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         It seems like it was just yesterday that I was announcing to the world that after three years of trying, Rina was finally pregnant, (and driving my mom into hysterics in the process). I know that it sounds like a lot of fun, and though I really shouldn't be complaining, the fact of the matter is, it wasn't exactly easy. There were some medical issues involved, and some tests and treatments to undergo (some that weren't exactly "pleasant") to help get me and Rina in optimum shape for pregnancy. Thankfully, My brother in Law Julio has an uncle that specializes that sort of thing. When my sister mentioned to Tito Manny that Rina and I were having trouble conceiving, he confidently told her, "They want to have a baby? Tell them to see me." 

              True to his word, roughly two months later, there Rina and I were in the ultrasound room of Makati Medical Center.. Holding each others hand , looking at a little sac in her uterus through the ultrasound machine. A month later, we heard our little baby's heartbeat, and we were both excited by how fast the beat was (only after the doctor assured us that it was totally normal though. Sorry.. First time dad.). 

             So, a lot of people have asked me what I want.. A boy or a girl? I always answer the same thing.. "It doesn't matter, as long as the baby is healthy". Everyone thinks that its a cop out, but it's not. I have reasons for wanting a boy, and reasons for wanting a girl, and after everything I went through (For a time, I honestly feared that Rina and I would end up like Chandler and Monica), I would be equally blessed to have either one. I want a boy, simply because it would be the parent's first grandson that carries the Zamora last name. Plain and simply, I want to get that out of the way. Given the fact that it took us 3 years to have our first child, that's one less thing that will pressure me when we go for baby number two. On a more personal note, I see how my two nephews are with their dads, and it's a great relationship. They share the same interests in toys, video games and even music (My Nephew Gael can belt out Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" in a moments notice). Though I'm sure the same interests can apply to a girl, it's just different with a boy. As you can see, I've got the Peter Pan syndrome.. I don't seem to have ever grown up and I'm still young at heart (Not the kidnapping of young girls in the middle of the night to take them to.. "Never Never Land" part.. Just so we're clear). 

               As for a girl, it brings me back a lot of memories to my first Niece, Cara. My little star has grown up into such a beautiful girl, and I can safely say that among all my achievements that I have accomplished in my lifetime, pales in comparison to having played a part in her growing up into the person she is today. She's in the United States right now for college, but in grade school, I would take her to school everyday, and we would have such wonderful conversations that belied her young age. We would sing songs from RENT (The PG ones, of courseall the way to her school and she shared with me a love for the arts. Perhaps the first time I actually felt any form of "Pseudo-parental pride" was when she became the lead of her school's musical production. Seeing the little girl that would sing songs to me in the car take command of the stage like that just brought me to tears (It's a good thing the theater was dark). Even back then it was clear that she was going to be an amazing talented and intelligent young lady. Lo and behold, she proved me right. My other niece Zoe (Cara's cousin) is who i'm getting close to now. Following in the foosteps of her Ate Cara, she is just as precious. Again, all these things are something that I could share with a baby boy, but, I guess it's different with a girl. 

         Going through what I went through- worrying that it might not actually happen for Rina and I-, you can understand why the gender is no concern for me. Either way, he or she is going to be a blessing. I'm just happy that my baby is finally there. After three years, It's really happening for us. I'm OK with not achieving greatness someday. I'm fine with living a simple life of contentment. But all I want in the world right now, is to give my baby the life he or she deserves. 

            I really hope my baby looks more like Rina then me, especially that dazzling smile of hers that makes my heart melt every time I see it (She always uses it "against me".. it's almost unfair. She uses to her advantage her eyes and her.. well.. let's not go there..). Also, I hope our baby gets Rina's beautiful bright eyes. Rina wants our baby to have my complexion. I don't know about that. Me? I'm just happy that my baby gets my last name! :)

            Rina rejected my proposal to name our baby Boy "Bartolome Concepcion Zamora" or our Baby Girl "Barbara Consuela" Zamora. I just thought that either way, it would be cool if our baby's nickname was "Bacon Zamora". Apparently the answer is NO, and it is not up for discussion. (Kill Joy) We do have names for either one already.. Richard Zamora III for a boy, (named after me and father) with his nickname being "Ricky" (After HER father) so both granddads are happy. If it's a girl, We wanted it Renee' Amelie Zamora, with her Nickname "Rain" (Which is an anagram for Rina). We feel both names pay tribute to us, without sounding like a name from the windshield of a Jeepney. 

           Looking forward, one thing is clear though. There is a very slim to none chance that our baby will be scouted by the NBA or will some day be a contestant in America's Next Top Model. But one thing I know.. he or she WILL be, is the most loved baby in the world (And with the way Rina takes pictures, probably the most photographed as well). This is the most exciting adventure that we both will ever go through, and I'm glad I have Rina by my side. I can't imagine having, and raising a child with anyone else. I am truly the luckiest man in the world!

             Oh and By the way?  We just came from the Doctor's Office. If you look carefully and were paying attention, I have revealed the gender somewhere in this post! (It's not exactly the Da Vinci Code, so it should be fairly easy)


  1. OMG! I got it! Congratulations!!!

  2. got it! hehe! congrats!

  3. Tito Rich, this is not fair. I got so excited to know if it was a she or a he that I didn't care where I was at and read this. WRONG MOVE. As you probably know, I bawled my eyes out. And am still bawling my eyes out as I type this. I miss our Rent days too. I miss our days together period. But to have had you right there with me most of my life, throughout so much of the good and bad, is happiness already to me. And it also what makes me so undoubtedly sure that our newest addition to the family will be more than fine and more than beloved by all, and if this baby takes at least half of the traits of you and Tita Rins, this baby will grow to be an amazing human being. I love you both!!! Congratulations!!!

  4. We Love you Cara, and you know how proud we are of you.. I can't wait for you to meet your newest cousin :)

  5. Congrats Richie and Rina!!! Very unique way to tell your readers the gender of your baby :D

  6. Check this out Richie and Rina :D

  7. Thank you Rakee!! love the link! hehe

  8. i really love this post sir rich! congratulations again!! =)

  9. Thanks Steph! But for the umpteenth time.. We don't work together any more, so can you please stop calling me "Sir"? hehe



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