passion that Italian cuisine is known for. 

     The Slow Roasted Lamb Leg with Garlic and Herbs was a great example of that. 

             Other classic Italian dishes available were the Garoupa with Tomato Sauce, Olives and Potatoes, and one of my favorite dishes, the Braised Chicken Cacciatore Style

     Both boasted of bold flavors that will undoubtedly tantalize your palate!


      Just when you think you can't eat any more than you already have, Marco Polo's dessert spread manages to get your body to find room in places in your stomach you never knew existed. The Tiramisu, The Fresh Fruit Tart, and the Panna Cotta, are all meal enders that must not be missed.

            However, it was the Chocolate Pudding with Amaretti that really blew me away. I'm admittedly not a chocolate lover, but that Amaretti that gave the pudding an extra punch of flavor was out of this world.

         I noticed everyone would get just a small sliver of pudding at a time. I took one good look at it and realized that this buffet is for a limited time only, so I might not be able to try it again anytime soon, so I took this whole chunk you see picture above 😂. (Buffet naman eh.. they'll refill!)

      The Festa Italiana Buffet Spread is happening from June 7-June 11 at Marco Polo Ortigas Cucina, from Lunch and Dinner. Chef Andrea Delzanno himself will be holding a cooking demo on June 10 at Vu's Sky Bar and Lounge. 

       This is without a doubt, a Food Festival you should not miss! 

Check out the Festa Italiana Schedule of activities and rates here!

24th Flr 
Marco Polo Ortigas Manila
Meralco Avenue
Ortigas Center, Pasig

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