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      I'm always excited when the Tasteless Group comes up with a new food concept! Perhaps one of the most avant-garde restaurant concept groups in the country today The Tasteless Group recently opened yet another new restaurant called "FowlBread" at Bonifacio High Street, whose specialty is delicious Fried Chicken Sandwiches!

      But like I said, this is the Tasteless Group, so you can be rest assured that this is a Fried Chicken Sandwich unlike any you've ever had before! 

          FowlBread is the newest restaurant to emerge from the ever popular Bonifacio High Street in Bonifacio Global City. The menu is relatively simple, and consists of Four items. A Fried Chicken Sandwich, A Noodle Dish, French Fries, and a Dimsum appetizer.  


            Diners may opt to enjoy their meal in the counter at the side of the restaurant, which gives way to the open kitchen, where you can see all the dishes being meticulously prepared by FowlBread's staff. 

         If you prefer a more intimate atmosphere (in other words, with aircon), there is a cozy space inside, where you can enjoy your food. The interiors gave me the feeling I was inside a den of some dude's home.. sort of like a Man Cave hehe..  

         Although dining outside may be a bit hotter, you can easily cool yourself down with some of FowlBread's refreshments, such as the innovative Pineapple Yakult Cocktail (P260) or a Pedro Beer (P190). If you're not looking to get drunk, then you get enjoy some of their non-alcoholic beverages, such as the Strawberry Hibiscus Cooler (P180). 


           Since FowlBread is technically in its infancy stage, one item on the menu was not yet available, which was the Potstickers (6pcs for P190). Although we were looking forward to trying it (It's supposedly filled with Ham Hock.. WHOA), that was totally fine because deep down I knew this wouldn't be our only trip to FowlBread.    

      I am a creature of habit. When I like a dish, I tend to let it into my comfort zone, and I wouldn't mind eating it over and over again. FowlBread's Garlic Egg Noodles (P170) instantly fell into that category for me. The beauty of it is in its simplicity. Think of it as a Pancit Aglio Olio, with nothing but Garlic and Oil to bring out its flavor.

       I know it doesn't sound like anything truly groundbreaking but I can assure you, you can easily polish off two bowls of this without realizing it. Umm.. not that it happened to me.. err.. It was a friend of mine.... Don't believe Rina.. Did she say something?

       The third item on FowlBread's Menu is their French Fries, which comes in two variants: Salted (P90) and Garlic (P125). I'm a guy that goes by the mantra that every sandwich needs to go with French Fries or at the very least, Potato chips, so this is the perfect companion for the awesomeness that will be your Fried Chicken Sandwich (Spoiler Alert). 

         The star of the FowlBread show is of course, the Fried Chicken Sandwich (P215) Ala Carte. This is quite different from any fried Chicken Sandwich I've ever had before. A Chicken Fillet is fried to a perfect golden crisp, and laid on a beautifully toasted bun, which is slathered in a tangy Russian Dressing. Slices of Homemade pickles and Red Radish are laid on top of fillet. 

         But the coup de grace here, is the "Chicken Cracker" that is perched on top of this thing of beauty, looking like the very essence of its crowning glory. The Chicken Cracker is actually a deep fried piece of chicken skin that adds an audible CRACK with your every bite. 

          The great news is that the fries are available as a combo with the sandwich. You can choose the Fried Chicken Sandwich with Garlic Fries, which gives off a nice zing of flavor, and makes for a great Pulutan. However the simple, salted fries is a nice compliment to the robust flavors of the sandwich. 

        Fried Chicken Sandwich Salted Fries Combo (P265) & Fried Chicken Sandwich Garlic Fries Combo (P295).   

           The Chicken comes in three different levels of Spiciness. Normal, Spicy and Chemical. I was totally fine with the Normal, although my friends swear that the Spicy and Chemical were at a tolerable enough level where you may still enjoy the flavors of the chicken. 

           I would make sweet love by the fire with this sandwich if I could. No joke, I absolutely loved it. And here's how I know.. I normally pick out the pickles from any sandwich or burger that I eat. But the acid of the pickles really melded well with the other bold flavors that the dressing brought out, that it jus really seemed to work. I tore into that sandwich with such reckless abandon, you'd think it insulted my mother. 

     When it was all said and done, that sandwich was absolutely annihilated. Seriously, in case you haven't tried it yet. head on over to Fowlbread RIGHT NOW. 

     Once again, the Tasteless Group has another winner in my book. These Fried Chicken Sandwiches are something that I can see myself chowing down on over and over again!

Bonifacio High Street
Bonifacio Global City

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