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      I distinctly remember the first and only time I stayed the night in Edsa Shangri-la Hotel. This was , was in November of 2003. I remember the time frame so vividly, because my mom is/was a fan of the Boy Band F4, and someone tipped her off that the band would be staying in Edsa Shangri-la and so she made it her mission to make sure she gets a room there as well for the duration of the band's stay in the country. 

   I know this because I was the one tasked to relentlessly call Edsa Shangri-la's reservations office to get a room. As expected, the hotel was fully booked, with F4 fans from around South East Asia flying to Manila for a glimpse of their idols.

   Truthfully. I couldn't care less about those four guys, but I was promised a breakfast buffet for 2 days if I secured a room, so I made that reservations officer's life a living hell for two weeks. I think she started hearing my voice in her dreams (and not in a good way), so she eventually found a couple of rooms for us.

  Fast forward to present day. Through my blog, I have a great relationship with the Shangri-la group, including the Edsa Shangri-la Branch. I've been to several of their events, and they in fact, graciously offered to host the KTG Christmas Party last December. There was one particular time when we went to Heat for Lunch with Rain in tow, and my little girl got a glimpse of the hotel's swimming pool, particularly the Aqua Play Area.. And she lost her freakin' mind. 

   Rina and I had to promise that we would go play in the pool one day, just to pacify her. Someone up there must really love us, because a couple of weeks later, our friends at Edsa Shangri-la invited the Zamora Family over to their hotel for a short Staycation! 

       Throughout the world, Shangrila name has been synonymous with luxury comfort and service, and Edsa Shangri-la Hotel as one of the most prominent hotels in the country. The hotel is situated in the heart of the bustling Ortigas Center, literally steps away from Shangri-la Plaza Mall and SM Megamall, two of the most popular malls in the Philippines. 


            We were billeted in the Deluxe Room, which was outfitted with a fluffy King Sized bed, which was perfect for Me, Rina and Baby Rain. However since we had a Yaya with us, we needed another bed. 

          Which was no problem, because the room has an extra bed that you pull down from the wall! Rain found it so cool.. She had never seen anything like that before! (And she was happy to get some free apples, which she attacked immediately)

     Other features of the room include a flat screen TV, a beautifully furnished bathroom and Hi Speed Internet.

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        As gorgeous as the interiors of the room was, perhaps the most spectacular thing we saw from the Deluxe room, was the spellbinding view of the hotel grounds, especially the stunning swimming pool which seemed to glisten in the afternoon sun. 

      Given that we had such an inviting view of it from our room, there was no way of delaying Rain's long awaited trip to Edsa Shangri-la's swimming pool. Ironically, what started off to be Rain's "Fun Time".. 

 ...Turned out to be Fun Time for ME as well, because of the Aqua Play Facility!! 

                               There were slides for Rain to play in..

         This incredibly fun Water Dumping Station!

         And this water slide that I was unfortunately not allowed to ride in because it was for kids only. (I tried to protest because some of the kids were taller than me, but the guard wasn't having it :( )

Here are some of the shennanigans Rain and I did during our afternoon at Edsa Shangri-la's Aqua Play Area!


             Though I can't deny we had loads of fun during our afternoon at the Pool, it was rather exhausting, and took its toll on my body that's not used to running around.. or.. umm... exerting any form of physical effort hehe.. So I sure could have used a nice body massage. 

        Thankfully, my friends and Shangri-la prepared a nice couples spa session for Rina and I at their famed Chi, The Spa. 

      So after our phenomenal meal at Paparazzi, Rina and I made our way for a relaxing massage, as soon as Rain fell asleep.

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The place is gorgeous!

        I am a massage junkie, and I can say that I've been to quite a few Spas in my time, including some of the high end ones in hotels. I can safely say that Chi, The Spa is THE BEST, if not ONE OF THE BEST that I've been to.  

         The calming ambiance and oriental inspired interiors, transports you to the very essence of the word, "Shangri-la".

        Even the dressing room that was assigned to us was fully equipped with amenities, such as brushes, hair dryers, that would make you feel right at home.

      The Robes got me into full Kung Fu: The Legend Continues mode. Effectively creeping out Rina. 

         Rina and I Enjoyed an incredible full body massage in the relaxing, and spacious couples room that was provided for us.

       Chi, The Spa now has an additional three Turkish "Hammam" Treatments available for it's guests: 45-minute Traditional Hammam, 60-minute Luxury Hammam, and 120-minute Royal Hammam. You can experience the wonder that is Istanbul right in the comfort of Chi, The Spa's secluded Hammam treatment rooms beginning March 10, 2016.


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           The first order of business that morning was buffet at HEAT, and we deliberately went early to attack the bacon station!

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         I piled the bacon on to my plate, and my other breakfast favorites, such as Sausage, Ham, Hash Browns, with a bite of Yang Chow Fried Rice. 

         Of course, later that morning, my little girl demanded one last trip to the Swimming pool before we went home, rounding up what was a truly memorable Staycation at what is undoubtedly one of the elite hotels in the country today! 

1 Garden Way, Ortigas Center
Mandaluyong City

        If you're looking for a place to spend your Easter Sunday, then you're in luck, because the Minions invade Edsa Shangri-La, Manila’s Isla Grand Ballroom 
on March 27, 2016, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m!
Ticket Prices are at P2,000 Net Per Person
Call 633-8888 for more info!

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