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mcdonalds san fernando la union

 Traffic... Some reckless drivers... And more traffic. Aaaah the morning rush! Don't you just love it?!?

        Because of my picky stomach, I don't usually have breakfast. Especially on a work day. I'm acidic so I'm very careful with filling my stomach in the morning. I'm not sure if there's a connection there somewhere but let's just say I don't want to have to go to the bathroom first thing when I get to the office. But my wife loves loves loves breakfast! She loves it so much that she actually looks forward to taking me to work every morning so she could do a little breakfast drive-through at McDonald's. That's my wife! Making each morning rush special with a simple McDonald's Breakfast. (And all the while I really thought she just really loves driving me to work! Ha!)

mcdonalds san fernando la union

        McDonald's drive-thru is always our default drive-through in the morning. It’s a very convenient way for us to have the most important meal of the day during the morning rush. Thankfully, McDonald's breakfast is available for early-birds from 4AM to 10AM everyday for dine-in, take-out, drive-thru, or for McDelivery.

mcdonalds hamdesal

         It’s a good thing as well that McDonald’s has a wide variety of Breakfast goodies. All of which are delicious, and served hot and fresh! During days that I don’t have work and would have breakfast at McDonald’s, I would order one of their Grab N’ Go sandwiches. I specifically love their Hamdesal (P48 meal / P68 with hashbrown) because of the sweet sauce it has. It’s easy to munch on while on the road without making a mess. 

        One time I even made my own McDonald’s breakfast creation wherein I snapped off half of a hashbrown, put it on top of the Sausage McMuffin, then added a squeeze of strawberry jam and......

VOILA! The RichieZ McMuffin was born! A sweet and salty spectacle!

mcdonalds sausage mcmuffin with egg

        Aaaaanyway, Rina on the other hand loves their Sausage McMuffin with Egg (P85 meal / P107 with hashbrown).                             mcdonalds egg mcmuffin  

        They also have the Egg McMuffin (P85 meal / P106 with hashbrown) , 

mcdonlads sausage mcmuffin

        and the Sausage McMuffin (P72 meal / P94 with hashbrown), and much much more!

mcdonalds longganisa meal

        But when we’re dining in, Rina, being a rice lover, goes for their Longganisa Meal (P82 ala carte / P99 meal).

mcdonalds big breakfast

        And I on the other hand, more of a bread lover, go for the Big Breakfast (P112 ala carte). So you see there’s one that fits any situation / pallet, making it possible for everyone to have an awesome breakfast experience at McDonald's!

mcdonalds san fernando la union

        Here’s a picture Rina sent me the other day when they stopped by McDonald's San Fernando La Union for a quick breakfast during their visit to their grandmother. They’re happy customers because they made it just in time for last breakfast call before switching to regular menu hehe. Buzzer beater! (And happy that there’s a McDonald's branch in San Fernando La Union!)

        We also love the fact on how affordable their breakfast meals are. As you can see, you can already get a breakfast treat starting from P50. It’s still affordable even when you’re on a budget! But “affordable” doesn’t necessarily mean bad quality. McDonald's breakfast products are made from quality ingredients starting from their Grade A eggs to their McMuffins that are always served straight from the griddle. All of which can be enjoyed more with McDonald's Premium Roast Coffee and their famous Hash Browns!

mcdonalds fries
Rain LOVES McDonalds fries! Even for breakfast!

        With all of these amazing choices and the convenience it gives especially on the morning rush, how can you not say “Hooray for Today” ?!?

mcdonalds san fernando la union
Reunited with their Tita Eva from New Jersey! This is the magic of McDonald’s! No matter what part of the world you come from, you still look for the comfort of McDonald’s!

*Burp!* #Hooray for Today!!!

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  1. Hello mcdonald's..Hamdesal with cheese + hash brown is really a cost of 75php.???i need to know.thank you,,

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