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pleasure maker

        I have never been a lover of chocolate coated ice cream, to tell you honestly. Not pinipig, not even those chocolate magic shell topping. I like my ice cream plain. But all of this changed when I tried this ice cream on a stick coated in real Belgian chocolate. Yes, my friends. This is what they call MAGNUM.

        There are countless times when I would stop over by the small grocery near our place after taking Richie to work just to buy a Magnum bar. It’s was good that I didn’t mind paying P50 for a stick of ice cream. Yes it’s a lot more expensive than other normal ice creams but at the same time, it’s slightly cheaper than other international brands. You can really tell that all the ingredients used in that ice cream is of top quality. Especially the chocolate coating! My personal favorite is the Chocolate Truffle because the taste is closer to dark chocolate. And I loooove dark chocolate! 

        So imagine my excitement when I heard that a Magnum was going to open a Magnum Pleasure Store here in Manila for a limited time! And imagine my triple excitement when we received an invitation to experience Magnum Cafe before it officially opens to the public! I was so ecstatic and I couldn’t wait to see what pleasures they have in store for me at the Magnum Cafe at SM Aura!

magnum cafe

        Magnum Pleasure Stores have been the most awaited ice cream experience worldwide. It has become "it" spot in amazing cities like Toronto, Sydney, Shanghai, Sao Paolo, Helsinki, Jakarta, Paris, New York, Milan, London, Istanbul, Hamburg, Cannes, Amsterdam, and now, Manila!

magnum cafe manila
     First of all, the place is really beautiful. Interiors are done by Ed Calma. It’s very classy and doesn’t look at all like it’s just going to be here for 12 months. 

magnum cafe interiors

        I love their booths with stunning photographs of fancy Magnum bars!

magnum cafe manila

        You’d think it was a classy resto bar of some sort, which it actually is! Except that the "bar" is literally bars of Magnum haha! And this is exactly why it's called a "Pleasure Store" because customers will have the pleasure of create their own Magnum bars down from the ice cream flavor, to the coating, to the exquisite toppings of their choice!

        But before we move on to the star of this cafe, let me give you a quick sneak preview of the yummy and classy comfort food that Magnum Cafe is offering, which are amazing dishes by Chef Him Uy de Baron (Executive Chef Cuisine Catering and Owner of Nomama) :


        We started off with a board of three kinds of bruschetta. Tuna, Mushroom, and Creamy ricotta topped with marble tomatoes. My favorite was the tuna. There was just an amazing burst of flavors in my mouth! 

cajun spiced poppers

        Next was the Cajun Spiced Chicken Poppers with .... wait for it... Bacon Gravy! It was just so juicy and crispy and it tasted like it was glazed with a little bit of honey, and then you dip it in the bacon gravy..... HEAVEN!!!


        I also enjoyed their Steak Salad. It had a lot of texture and a lot of flavors and then drizzled with a vinaigrette dressing. The strips of steak were cooked to perfection!

pumpkin soup

They also served Pumpkin Soup which I thought was just okay. 

mushroom burger

Our friend ordered the mushroom burger

karaage sandwich

I ordered the Karaage Sandwich, which I loved as well. Sweet, salty, and crunchy!

pan seared salmon

        And another one of my friend ordered the Pan Seared Salmon which was also very good! Crispy skin, juicy dsalmon meat, all laying down on a soft bed of mashed potatoes.


        When visiting Magnum Cafe Manila, the number one rule is that you MUST at all cost LEAVE ROOM FOR DESSERT! Because after all, this is where the real star of the cafe comes in. Presenting the wonderful plated Magnum desserts dishes! These are beautifully plated dessert dishes created by Chef Miko Aspiras, an Award Winning Pastry Chef in global competitions! The photos will speak for themselves!

magnum dessert menu

Pink Friday (P290)
Strawberry marbled cheesecake, on a bed of speculoos tea cookies and strawberry nerds, topped with a pink chocolate dusted vanilla Magnum and strawberry coulis 

magnum dessert menu

Rainbow Dream (P250)
White chocolate covered vanilla Magnum bar covered in dreamy rainbow cake crumble, on a moist slice of cream cheese rainbow cake

magnum dessert menu

Cookie Dough Skillet (P250)
Warm chocolate chip cookie dough topped with two vanilla Magnum bars, dark chocolate and chopped pecans

magnum dessert menu

Death by Chocolate (P250)
Deep dark chocolate lava cake and chocolate truffle Magnum topped with brownie pieces and chocolate crispearls

Other Dessert Dishes on the MAGNUM CAFE MENU:

magnum dessert menu

Red Velvet 

magnum dessert menu

Magnum Apple Pie

magnum dessert menu

Crown Jewel

magnum dessert menu

Magnum Fondue for Two


        And then of course as mentioned earlier, you can make your own Magnum bar! Here are the six easy steps in creating, sharing, and enjoying your very own Magnum creation!

make my magnum

        Magnum Pleasure Maker at your service! Pick three (3) toppings. The toppings are categorized in three. The Classics (almonds, crushed chocolate chips, etc.) Special (Freeze dried raspberries, gold nuggets, etc.) and if you're feeling adventurous you can also try their Experimental toppings (Chili flakes, sea salt, etc.)

make my magnum

Magnum girl puts your three topping choices and shakes it in a mixer with a smile!

make my magnum

Then pick your Magnum bar. Chocolate or Vanilla.

make my magnum

Then choose your coating! I picked Dark Chocolate! They also have gold (salted caramel) and Milk Chocolate.

make my magnum

Then Magnum Girl tops it off with your toppings

make my magnum

And then pick your drizzle! I chose the golden salted caramel.

make my magnum

        And tadaaaaa! My Christmas on a stick Magnum bar! I chose freeze dried raspberries (gives a tangy crunch), gold nuggets, and sea salt because I love salty stuff! And for me, it worked! If you want to try a premade flavor, you can choose from the following best sellers:

make my magnum flavors

make my magnum flavors

        Magnum Cafe Manila opens at the brink of summer on April 8, 2014, at SM Aura SkyPark Dining. What a perfect way to spend the summer! It's definitely a must-try! Only open for 12 months so make sure you make time this year before it closes!


  1. I visited Magnum Cafe last weekend to try out their signature dessert dishes. Oh my, Death By Chocolate was amazing! But I think they were not yet serving the hot dishes so I will just have to come back next time to try these out.

    1. Let's go, Kat! So we can finally meet! Didn't get to try the hot dishes either.. it was Rina who went because I had work :(

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