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         I can never resist a good buffet.. Especially from a place as spectacular as Spectrum. And this is even when I've been warned before hand that meat dishes would be hard to come by, because they would be featuring a spread that consisted predominantly of seafood. This was fine, because the last time I was at Spectrum, their "Ranch" theme gave me all the meat I could handle, so I thought of giving the seafood dishes a try. My leap of faith came easy when I reminded myself that Spectrum's fantastic kitchen has never let me down yet! 

      Given the Seafood theme, the restaurant was adorned with "nautical" touches, including this delightful centerpiece that greets you upon entering Spectrum. 

       In case you've never been to Spectrum, you'll be impressed with the sophisticated yet comfortable interiors, which is accentuated by large picture windows that lets the sunlight into the area, imbibing a relaxing feel to it's diners. 


           I've shown you Spectrum's Sushi Bar in previous posts, so that's one thing you can expect. Another is their lineup of seafood based soups that will surely tickle your fancy. Among the Seafood Soup options are Summer Seafood Fruit Stew, Sinigang na Sugpo, and Spanish Clams.  

          The seafood bar offers a wild array of fresh seafood for you to choose from, which is ready for eating, or you may have it cooked a little bit more to your liking, such as with butter and garlic, or a simple grill.

           Or to make things easier for you, select directly from the Grilled Seafood Station, which includes Grilled Prawns, Lobster, Crab and Fish! 

Rina's Favorite Oysters Rockefeller with crumbled bacon

Even their rice dishes were given the seafood treatment!

Seafood Fried Rice and Paella Negra!

          From the Fried Station, popular items were the Shrimp Puffs, Shrimp Spring Rolls and The Fish Balls...

           And of course, everyone's favorite Tempura, which I was happy to discover was pretty amazing as well! The good news for carnivores like me, there was still Rib Eye Steak and Baby Back Ribs so you don't have to worry about going full seafood. Although I did enjoy the fish dishes, such as Fish Curry immensely. 


          I've said it before, and I'll say it again.. Spectrum has one of.. if not the best pastries I've ever had in a hotel buffet. Creative minds such as Chef Nikki Misa never fail to leave me amazed with the way they are able to concoct desserts that tie into the restaurant's theme, and the Seafood Brunch was no different! 

           Homemade Shell Shaped Chocolates





           And my personal favorite, the White Chocolate Uni Cake. It was so buttery and creamy, I didn't realize I was feasting on Uni until I my very last bite. 

          Understanding the needs of the family, Spectrum prepared a small okay area for kids and kids at heart. Rain had a blast playing in the ball filled pool and watching her favorite underwater tale.. Finding Nemo, of course!

    It was a wonderful Sunday Seafood Brunch with the KTG Gang! Thank you Margaux and Gabbie for the amazing Brunch filled with Laughter and Good Vibes!  

         Spectrum's Seafood Sunday Brunch is priced at P2,777 net per person, with children aged 6 to 12 years old availing 50% off the buffet price. You may opt to pair your buffet feast with free-flowing wine and sangrias by upgrading your meal with an additional P1,000 net.

         Seafood Lovers will be hard pressed to find a better deal than this!

Fairmont Makati
1 Raffles Drive,
Makati City

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