Sunday, June 3, 2012


I'm in this video.. i'm not sure exactly where.. 
something like the 1minute 36 second mark.. 

     I honestly didn't know what Yummy Eats was when I first heard the buzz around the net. I figured at first that it was another food fair along the lines of Best Food Forward. Nevertheless, it didn't matter to me. My relationship with food fairs is like Kevin Costner and Baseball fields.. If you build it I will come. 

    I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it wasn't so much your average ordinary food fair, but an entire day of taste testing and cooking demonstrations! 

   With the promise of over fifty concessionaires in one tent, I couldn't let this event pass me by!

       My first Taste Test experience was the Ultimate Taste Test hosted by Our Awesome Planet, and sadly, it wasn't a very pleasant one. There was just too many people for the size of the venue and the duration that it was open. Since Yummy Eats was a whole day affair, it avoided becoming a mad house of people trying to grab some free food.  

       My only problem was, Rina and I just came from 'Cue: Modern Barbecue, and I felt that eating something even as small as a tic-tac would make my tummy explode.  But I'm a food blogger. (Up Music) This is the life that I have chosen. It was time to man up and solider on through. If it meant eating more red velvet cupcakes or lechon skin, then by god, I'll do it. 


As you can imagine, It would be difficult to do a review of every single exhibitor, so I just give you a rundown of the ones at Yummy Eats. 

Swell Sweets

Qitchen Queens

Wabi Sabi
(Vegetarian Stuff.. So I kept moving, but interesting presentation!)

QQ Mochibuns

Pepita's Kitchen Lechon De Lechon

Patisserie Caroline

Red Hot Oven and their famous Crack Pies

Chuck's Grub Fish and Chips! One of my faves!

Chicken Sarap

Even J.Co's had a booth there!

I tried some delicious cookies from Kate Bakes.. 
A caramel peca and a dark belgian Chocolate.. both were phenomenal.

Fog City Creamery

Another one of my favorites! 
Crunchy belly by Carlo's Kitchen!

Simply Pie.. Which has some awesome Bacon and Gruyere Pies! 

Cukay's Cupcakes had perhaps one of the best Red Velvet Cupcakes
 I've ever tried in my entire life. 

Chicken Delish

Bonanza Roasted Calf

Yet another one of my faves, Mama Lou's Panzarotti!
(I have yet to try the Four Cheese Panzarotti! 
Bianca is my fave.. but I love the All Meat too!)

The classic Tapa from Jam Foods & Co

Mochiko has a new flavor! 
Oreo and Milk! Awesome!!

I also got to watch the Hunt's Mom and Child Cook Off, 
which featured Mom Bloggers such as My Mom Friday..

And the eventual winner,  Jackie of Go Jackie Go
with her adorable 2 year old Happy Helper, Gabbie!

Oh and I got to meet a Blogger that I've been following for quite some time now, Franny of

Since we haven't resolved our yaya problem yet, 
Baby Rain had to join us at Yummy Eats, 
which made going around a little bit difficult.. 
Which is why we couldn't stay for very long. 

           I had an amazing time at Yummy Eats 2012, and I'm looking forward to the next! Congratulations to Yummy Magazine and everyone involved with the successful event! 


  1. wow the mochibuns look yummy.. actually EVERYTHING looks so good!! *drools*

  2. Hello! Oooh I saw you there! Too bad we didn't have a photo together. Sadly, I wasn't able to try all 50 food concessionaires, now I want to try all the food you posted here! Oh the veggie pao was good, didn't taste like veggie at all.
    Thanks for the photo :)

    1. I wanted to get a pic with you guys but you were all busy cooking hehe! Congrats again :)

  3. Thanks for the photo and was really happy to see you there at the event!
    After seeing this post, I terribly regret not being able to go around to try and taste the fantastic food line-up at the fair! :(((

    1. I couldn't stay all through out because baby rain was getting cranky na.. hehe.. Can't wait for the next Yummy Eats!

  4. Heyo Richie! So glad to have met you there even just for a while. No bro pics, sayang! 50 booths ito, what if yung 500 booths sa MAFBEX. Lol! :) See you around!

    1. I know, sorry I was so busy stuffing my face I forgot to take our pic! Busy ka din naman hehe.. I'm excited for MAFBEX! see ya there bro!

  5. I agree, Wabi Sabi's presentation looks really cool. :D

    1. They get points for creativity! But no points for having no meat hehe



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