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  Whenever we’re dining in Outback, I am always guaranteed a night of good food and good company (given of course you’re dining with your most favorite people hehe). It’s just a night of stories and drinking and lots and lots of eating! This time, we were introduced to two (kinda) new steak members they have on their menu. Meet the Grilled Peppercorn New York strip and Herb Crusted Prime Rib. (More on these newbies in a bit)

  Oh by the way I noticed some changes on their interiors. They added a few touches to make it a b it more homey.Like the display pictured above. 

   And some more touches on the bar. They were minor changes which I didn't really actually noticed hehehe. Anyway on to the food!


          I want to put the spotlight on first to their soup of the day. So far it’s the creamiest Cream of Onion Soup I have had. So creamy and oh so cheesy!

          I’m going to start first with the yummy signature salads we had. Richie may not like greens but I do. Well, depends on the salad. But these two I liked.

          The Ahi Tuna Chopped Salad (P499) is a good choice of salad if you like the following: sashimi-style pan-seared tuna, salty, and a tinge of heat from the wasabi vinaigrette! Yep. Lots of fresh flavours bursting in your mouth, guilt-free!

Next salad is my favorite. The Crispy Shrimp Caesar Salad (P499). This is another salad bursting with flavours. Salty from the parmesan, and sweet and spicy from the Asian chilli sauce! It has the perfect balance of all the flavours. I think I’ve featured this here already hehe.


          The Alice Springs Chicken (P599) is a dish that will make your mouth water upon first sight. Do you like cheese? Of course you do! Just look at all that Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese melted on top of the flame-grilled chicken breast! Then topped with sautéed mushrooms, and of course BACON! Oh and there’s a side of honey mustard sauce and fries. The only thing I wish they changed in this dish is to change the breast to thigh part hahaha!

Okay so on to the new steaks!


          The Grilled Peppercorn Steak (P1,199) is a thick 10 oz. Cut piece of New York Strip, coated with black peppercorn and flame-grilled. Juicy meaty goodness! You can choose two sidings to go with it. The one we had was served with mashed potatoes and mixed veggies.

          Next is the Herb Crusted Prime Rib (P1,499). This flavourful piece of steak is seasoned with their special secret herb seasoning, slow-roasted (we’re talking 4-6 hours) and hand carved to order. Which is why this is only served during dinner because it takes time to prepare. And on the side is the traditional au jus. Personally I like this one better. It’s more tasty for me maybe because there’s fat hehe.

          These two steaks are not on their regular menu but on the “limited Time Offer” menu. Just as your friendly Outback server.

          For dessert? Again we couldn’t resist having the Chocolate Thunder from Down Under (P329). One look and you’ll know why. My two loves together in one plate: Ice cream and all things chocolate! A perfect dessert to end a fun-filled night with friends!

Cheers to great foodies! :-) Good vibes!

Head on to Outback to cure your steak cravings!

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