Monday, July 11, 2016


      You hear it time and time again.. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For someone who LOVES bacon Breakfast Food as much as I do, it's kind of ironic that I don't usually my first meal until lunch time. It's a bad habit that I've been trying to shake, and thankfully McDonald's Philippines made it a lot easier for me to start my day right, with it's newest breakfast offering.. 

     The Double Choco Crumble Hotcakes!    

        McDonald's Philippines new Double Choco Crumble Hotcakes is a nice picker upper in the morning, giving you the rush you need to start your day right! It begins with a healthy drizzling of Malted Chocolate syrup. The malted chocolate reminded me of "Horlicks", which was one of my favorite drinks when I was a kid! 

          Afterwards, the hotcakes are topped with crumbled Oreo Cookies, giving the fluffy pancakes a bit of a crunchy texture. 

 You then finish it off by topping it with McDonald's Golden Maple Syrup.. Magnificent.

      If you're thinking that this must be a sugar bomb on a platter, I guarantee you that it is not overly sweet, as the flavors fuse together so cohesively. In fact, I even asked for extra syrup! 

         If memory serves, The Double Choco Crumble Hotcakes costs P60 ala Carte, and P75 with McCafe's Premium Roasted Coffee or their luscious Hot Chocolate! You can order this through dine-in, take-out, drive-thru, and via McDelivery from 4:00AM to 10:30AM in all McDonald’s breakfast stores nationwide! 

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