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  The last time I was in the US was back in 2014. Even though it was a little over three years ago, there was a place that I had eaten there that I really enjoyed and never forgot. I was amazed because, even though we were in the United States, it was probably one of the best Korean Restaurants that I had ever tried, and I couldn't help but wish that they would open up a branch in the Philippines someday. 

          Last August, that wish came true, when Gen Korea BBQ opened it's doors to the Philippines at the Mall of Asia Complex. 

    When I dined at Gen in California, the place was always packed and the lines were quite ridiculous. I understood it was most likely because there probably weren't as many All-You-Can-Eat BBQ places, especially compared to the Philippines.

         True as that may be, the bottom line is that Gen had the reputation of excellence that carries over to the Philippines.   

         Like in every Korean Restaurant worth its weight, your meal starts with a wide selection of Banchan, or Korean Side dishes. These range from Kimchi, to Pickled vegetables, and other assorted items. My favorite among the lot was the Potato Salad. 


         Gen has roughly around 28 different types of meats available during lunch hour, and a total of 35 available during dinner. There are also promos that will make your Gen experience friendly to your wallet as well. 

        Since I couldn't try all 28 types of meats, I'm giving you a quick rundown of some of my favorites!

             Two types of chicken really stood out for me, the Honey Chicken, and the Garlic Chicken. The Honey Chicken had a delicate touch of sweetness, while Garlic and a fragrant zing of flavor to the meat that made it incredibly enjoyable. 

           Another Korean staple, the Beef Bulgogi was brought out for us to try, and Gen nailed it. Flavor-wise, it was amazing, and kudos to our attendant for preparing it so masterfully, making sure that the beef didn't overcook and become too gummy.  

            Rina and Rain couldn't get enough of the plump Shrimps, that were doused in some sort of a Chili sauce, giving a more robust flavor. 

           The Premium Chadol, is basically thin strips of Angus Beef Brisket, looks plain when compared to the other meats, but I'm telling you, it virtually melts in your mouth when you eat it. Make sure you don't overlook this! 

       Another MUST TRY dish is the Yangyum Galbi. This consisted of delicious strips of Marinated Beef Short Rib lined with gorgeous of fat. 

          When you slap it on the grill, the fat melts down and adds a dimension of savoriness to the meat that will blow your mind. 

           My ultimate favorite of all the meats that we tried was the Red Wine Samgyupsal. Even just by looking at the meat you can see how the red wine has immersed itself into the pork, giving it an almost purplish hue.

           Once the meat kisses the grill, and you hear the metal sizzle, the aroma of the wine will fill your senses. As it cooks, it even creates a delicious caramelization around the meat. that makes it even more delectable. 

           The big daddy of Gen's meatfest is the Premium Steak. Even just by looking at it raw, you can see how glorious the marbling of the meat is. Not to mention it has a good meat to fat ratio to it. 

         Once they slap that bad boy on to the grill, that sizzle will bring music to your ears.  Just make sure you tell your attendant how you like the temperature of your meat so they don't over do it. 

        Oh and Gen also has some sort of a "Secret Menu"! If you ask for the "Manager's Special", they'll prepare a Chadol based dish, that is doused in a vibrant chili sauce, and sliced chilis!  

          Look at this gorgeous medley of meats! Yes, there are many Korean BBQ places now scattered all over the metro that are slightly more affordable. However, I guarantee you that the selection you get from Gen, and the quality of the meats you are served, made the slight difference in price, absolutely worth it. 

         I'm hoping for more branches of Gen around the metro soon!

         With it's fun ambiance and wide selection of meats to choose from, the KTG had an amazing time at Gen Korean BBQ House! The trip to Mall of Asia was totally worth it! In fact, I've been back to Gen a couple of times since! 

Building J, SM By The Bay 
Seaside Boulevard, Mall of Asia (MOA) 
Pasay City

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