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             In the rare times that I find myself at SM North Edsa, I'm always on the look out for new restaurants that I can try. Yet there was one time I dropped by the Super Mall in the North, and found ourselves once again in a familiar restaurant, unable to resist the lure of their delicious food, particularly their Okonomiyaki.  

             Yes, I found myself at Dohtonbori once again. And I regret NOTHING. 

       Just like my first visit to Dohtonbori, we once again were seated at the booths that have hot plates built into it, making for a unique meal.. Your Okonomiyaki and other Teppanyaki dishes are cooked right in front of you, which helps make Dohtonbori experience even more memorable. 


              Whenever I'm dining at a Japanese restaurant, I find myself drawn to their Gyudon if it's available. Which is kind of what pushed me to try Dohtonbori's version of Gyu-don (P260) as well. It had a nice balance of sweetness on the sauce, that matched the wonderful savoriness of the tender strips of beef. 

           I was surprised to find a ramen dish in Dohtonbori's menu, but what surprised me even more was how delicious it was. The Ajitama Ramen (P330) uses a tasty Shoyu broth, and is filled with tender Pork Chashu, Egg and al dente noodles. In case you're craving for Ramen, this is actually a viable option. 

      But of course, Dohtonbori made its name with their Okonomiyaki dishes, so that's what I was excited to try. The Okonomiyakis are prepared on the hotplate situated on your tables, and your attendant does the work for you, just to make sure you don't mess it up (I'm Speaking from experience).

       The Butatama Okonomiyaki (P240) was really delicious, as it was generously filled with strips of pork, giving you an unreal meatiness in every bite you take. The heavy drizzling of Japanese mayo and Okonomiyaki sauce was a great accentuation to the light sweetness of the pancake. 

              The moment I saw the Hamburg Cheese Steak Okonomiyaki (P360) on the menu, I just knew I had to try it. And thank goodness I did, because it was probably one of my favorite Okonomiyaki dishes that I've ever tried.

           Can you imagine my delight when I cut through the pancake and saw that they actually cooked a juicy Hamburger steak inside of it? and not only that.. They covered it in a thick blanket of cheese!? This was nothing short of phenomenal and it something that I would most definitely order when I go back to Dohtonbori.. Which I plan to do so soon!


              We also got a taste of some of their sizzling meats, starting with the Kalbi Yakiniku (P280). Considering how close this was to bacon, do I even need to tell you how amazing it was? And when you consider that it was marinaded in a lightly sweet Yakiniku sauce before even hitting the sizzling plate.. It was OVER. 

      Watching the thin strips of pork fry on the hot plate was a was my version of "Netflix and chill".

     As expected, the meat was moist and tender, without being too overly fatty. 

           But it was the Garlic Angus Striploin Steak (P650) that really stole the show. The marbling of it was absolutely gorgeous. 

      The attendant placed it on the hot plate and went to work, slicing it with the precision of a ninja, never forgetting to flip it over to make sure that the seasoning, especially the bits of garlic, is spread out evenly. 

     The result was melt in your mouth pieces of striploin, that had a nice lining of fat to it, with garlicky kick to it. This was a fantastic bang for the buck meal! High quality Angus steak for less than P700? Sign me up! 

      Dohtonbori has spearheaded the invasion of Okonomiyaki restaurants in the country, and now has in fact expanded to a total of five restaurants in Metro Manila! Apart from SM North Edsa, you can also catch the Okonomiyaki craze at Greenhills in San Juan, SM Fairview, SM Mall of Asia, and UP Town Center in Quezon City! 

Upper Ground Floor,
SM City North EDSA, 
Bago Bantay, Quezon City

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