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"Pa-humble effect"

         I have to admit, I got into the Boracay game really late. It wasn't until late 2010 that I made my first trip to the Philippines popular party island. It was more than a year since our second trip to Boracay, but our first with Rain, and we were looking forward to making plans for the summer. 

    Thankfully, the plans were made for us, when Henann Lagoon Resort graciously invited us to visit their stunning home in Boracay! 

    Ain't nobody gonna say no to that!   

         After arriving at Kalibo Airport (flights to Caticlan were fully booked because our trip coincided with The Kidlat Awards weekend), we boarded the group bus and headed for the Henann Welcome Center at Caticlan. 

       Even from here, we were treated like VIPs, with attendants welcoming us with Puka Shell Leis.

         Henann's Welcome Center is quite spacious and comfortable, the perfect place to relax after an early flight.

        The Welcome Center actually serves as a port for Henann's private boats, that shuttles guests from Caticlan to Boracay, and vice versa!

         We were happy that our dear friend Jane aka Between Bites, my companion in my Cebu trip, was with us, together with her sister Joanne! 

     So after a Land, Sea & Air trip, (1 Hour Flight from Manila to Kalibo, 1 Hour Car Ride from Kalibo to Caticlan, a 10 minute Boat ride and one final 15 minute car ride.. Whew!), we finally arrived at our home for the weekend!

  Formerly known as The Regency Lagoon Resort, Henann Lagoon Resort is a 120 room paradise that best encapsulates everything that makes the island of Boracay so amazing. 

     Truthfully, when I first entered the lobby of Henann Lagoon resort, I didn't find it all that impressive. It didn't feel all that grand, as I had initially expected. The receiving area was a little bit cramped, but the delightful hospitality of the Henann staff ensured we were always comfortable. 

As you can see, my and blogger buddies Ed Uy and Ruthilicious (some amazing people I was fortunate enough to meet in this tripand I, felt right at home from the onset!

         Any thoughts I had of Henann not being impressive were quickly dispelled when I stepped out into the Al Fresco dining Area fronting the 1,200 sqm Lagoon Swimming Pool.. The biggest pool in the entire island of Boracay. 

         The sprawling swimming pool has multiple areas set up, that makes you feel like you're at different coves at the beach.

      The pool also houses The Lagoon Pool Bar, which is sunken INSIDE the pool, so you don't have to leave your watery confines when the need for a snack or cocktail arises. 

     The Henann Lagoon Resort's claim to fame however, is how the rooms in the ground floor that are lined around the Lagoon area, give guests direct access to the pool. 

         We were billeted in Henann Lagoon's Deluxe Room, which was quite spacious. The room had a Queen sized bed, which was perfect for Me, Rina and Rain, and as luck would have it, a single bed just for Yaya (I could've sworn that was her that was snoring).

        The Room was also equipped with a flat screen TV and a desk, but if you went to Boracay to watch TV or get some work done, you've got some serious issues. 

          A quaint, two seater table is situated by the side of the room, perfect for ordering room service, in the event that you're too hungover to go down for a bite to eat. 

     As we arrived, we discovered that the staff of Henann Lagoon Resort wasn't done making us feel right at home. We were given a delectable fruit platter, with a special welcome greeting for me and my fellow bloggers/online media sites! I had to sit down for a second when I saw my blog's logo among some of the most amazing websites out there today. 

           Apart from being furnished with a coffee table for two, The room's fourth floor balcony gives you a spectacular view of the pool down below, Perfect for babe watching!
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     As you can imagine, I couldn't resist taking a selfie!

        We were given a tour of the resort so we could see what other types of were available.. And I can safely say I was blown away!


         The Premiere room with Pool access was quite similar in size to my fourth floor room. The most glaring differences being that the bathroom had a sexy window that you may look into from the room (with the level of sexiness being totally dependent on the person in the bathroom and what he or she is doing, of course). For you shy types, don't worry, you can roll the blinds down.  

        You know how when you stay at a hotel at the beach, and you want to go swimming at the pool, you've got to pack a bag and carry your stuff to the pool area, and hope that you get a nice spot with a nice lounge chair and sun umbrella? Yeah, for those with pool access,  The biggest difference, you simply walk out to your veranda, and right in front of you is the ledge of an inviting swimming pool. 

    Though this was undoubtedly my favorite room throughout the entire resort, I must say that For those with toddlers, I do not recommend this room, unless you can keep your eye on your kids at all times, and prevent them from straying to the pool area unattended.

         On a more personal tip, I would get the  Premiere Room with Pool Access at the new Expansion wing, as opposed to the 1,200 Lagoon Pool. This is because the pool of the Expansion wing seems to be much quieter and tranquil. But if you're heavy into the party scene, then go for the main wing. (I'm an old fogey, I know). 


     Big families, or Barkadas traveling together should look into the Deluxe Room with Connecting rooms. 

     Though it doesn't have direct pool access, it can provide more space for guests, as the two rooms can accommodate from 5-6 people. 

Both rooms are equipped with flat screen TV's and desks.

       And the bathroom is quite spacious, with the bath and toilet area divided into separate cubicles. 


      The Grand Room was furnished with a comfortable queen sized bed, and a relaxing Living room.

And as you can see, the bathroom was nothing short of spectacular. 

          The Grand Room with Pool Access is also available.. Something you might want to make a note of when you make an inquiry.


       The Executive Suite could very well be Party Central! Equipped with a fully stocked bar, and am iPod Dock, you need not go far to party it up in Boracay!!

    The living room area is also incredibly spacious, with the sofa set easily doubling as an extra bed. 

     The room features an incredibly soft Queen sized bed, and gorgeous bathtub.

           As well as almost Spa-like bath and toilet arrangements. 
A video posted by RichieZ (@pickiesteater) on

A video posted by RichieZ (@pickiesteater) on

  After the tour, the ladies couldn't wait to go for a swim! It was also really kind of the statuesque Ruth to crouch down so the petite beauties, Joanne and Jane Chua, and my very own Rina, didn't look so diminutive. 


      Henann Lagoon has your dining needs covered with the Lagoon Cafe, which offers Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Buffet, as well as ala Carte entries. 


          Henann Lagoon's breakfast buffet offered some of the Pinoy breakfast staples such as Longaniza, Tapa, Tocino. The also had your choice of Silver Dollar Pancakes and French Toast.. Or in my case.. BOTH!

          A breakfast buffet isn't a breakfast buffet without Bacon! 

The Sweet Ham, which was glazed with pineapples, was also quite delicious!


    For the buffet, some of the stand outs was the Tilapia in Coconut Milk Sauce.. 

Beef Morcon

Herb Roasted Leg of Lechon

I asked for a Spaghetti Al Olio from the make-your own Pasta Station, and they brought my this oil based carbonara hybrid.. And it was pretty AMAZING!

The dessert section wasn't too extensive, although the items were pretty good.. Nothing mind-blowing but a nice palate cleanser, just the same.


       I was actually a little surprised to find that people were in the gym at Henann Lagoon. I would think that as a guest at a beautiful resort, you would want to make the most of the gorgeous pool or perhaps spend the day at the beach, not on a cardiovascular machine. 

    Then it occurred to me that perhaps these people wanted to get some last minute work on their physiques just before whipping off their shirts and revealing their beach bodies. 

   It was actually a pretty well equipped gym, with a decent selection of machines and weights to choose from (Looked tiring to me). 


     The hardest part about swimming in Henann Lagoon's swimming pool, is picking the best spot to chill out in, because the entire lagoon is beautiful. I guess it will ultimately rely on what you're looking for, whether its a more peaceful ambiance or you like more activity. But the bottom line is, every spot you hang out at will feel like a whole new experience. 

           Beautiful Mommy Rina and Baby Rain enjoying their afternoon dip!
A photo posted by RichieZ (@pickiesteater) on
A video posted by RichieZ (@pickiesteater) on

         Perhaps the only qualm some people may have with Henann Resort, is that it doesn't have a beach front. However, if you do want to enjoy a day in the sun at the beautiful white sand beach that Boracay is famous for (which you most likely do), you may use the beach front of another Henann property, the Boracay Regency Hotel. 

        Though I hear that the beaches were more pristine 20 years ago, Boracay's beach is still quite a sight to behold.  

      We were told that the weather has caused the algae to build up near the shore, but more often than not, the beach is still quite breathtaking. 

    As you can see, this little girl had the time of her life playing in the sand! She spent the whole day in the beach, playing in the sun and making new friends :) My Baby Rain is definitely a Beach Baby!
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     Just when I thought I couldn't enjoy Boracay any more than I have during my previous trip, Henann Lagoon goes and totally blows my mind with their amazing facilities, stunning rooms, excellent staff, and that world class Lagoon Pool that would make even Brooke Shields proud. 

     If Henann Lagoon isn't in your list of possible hotels to stay at during your trip to Boracay this summer, then you need to tear out that page you were writing and throw it in the trash right now. 

   Henann Lagoon resort should absolutely be on the top of your list of places to stay when you visit Boracay! 
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Till we meet again, Boracay! 

Henann Lagoon Resort
Station 2, Boracay Island
Aklan, Philippines

Tel. No.: (63)(36) 288-2828 to 32
Manila No.: (63)(2) 353-777

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  1. The premiere room is really nice I must say, I am digging that glass-walled bathroom, very chic!

    And it's nice that it has a gym, perfect for people like me who feel guilt over a missed day in a gym. But the best thing I think is that the rooms have pool access, sosyal!

    It's one of the resorts that I checked out during my Boracay-accommodation hunt, unfortunately, my friends and I can't afford it. Maybe someday :)

    1. Marj, the Connecting room is the best deal for big groups! It's gonna be totally worth it!!

  2. uhm... sir..where are the pics of the OOTD!!!!! bwhahahahaha :D :D :D :D !!!!! :D :D :D

    1. For the sake of humanity, I decided against posting the shot of me in my Cheetah Skin Speedos!!

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