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            Even before we were married Rina and I have been advocates of the concept of a "Staycation". I for one, don't mind shelling out for a stress-free weekend of pampering and relaxation with my family, especially after a pressure filled week at work. 

     Which is precisely why I jumped at the opportunity to spend the night at a hotel in the Filinvest City in Alabang, I knew it was something that we couldn't pass up. This was the week after we arrived from Davao, so we were looking forward to spending some quality time with Rain, whom we missed so very much when we were away. 

      And The Bellevue Manila was the ideal place to spend a fun filled Staycation with the family!

        Though our trip to The Bellevue Manila was technically a "Staycation", since it was in Alabang, which I rarely go to, made it seem like it was so far away. My sister lives in BF Homes, Paranaque, and is always raving about a new restaurant that opened nearby. So yes, I noted a tone of jealousy in her "Wooow" when I told her of our weekend plans. 

          I honestly thought I had been to The Bellevue Manila many years ago (I think it was around 2005). I thought it was a nice little hotel with a lot of character. You can imagine my surprise when we drove past the hotel I thought we were going to, and instead pulled up to a huge complex consisting of two towering buildings. It turns out that the hotel I had in mind that I thought we were going to, turned out to be completely different! 

      Which in a way was good, meaning that my experience at The Bellevue Manila was going to be a completely new one. 

              Since the Tower Wing a few years back, the receiving area was moved there, and for good reason. The lobby of The Bellevue Manila Tower Wing is spectacular. It's spacious, clean, and the huge picture windows lets the sunlight wash into room, creating a dazzling ambiance that would never fail to impress their guests.

           If I had a good book (FINE, or an iPad with Plants Vs Zombies 2) I would actually be willing to lounge here all afternoon as while waiting for our room to be ready. 


         But good thing I didn't because I would be missing out on our gorgeous hotel room, which was the Executive Suite of the Main Wing (P8,500++ Per night). My first observation was that the room felt very "homey". In fact, it seem more like a one bedroom condo than a hotel room, with the living room being separated from the sleeping area. 

          Something that added to that notion, was the fact that it had a small kitchenette, complete with a stove and refrigerator (and not the small "personal" type, mind you). 

     The living room featured a very cozy couch where another person can sleep in, depending on their height (Rain's Yaya fit in perfectly hehe) and a flat screen TV. 

                To me, the bed is huge part of the criteria when judging the satisfaction in a stay at a hotel. And the King Sized Bed at The Bellevue Manila's Executive Suite received a near perfect score in my book... 

The bed also got the approval of Baby Rain!

              The bedroom also had a TV mounted on the wall, so you could watch in comfort (In case you don't fall asleep within minutes of your head hitting the pillow that is).

              The bathroom was very spacious, and included a bathtub, and a glass shower area, as well as a "dresser" for the ladies to do their hair and makeup, or whatever beauty regimen they need to do. (Sorry I'm not familiar.. I always go out "as is" hehe)

           Even though we have a bathtub at home, Rain got excited when she saw the one in our hotel bathroom! 


        After settling in, we took a short tour of the facilities of the hotel, starting with the swimming pool of the newer Tower Wing. Before we could go any further, however, Rain got distracted with the beautiful Koi Pond below the small bridgeway leading to the Pool. I believe "Peeyssh!", was what she said hehe. 

              The Pool at the Tower Wing looked like something straight out of a Rap Music Video, with the only thing lacking was the bevy of beautiful bikini clad babes dancing around the ledges. Even without the scantily clad women, the pool was breathtaking. 

          It was also very family friendly, as the kiddie area had a division from the Big Boys pool. 

              I loved how the Pool's rest area down in looked more fitting for a living room furniture than it did for a swimming pool. It was sort of like a sala set with canvas wrapped cushions that absorbed water quickly. 

  Once again, the Water Babe was ready to go!

Pool Fun with Rina and Rina's Rainbow!

I decided to hangout at the Poolside restaurant and relax with my Ice Tea as my girls enjoyed their swimming time together

              Although its admittedly a bit smaller and perhaps not as pretty as the one at the Tower wing, guests of the Main Tower also have their own swimming pool. 


        If you are checked into the 18th floor and above of the Tower Wing, you are staying in what is considered a "Signature Room", which grants you use of the Bellevue Signature Club Lounge. 

             In the course of making the rounds in different hotels, I can safely say that all the Club Lounges I've seen have been rather impressive. The Signature Club of The Bellevue Manila is no different, and it is in fact, perhaps the one with the biggest floor area, easily making it the most spacious hotel Club Lounge I've been to.

             Snacks are served all day, and cocktail dishes are served in the evening. LCD TVs and comfy couches are set up so it would be easy to spend the entire afternoon lounging around here.

           Smokers will be happy to note that there is a smoking lounge also available. 


         Apart from the usual standard services required of a good business center (Internet access, Fax, etc), Bellevue's Business Center has four spacious conference rooms available for their Signature Floor Guests to use.

Holding a meeting like a boss


        The Bellevue Manila also has a very well equipped gym, with treadmills and elliptical training machines with built in TV screens. I tried it out, and got so engrossed with the Golf game, Rina had to remind me to do the actual exercising.  

        There's a small, almost "studio" area there with Yoga Mats, Medicine balls and the like. 

           Seriously, how do you exercise with those balls?

 Close your eyes. Lift two balls to your chest.
 Lift your left leg to your right knee.

You are now doing the ancient art of "Dyoga". 


             I asked if I could see the Presidential Suite of the Tower Wing.. The swankiest digs in the place.. And I had my mind completely blown. The room reminded me of one of those high end condos you see on TV Shows such as Sex and The City and Suits, etc. 

        The Bellevue Manila's Presidential Suite is a stunning two bedroom suite, with a spacious kitchenette, Dining area and Living Room.

        On the far end, the dining room has a long table for with a rather spacious kitchenette, and on the other end you have a comfortable couch, facing a flat screen Television. 

        If the guest bedroom was a stand alone hotel room, you would have yourself quite luxurious room.. SO to think that this was just the SECONDARY room of the suite, speaks volumes. The room was equipped wiht a King Sized bed, a Flat screen TV mounted on the wall, and a convenient little desk in case you had some work that needed to be done.  

          The Master's Bed room was absolutely gorgeous. What made it even more appealing to me, was how I could actually imagine this being the Master's Bedroom of my dream home. It had the right amount of space so that you don't feel cramped, a small day bed on the foot of the King Sized Bed, and even a reading nook with a super comfortable lounge chair and ottoman.  

        The room also had a Flat Screen TV. I honestly could see myself locking up in this room all day, just sprawled out on the bed, watching TV or sleeping all day hehe.

             As we were looking around the suite, I realized I needed to use the bathroom. Good thing Rina pointed out to me that the bedroom had windows that gives you a view into the bathroom, just before I exposed myself. 

         The huge bathroom was exceptionally sexy, with a glass door shower and a bathtub.


                As soon as Rain hit the sack, Rina and I decided to swing by Mandarine, the in-house Spa of The Bellevue. 

        I stayed in the bubbling Hot Tub for around half an hour to unwind. This was an ideal way to let out stress and worries in life, even for just a few minutes.   

         Afterwards, we made our way to our room, which could accomodate up to three people. Our masseuses were quite proficient in the art of Thai Massage, and within minutes Rina and I were in La-La Land. 

       The massage room's shower stall also had a built in steam bath in it, so unfortunately, you can't see my #OOTD hehe. 

        What was most surprising to me about my stay in The Bellevue Manila, was finding out that this is actually a Filipino owned company. Not to put down our fellow countrymen, but the standards of this hotel, from the warm service of the people, to the mouthwatering food, to the stunning architecture, is truly world-class, and something we, as Filipinos, should be proud of. 

        This is the first hotel in the Alabang area that I've had the pleasure of staying in, and I must say, I was extremely impressed. I would not hesitate to recommend The Bellevue Manila to anyone who asks where to stay, not just in Alabang, but when flying to Manila from abroad.

Stay tuned for more posts on the Restaurants of The Bellevue Manila!

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  1. Hi Sir!

    I enjoy reading your blogs!!! Im a big fan!

  2. "Dyoga".. HAHA! Sir, I am absolutely lovin' your blog. I hope you can bring on some more bacon for us!

    1. Haha thanks bro! I love your name as well! I think you and I will get along just fine :)

      Keep up the posts!

  3. Not to brag just coz I'm from the south haha, but Bellevue is really one of the best hotels in manila. And yes, The Chans are 100% filipinos but the service & quality that Bellevue gives is really A+. :) I hope you will visit Alabang more, we have so much to offer inspite of being in the boondocks, lels! the BF area alone where your sister lives has so many nice & quaint little dining establishments that may just surprise you. Hoping I'll bump into you one of these days, maybe I can be your tour guide haha. <3

    1. I haven't commented on your blog just yet, but I love it! You and your family are absolutely adorable! I also wish we can all go on a food trip together! I think it would be a riot!!

    2. Oh yes please, Ritchie! I would love to meet you & your lovely family! Perhaps when Franny comes home next month I can schedule a day for you guys to come visit me in the South? She already promised me a day haha. And if you guys can also join that would be super! Between 3 families we can out-eat any restaurant haha! I'm looking forward to that already! I shall coordinate with franny asap! :)



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