Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Experience the Experience Store of De’Longhi Philippines!

De’Longhi Experience Store

        Is it a coffee shop? Is it an appliance store? But it looks too nice and cozy to be an appliance store. You would be interested to know too what this place is when you happen to pass by it on the 3rd level of Vertis North Ayala. Honestly, it’s both! It’s De’ Longhi’s first Experience Store in the Philippines!

De’Longhi Experience Store

        We all know that De’Longhi has established their name in the household appliance industry that makes high quality (and very cool looking) kitchen appliances. But sometimes, as consumers, we want to see first what it can really do before we invest in it. Choosing can be overwhelming especially with the variety of excellent items they make!

De’Longhi Experience Store

        And this is why The De’Longhi Experience Store is here. This cozy coffee shop-looking store is a place where you can come and experience their items so you get to choose which one is right for you.

De’Longhi Experience Store

You can ask to try their different varieties of coffee…

De’Longhi hot coco

There’s also this super delicious hot coco…

De’Longhi Air Fryer

Or food cooked in their air fryer using only like 5 drops of oil…

De’Longhi Experience Store

Rain tried the chicken nugget and loved it!

De’Longhi gelato

They even have gelato made from their gelato maker!

De’Longhi Experience Store gelato

The texture is amazing. Like it really came from a tub of ice cream from the freezer.

De’Longhi PrimaDonna Elite

Oh and let’s not forget De’Longhi’s very own PrimaDonna Elite coffee maker that has its own app so you can have a more personalized coffee experience!

De’Longhi Experience Store

I still personally love this vintage collection

De’Longhi oven

Plus of course their other food maker items! Like this amazing oven.


And this MultiGrill! Isn’t this just handsome?

De’Longhi Experience Store

So there you go! It’s really a very convenient store for those who are looking to buy THE ONE. The right kitchen unit that best fits their taste, their personality, and of course, their budget!

So hurry and visit De’Longhi’s Experience store today and get to have the De’Longhi experience!

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  1. I got really an wonderful but mix experience after landing on your super fresh and bright white page. I have hard about De'longhi Philippines not a lot but here diving the deep into I was really super excited for their appliances and practical taste option though I was in search for aappliance repair vancouver. Different varieties of coffee, hot coco, cooked food, gelato maker, vintage collection, amazing oven, multi-girl, ohooo, what not- all the items indeed made me amazed and coffee and food items made my mouth watered. I felt the smelt of hot dish. Seriously "Thank you" will be less saying. keep up the super loving work like this one.



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