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BRGR Project Makati

        Everyone knows Richie, the Pickiest Eater, is a burger person. But I can't say the same for myself. I have moods for burgers. I'm more of a rice person. That's why I have very few favorite burger places. And I am sincere when I say Burger Project is one of them. Why? Because you get to design your own burger! It's another brilliant concept by Chef Ed Bugia, one of my favorite chefs!

BRGR Project Makati

The restaurant area in Jupiter Street is not that huge but it's really nice. I love the wood interiors and the chalk grafitti

BRGR Project Makati

The counter

BRGR Project Makati

The bar makes the most of the modest dining space
The Appetizers

BRGR Project Makati onion rings

        The appetizers are simple but very comforting. The Onion Rings (P85) are HUGE! This photo doesn't bring justice to the actual size. 

BRGR Project Makati animal style

        And then they've got three styles of signature fries. First is The Animal Style (P135). It has some grilled onions, minced garlic, cheese sauce, then sprinkled with cheddar cheese, and their special BRGR sauce. 

BRGR Project Makati truffle fries

        The Truffle Fries (P165) was my favorite. The secret to their truffle fries is that they use truffle paste instead of oil which is why the truffle taste is more apparent in the taste as well, not just in the smell. 

BRGR Project Makati chilli cheese fries

        The Chilli Cheese (P145) was also a personal favorite. I like anything with chilli con carne + cheese sauce! Then topped again with cheddar cheese! Messy goodness!

BRGR Project Makati sweet potato fries

        They also have Sweet Potato Fries (P75). I'm not a fan of sweet potato in general but they all say it was good!

BRGR Project Makati buffalo wings

And finally, the Buffalo Wings (P165). Another good messy appetizer!

The Burger. YOUR Burger!

BRGR Project Makati
Richie's formula!

        As mentioned earlier, the beauty of BRGR Project is that you have the option to personalize your own burger (and name it too!) All you need to do is fill up the form provided to you by checking your choice of bun, type of patty, type of cheese, then premium toppings, basic toppings, and sauce. Put the name of your burger, and that's it!

BRGR Project Makati the pickiest eater
Behold! The Pickiest Eater Burger!

        To Richie, this was like his "art studio". He had a blast choosing his ingredients for his very own burger! He got a 100% Beef patty, a Brioche for his bun, Mozzarella for his cheese, then bacon, caramelized onions, Canadian bacon, pepperoni, and onion rings for his premium toppings, and then honey mustard for his sauce. And it turned out really well. Of course. He knows his burger!

BRGR Project Makati
The start of a beautiful friendship!

BRGR Project Makati

        My Rainbow burger wasn't as stunning as The Pickiest Eater Burger but I really really loved what I "made"! I was in the mood for chicken so I got a chicken patty, good o'l sesame seed bun, bleu cheese, bacon, sliced red onions, lettuce (I like crunchy lettuce in my burger), and then for the sauce, I got wasabi mayo and barbecue sauce! 

BRGR Project Makati
The Rainbow Burger
        Here it is! The Rainbow Burger! For me, it was DELICIOUS!!! So delicious that I plan to order the exact same thing when I go back :-)

A Parade of Burgers!

       Please enjoy watching the personalized burgers of our other friends that night. Of course I wasn't able to take note of all the details of their masterpiece hehe. 

BRGR Project Makati

BRGR Project Makati

BRGR Project Makati

BRGR Project Makati

BRGR Project Makati

BRGR Project Makati

BRGR Project Makati

BRGR Project Makati

Milk Shakes!

        Oh by the way, they also serve yummy milk shakes! You might not want to count calories when you decide to order one haha! But just so you know, the taste will make all the calories worth it! 

BRGR Project Makati strawberry milk shake
BRGR Project Makati chocolate milkshake
Good O'l Choc'lit

BRGR Project Makati milkshake boy band
Milkshake flavors
       They also have a collection of flavors called Milk Shake Boy Band: Cooky (Cookie Butter), Jerry (Dark Cherry Chocolate which I think sounds really good), Cheez (Quezo de Bola), Havee (avocado), and Chubi (Ube Leche Flan)

BRGR Project Makati

        On your way to the comfort room you will also see the wall of fame wherein you will see personalized burgers of different Filipino celebrities!

             Denizens of Quezon City Rejoice! The Burger Project has opened a branch at along Scout Rallos Street!

            The dining area consists of Two floors, allowing for a bit more space to enjoy your food comfortably, without losing the relaxed vibe that Burger Project is known for. 

BRGR Project Makati Chef Ed Bugia

Great stuff Chef Ed! IDOL!

Congratulations to Chris Graham, and his lovely wife Anna for the opening of BRGR Project Scout Rallos! I shall return!!  - RichieZ

Follow them on:
Twitter: @thebrgrproject 


38 Jupiter St., Bel-Air Makati 550-1781
122 Maginhawa, Teachers Vill QC 351-7474
51 Rallos, South Triangle QC


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