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        During our recent Staycation at Ascott Serviced Residences in Makati, we had the pleasure of having our dinner and breakfast at Ascott's Cafe on the 6th. With its delicious food and relaxed ambiance, It took only a few moments for me to ask myself why I had never eaten here before! 

       As evidenced by its name, Cafe on the 6th is located on the 6th Floor of Ascott in Makati. The dining area is remarkably spacious and light, casual atmosphere makes it a place where you feel you can stay at for hours on end!



     We asked our hosts to take the liberty of ordering for us, with me giving some of my preferences (No veggies or anything "Healthy-Healthyhan), and they choosing of the Cafe on the 6th's best sellers.

           They knocked it out of the park with the Breaded Goat and Cream Cheese (P380). No joke.. This was one of the best appetizers I've ever had.  A blend of Goat and Cream Cheese is coated in a light breading and deep fried, served with condiments of Homemade Cherry Shallot Compote, Balsamic Cherries, and Candied Filipino Pili nuts. 

         Slicing into the cheese revealed that the blend of cheeses maintained a pristine white, despite being deep fried. The trick is to smear a dollop of cheese unto the crisp Crostini, then pile all the components on top of it, creating a glorious bite with every mouthful. The acid on the cherries is a nice compliment to the richness of the cheese, while the pili nuts adds even more texture to the mix.

             Though I'm usually not into Mexican dishes, I found the Chicken Taquitos (P320) to be rather delightful. Delicious chunks of Cajun Grilled Chicken, Fire Roasted Green and Red Peppers, American Cheddar and Jalapeno wrapped in a perfectly toasted Corn Tortilla. The Taquitos are then topped with a Creamy Cheese Sauce, and speckled with Corn and Bell Pepper Salsa. 

        Our hosts were thoughtful enough to bring out a Spaghetti Bolognese (P380) for our little Rain! She absolutely loved every forkful of her noodles doused in a tomato based meat sauce, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.

          Since I told our hosts that I was a proud "carnivore", it made perfect sense for them to bring out the Carnivore Pizza (P520). The Carnivore is peppered with so much minced Hungarian Sausage, Smoked Ham, Crisp Bacon, and Italian Garlic Sausage, there was nary a millimeter on the pie that was left blank. The meats are baked on a bed of tangy Pomodoro Sauce, and melted mozarella cheese. 

Carnivore? You bet I am!!

    One of the dishes that you absolutely must not miss from Cafe on the 6th, are the Chili Dog Sliders (P395). Three Mini Smoked Cheddar Bratwurst Sausages that are topped with a luscious Angus Beef Chili, then peppered with sliced Jalapenos, Chopped Onions then covered in a blanket of melted American Cheddar, on a toasted hotdog bun.

       The insides of the buns were dabbed with a bit of Dijon Mustard for a more tangy kick. The beauty of these chili dogs begin with the bratwurst sausages itself. They have a gorgeous snap when you bite into it, and the cheddar cheese simply burst into your mouth. the kaleidoscope of  flavors brought about by chili and the other toppings bring a harmony of flavors to the dish.


            For dessert, I really enjoyed the White Chocolate Mixed Berry Creme Brulee. It had a wonderful creaminess and balanced by just the right amount of tartness by the mixed fruits. 

         It was incredibly sweet of the staff of Cafe on The 6th to prepare a special Ice Cream treat for Rain, complete with a personalized message!


   In the morning, Cafe on the 6th offers a Breakfast spread.. 

Rain approved their selection of fruits

Fresh Juices

Of the entrees, my favoritre dishes were the Farmers Ham and Pineapple Sauce

Their baked bacon is easily among the best I've had!

The Chicken Sausages were very tasty as well

And the Spiced Mojos were incredibly addicting

and the Pancit Canton is a must try as well!

Rina enjoyed the Pork Adobo, which included sliced Hard Boiled Eggs

If you have a sweet tooth, you'll definitely enjoy the french Toast!

         Rain was looking forward to having some pancakes for breakfast, but unfortunately it wasn't part of the spread, so we tried convincing her to make do with the French Toast. Our attendant heard Rain asking for pancakes, and much to her surprise, he had a plate prepared, especially for her! 

     Like I said, Ascott truly specializes in making sure their guests feel right at home! I think the look on Rain's face says it all!
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My girls had a blast!

            Once again, thank you to Niza & Sheena for being such amazing hosts to us! Our staycation was definitely an eye opener for us. I will never again overlook Ascott as a possible option for a Staycation, and Cafe on The 6th is a great choice when look for a place for a dinner date, or even family lunch! 

       Great News! Ascott has a Mid-Year Promotion, exclusive to online members until August 31, 2015, wherein online members who book and stay during this period can enjoy an exclusive 30% off on prevailing Best Flexible Rates while non-members get 20% off on prevailing Best Flexible Rates!

Ascott Serviced Residences
Glorietta 4
Ayala Center
Makati City


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