Sunday, March 13, 2016


             In case you haven't realized it yet, but I'm a McDonald's Junkie. It's my go-to comfort food ever since I was a child. Living in Cebu for a great deal of my younger years, and this was at a time when the most popular burger available was from a chain called "Orange Brutus" (don't ask), whenever my mom or dad would fly back to Cebu from Manila, a Big Mac was always the requested "Pasalubong".  Whenever they have a new product, I'm usually the first to know or hear about it. 

     This happened with The Big N' Tasty. Then The McRib. Then The McGriddles

     Don't ask why or how, but it's like I have a sixth sense for all things pertaining to McDonald's. 

    Which is why I was rather taken aback when Rina called me up to ask if I wanted the new Smoky Cheeseburger while she was at the drive thru on her way home.

     Of course I said, yes, but deep in my mind, I was shocked that this got past me.. But I ended up feeling loads better when I saw that it was only announced that day on Facebook as well, meaning I wasn't losing my touch hehe.. 

    Nonetheless, I couldn't wait to try it so I could give you guys my thoughts on McDonald's newest offering! 

       At first glance, The Smoky Cheeseburger looks like your average ordinary Cheeseburger of McDonald's, but a closer look will show that there's more to it than meets the eye (enter Transformers chee-choo-cho-chuh-cheh sound effects here).

            We all know that Mcdonald's Cheeseburgers have minced onions in it, however the onions dangling from the edge of my burger was clearly something else.  

             Lifting up the top bun for an inspection revealed what I had suspected.. The 100% Pure Beef Patty is topped with CARAMELIZED ONIONS, and smeared with a generous helping of a creamy, yet Smoky sauce. Think of it as the younger brother of the Big N' Tasty. 

             Rain said she wasn't hungry, but I ordered her a Strawberry Sundae just in case.. Well, as it turned out, she ended up loving my burger, and getting from me instead! 

           A Regular Smoky Cheeseburger meal (with regular fries and a regular softdrink) costs P99, while a Medium Meal costs P119, and a Large Meal costs P136. For an addiotnal P10 to any Medium or Large Value meal, you can choose to add McDonald's new Nacho Cheese or Honey Mustard dip! 

         I actually really liked it, and I would definitely order it again! I'd love to hear what you think about it! Let me know in the comments! 

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