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         "Did you know there's a swimming pool in Glorietta?", I asked Rina. She looked at me rather puzzled then replied, "Huh? Where in Glorietta?".  "Glorietta 4.. In Ascott.", I said. "Oh.", she said answered, thinking I was being a smart ass (again). "Yeah, I knew that.".

     But you see, I wasn't just being a smart ass. I was trying to prove a point. Ascott Serviced Residences has been operating Glorietta 4 mall complex for quite some time now, yet it doesn't seem to be the top of mind when it comes to Staycations and even dining in Makati. 

    Well, as me and family discovered last Father's day weekend, it should be. 

Scene from Men In Black, NOT Ascott

       Entering Ascott for the first time left me baffled. You know how in the movie "Men in Black", the receiving area where the elevators are is this small, drab area being manned by a security guard? But when you go up the lift, a huge office area is revealed? Well, that's how I felt when I went to Ascott for the first time.   

       The entrance to the ground floor elevators is an elegant looking nook, but it gives you the impression that Ascott isn't all that huge, space wise. However, once we reached the 6th floor where the lobby is located, only then does the grandness of Ascott sink in. 

         Upon our arrival, we were immediately greeted by the Ascott's courteous staff, and made to feel right at home, as we were served our welcome drinks while waiting to check in. They even went as far as prepare a little balloon for Rain! 

        Though exemplary customer service is something that you've come to expect from a hotel, Ascott, being "Serviced Residences", offers a more personalize style of hospitality. Ascott understands that every guest is the different, and they find ways to ensure they cater to their guests specific needs, in order to have the most relaxing experience they can have. 


       I'm going to put this out there. I've been incredibly fortunate to have been invited by numerous hotels to experience a staycation, and I've stayed in some incredible rooms, but Ascott's Two Bedroom Executive Apartment is by far the biggest, and most lavish that I've been given.  

       As I entered the apartment, I realized that this was the first time I had an actual hallway inside my "hotel room". That's how huge our Apartment was. At 144sq meters, this was easily the biggest accommodations I've been given.

             A right turn at the hallway would lead you to the incredibly spacious Master's bedroom, outfitted with a King Size Bed, Flat Screen TV and a work desk. The room is also equipped with a DVD player and an iPod Dock!

           Being a serviced residence, Ascott treated us, Well, Rain in particular, as if she was family. They were kind enough to send up some milk and cookies for Rain just before she went to bed at night!

            The second bedroom was fitted with a queen size bed, and a single bed, that could comfortably fit three people. Rina basically threatened that if I snored loudly, she and Rain would move over here.

            Making a left turn at the hall way would lead you to the living room, which features an ultra comfortable sala set, fronting a flat screen TV, perfect for horror movie nights! 

         Rain made herself right at home at the dining room. Normally she goes straight for the TV and demands for Disney Junior, but this time, for some strange reason, she was drawn to the dinner table and made her self comfortable at the head. 

     All our attempts to call her were in vain, so I walked on closer over to her and discovered why she refused to leave her spot.  

           Much to the delight of Raiin, Ascott prepared a selection of Mango goodies for us to enjoy!

          The dining room table comfortable seats four people, a couple more people can squeeze in if needs be. Extra Glasses, Silverware and plates are provided in your apartment.

         In fact, the apartment has a full service kitchen, that includes a large refrigerator, Oven with a stove top, Microwave, Oven Toaster, and a whole slew of appliances that is better equipped than my kitchen at home! 

        Funnily enough, there was yet ANOTHER "hallway" once you walk past the kitchen, which left me intrigued. 

      "Umm.. Rina?", I called out. She came over wondering what I had stumbled upon. "Umm.. The apartment has a maids room. And it's bigger than the one we have at home." Usually when we bring a Yaya to our staycations, she usually stays in the couch, and would knock on our door when she needs to use the bathroom. However, since Ascott is a serviced residence provider, things such as the maid's quarters is taken into consideration. 

           No need to share bathroom time with Yaya, because she even has her own bathroom! Our only problem? We didn't have a yaya at the time hehe.

     The room even has a washing machine and dryer for your laundry needs!
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Check out a quick tour of our room here!


          The 6th Floor also houses Ascott Makati's sprawling swimming pool area.  

           Easily among the most relaxing pool areas I've been to in Metro Manila, the spacious area is equipped with comfortable reclining lounge chairs, perfect for laying out in the sun 

Rain couldn't wait to hop in !

          Ascott's adorable "Kiddie Pool" was actually perhaps the most interesting I've seen! Occupying a small nook in the pool area, the pool has three fountains, squirting out water into the main pool, which makes for some pool fun!
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Forgive me, for I know not what I do. 

       What I enjoyed most about Ascott's pool set up is the presence of a working hot tub. I've stayed in a hotel with a hot tub before, but this is an actual working one. 

                 I enjoyed the immersing myself into the soothing warm waters that made for a relaxing experience. But what surprised me more was the fact that Rain actually enjoyed it too! 

      The hotel has several other amenities that'll make your stay in Ascott an even more memorable one. Apart from a Kids play area, the Ascott has a Tennis Court, Game Room and Gym readily available for their guests.


       This marked the very first time that I availed of room service during a Staycation. And take note: This is in spite of the fact that Glorietta Mall and its wide selection of restaurants were just a few steps away from us.

     The simple reason was.. We just couldn't find it in our hearts to leave our gorgeous apartment. Yes, we felt THAT much at home, and we wanted to maximize our stay there as much as we possibly could. 


         For Rain, we ordered the  Chicken Carbonara Duo (P420). The "Duo" part stands for two things.. The two types of noodles that they use, which is Wheat and Egg Noodle Pasta,  and the two proteins, which is both Chicken and Bacon, all slathered in a rich Cream Sauce.

         The mix of meats was a nice touch, with the smokiness of the bacon adding a depth of flavor to the cream sauce, while the moist chicken breast made the dish more filling. Truthfully, the only effect the use of two noodles had to the carbonara was the complexity of the textures that it invoked. Taste-wise, I personally couldn't really tell the difference. 

    Really delicious.  


             Rina wanted to try the Char Grilled Pork Loin (P520), which was totally fine by me. Moist pork loin cutlet, drizzled in a Red Wine Pepper Sauce. This was incredibly tasty, but I like my pork with a tad bit more fat.

        I was looking for Rib Eye (P1,450) 12.5oz Steak with a Red Win Peppercorn Sauce. The meat tattooed with gorgeous char marks, and was remarkably tender, There was a stunning lining of fat running through the center, ensuring moistness in every flavorful bite. The size and price was very reasonable.    


       For my niece Cara, aka Crave The World, she ordered a dish that was highly recommended to us, was the Candied Walnut Rack of Lamb (P1,250). Delicious chops of succulent lamb, whose side is kissed by candied walnuts, giving it a light sweetness to go with an added dimension of texture. The meat is drizzled in a delicious Red Wine Peppercorn Sauce, which further enhances the flavor of the meat.  

        I was supposed to meat my dear friend Rain at Glorietta, but I decided to have her and our friend Patricia join us at our apartment instead. Like I said, we didn't want to leave the room!

          Thank you so much to Joycelyn, Sheena, Niza and the entire Ascott Crew for going out of their way to ensure my family's Ascott Staycation was one of the best experiences of my blogging career!

Stay tuned for part 2 of my Ascott Makati series, featuring Cafe on the 6th!

Great News! Ascott has a Mid-Year Promotion exclusive to online members until August 31, 2015 wherein online members who book and stay during this period can enjoy an exclusive 30% off on prevailing Best Flexible Rates while non-members get 20% off on prevailing Best Flexible Rates! 

Not yet a member? Sign up Here! 

Ascott Serviced Residences
Glorietta 4
Ayala Center
Makati City


  1. I love Ascott! Spacious rooms at reasonable prices. I love that they have generous kitchen and dining room space. The bathroom fixtures are a little dated though. I also like that they have (almost) direct access to the mall. Only ever tried their breakfast buffet and I must say their bacon is the best among hotel buffets I've sampled. I've yet to try their room service food though. Maybe next time

    1. I gotta agree with you on all points, including the bathroom! That was my exact sentiments, however they showed me the new wing that's been renovated, and it's gonna blow you away! I wasn't allowed to share the pix yet.. but the new rooms are really gorgeous!



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