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"Batang may labaaaaaaaaan"

      Being a Picky Eater makes the simple comfort of American food very appealing to me. As proven in the past, I'm a huge fan of burgers and ribs. But I never really picked up on the Buffalo Wings craze. Buffalo Wings? Yeah, that does sounds cool.. but Buffalo THIGHS..? THAT sounds even better! But I get it.. Wings makes for excellent Bar Chow, and perfect when watching sports.  

   U.S. Franchise Buffalo Wild Wings has now arrived in the Philippines, bringing with them a mouthwatering selection of flavors that made a Wing believer out of me!

           Buffalo Wild Wings is a sports fans dream. Located in the sparkling new, Estancia Mall in Capital Commons, the place is equipped with 38 screens wide screen televisions all around the dining area, allowing guests to watch numerous sports channels simultaneously.

           You may request for a tablet for your table, where you can play games! The programming is still being worked on, but pretty soon you'll be able to play trivia against guests in other tables. 

           After we settled in, we were joined by our Guest Experience Captain, where she gave us a little rundown on the available flavors for wings. 

            Our Guest Experience Captain squirted out some flavors for us to try with French Fries. 

           We finally decided on the flavors that we wanted, but truthfully, I was thinking of running out with the whole caboodle of sauces so I could try them all for myself!!


       After settling down on what flavor of wings we wanted, we were served the Tablegating Sampler (P725). The platter consists of the necessities that every self respecting sports fan needs.. a couple of Soft Pretzels & Quezo, Warm Pita Chips with Spinach Artichoke dip and Bacon, Cheddar, and Mozarella Stuffed Jalapeno Bites. 

     Perfect for popping into your mouth over a thrilling Laker game (Actually they suck right now so it's probably not so thrilling anymore). 


    You know what else goes perfect while watching a good game of fight? Pizza. And Buffalo Wild wings has a few to choose from, in the form of their Thin Crust Flat Breads. We tried the Italian Pepperoni Flat Bread (P445), which i really enjoyed. This was loaded with a special blend Quezo Cheese, a mix of Mozzarella-Provolone, Cheddar Jack Cheese, then opped with Pepperoni that carried a nice touch of heat to it, then baked perfectly into a crisp flat bread. 

   The spiciness on the pepperoni really had an addicting factor to it, that demanded you eat one slice after another.  

   If you're looking for something "Light", well then you went to the wrong place to begin with. Buffalo Wild Wings is the ultimate DUDE'S place. But nonetheless, fret not, cuz B-dubs has got your back. There are a bunch of wraps in the menu to choose from! 

     I was hesitant at the thought of trying a "wrap", but once they told me it was the Pepper Jack Steak Wrap (P495), I immediately became intrigued. Thin slices of perfectly seasoned Prime Rib, grated Pepper Jack Cheese, lettuce, Picco De Gallo, then drizzled with some Southwestern Ranch dressing and tightly wrapped in a warm, toasted tortilla. 

   It's light- well.. lighter than the other dishes, but the steak makes it deceptively filling at the same time.


      But of course, the backbone of Buffalo Wild Wings, is of course, their wings! Each wing is meticulously hand spun in the sauce or dry seasoning of your choice, all with different levels of spiciness ranging from, "Smilin'", which means no spiciness, to "Sizzlin'", which packs a medium punch of heat, to "Screamin'", a level guaranteed to set your taste buds on fire. Each order of wings comes with a vegetable boat, and your choice of Bleu or Ranch dressing.

    We were served five different wings to try, and I tasted four of them.. 

      The first flavor, which was on the lighter side of the "Sizzling" level. This sweet-chili blend was a nice balance of sweet and spicy, with one flavor never overwhelming the other. 

       The next flavor we tried was the Parmesan Garlic Wings, This one had an herb infused Italian Flair, with the pronounced flavor of roasted garlic very evident, I was expecting the Parmesan to be dusted on to the wings like a dry seasoning, but instead it was more like a creamy parmesan sauce, which was quite delicious.

  From the next batch, I tried the Mango Habanero, which has the second highest level of spiciness on Buffalo Wild Wings Menu. The Mango gave it a wonderful infusion of sweetness, to go with an intense level of heat. Be warned.. This sucker is GOOD, but REALLY spicy! 

   My favorite flavor of the night was undoubtedly the Honey BBQ. Since my taste buds always takes me to the sweeter side, it was a no brainer that this was what I wanted to try from the onset. The Sweet-Smokey flavor sans any form of spiciness seemed like it was made specifically for me!

   There are still so many more flavors that I want to try, such as the Honey Mustard, Salt and Vinegar, and Lemon Pepper, so I'm looking forward to my trip back soon!


     Although the pride of Buffalo Wild Wings is their selection of hand spun Wings, you must not overlook their Burgers!

  One of my friends ordered the Screaming Nacho Burger (P475), which consists of two Grilled "Slammer" Patties slathered with Chipotle BBQ seasoning, then topped with melted Pepper Jack Cheese, Jalapenos, Pico de Gallo, Southwestern Ranch Dressing, and Corn Tortilla Chips IN the burger. 

      Another ordered the Black and Bleu Burger (P525), which invokes the flavors of the bayou with topping of Bleu Cheese and Cajun spices on top of the pure beef patty. 

    Upon reading the menu, I had my heart set on trying two burgers on the menu, the first being the Big Jack Daddy Burger (P545). A delicious heaping of delectable Hickory Smoked Pulled Pork placed on an all beef burger patty, topped with Deep Fried Onion Rings, and Cheddar Jack Cheese, with a Honey BBQ Sauce serving as a nice balance to the acid on the pulled pork.

   My favorite burger had to be the Juicy Steakburger (P625). The Grilled burger patty is topped with a delicious pile of shredded prime rib and Fried Onion Rings, and a blanket of Pepper Jack Cheese. You may then choose to slather it in the Buffalo Wild Wings sauce of your choice, which I choose Teriyaki sauce.  

   This was an incredibly manly man burger, and incredibly heavy.. But it tastes amazing! 


    For the finale, we had Buffalo Wild Wings Chocolate Fudge Cake (P325). A rich, delicious, Chocolate cake, drizzled with even more with Chocolate Sauce, made ala mode with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream! 


   To spice things up (pun intended), Buffalo Wild Wings has a Wings Challenge that customers can take on. If you finish a dozen of their "Screamin'" wings, you win a Free B-Dubs T-Shirt! The heat on the "Screamin'" wings is so intense, you need to sign a waiver before taking the challenge,  saying that you abide to all their conditions (which include not drinking water or using tissue to wipe your face!)

          B-Dubs modified the rules a bit for us! My three blogger companions, namely Jeng of Food In The Bag, Kat of The Hungry Kat, and Eugene of Hefty Foodie, bravely took on the challenge of splitting the 12 wings among themselves, with the winner being the contestant that finishes their share first!  
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Let the games begin!!!!

     In a testament to how spicy the "Blazin'" wings are, Kat dropped out after roughly around 2 bites, and I think Eugene got through two wings before throwing in the towel. 

    Jeng, however, was a man on a mission. The man annihilated those wings like it was his last meal before being sent to the electric chair, en route to winning the T-shirt, that, much to his delight, was available  in his size! 

     If you're looking for a place to settle down and unwind while watching your favorite game on TV, you will certainly find a home in Buffalo Wild Wings. Price points are a bit steeper than your usual wings places, but the quality will not disappoint. And the overall vibe is just that of pure fun!   

    Thanks so much Lisa and Kate for the wonderful afternoon! 

Ground Floor, Estancia Mall
Capital Commons 
Pasig City

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  1. batang may labaaaaaaan!!!! Gets me everytime..... hmmmmm it was a rough challenge but definitely a worth while experience... .... and yes the shirt was in my size.... It was fitted though ... LOL Muscle fitted shirt... hahahahaha see you soon sir...

  2. I love reading your blog! And I can say that I admire everything you write. Hope you can visit mine too

    1. Thank you Razel! Oh Absolutely.. Will check it right now :)



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