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       S Maison at Conrad Hotel always feels like quite a way from where I live, but whenever I go there, I always seem to discover a restaurant that makes the trip worthwhile. With its wide array of mouthwatering entrees, Pastries and Desserts, Epilogue is one of those restaurants that gives you the courage to brave the Pasay traffic and the throng of terrible UV express drivers on the road. 

       It first glance, the classy vibe gives off the feeling like its a night club or something like that. Though cocktails and other drinks are readily available, make no mistake about it, the food of Epilogue is what puts it on the forefront. 

      Four world renowned Japanese Chefs, each with impeccable credentials put their collective talents together to curate a well thought of, innovative and delicious menu that has a little something for every palate. 



     Dinner started with a duo of salads, including the Signore Cardini (P360), which was a Harvest Salad tossed with Walnuts, a Boqueron Garlic Dressing, then topped with Shaved Parmesan, Sous Vide Cooked Chicken, and a Coddled Egg. 

     For seafood lovers, you might opt for the Seafood Tablet (P440) instead. Marinated Calamari & Prawns are drizzled in a Balsamic Vinaigrette, then topped with crumbled feta, then laid over a bed of Couscous & Mediterranean Vegetables. 



          Apparently, Epilogue also serves a mouthwatering selection of pizzas, with my personal favorite being Wagyu Pizza (P790). The Wagyu Beef slices were seasoned perfectly, while the Fresh Mozzarella bed added a gooey creaminess. The sauce was given a little kick of heat by Sriracha, while mushrooms were added for a nice earthiness. 

     If you would like a lighter choice, then you may opt for the Margherita (P670) instead. This simple pie made topped with Mozzarella di Bufala, Stewed Tomato Sauce base, Fresh Mozzarella, Basil, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


           The Veneto (P580) was easily among the best Gnocchi Dishes I've ever had. The handmade Gnocchi was tossed in a fresh cream sauce, infused with cheeses such as Gorgonzola and Parmigiano-Reggiano. The dish is then topped with  Prosciutto di Parma, where its saltiness prevents the dishes from becoming too rich from all the cheeses. Definitely something I would go back for.

           Had my fear of a hyper-acidic attack not got the better of me, I would eaten a whole lot more of the Amatriciana (P480) than I did. As in right now, I'm seriously regretting not devouring more of it when I had a chance. Using a Pomodoro based sauce, infused with Basil, Tomato Confit, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, poured over a pile of al dente Nooodles, then topped with Artisan Pancetta.

          Risotto is one dish that Rina and I can never get enough of, and the Foie’s Gold (P1,100) is easily among the finest plates of risotto you'll find in the country. A plump 50g Pan-seared Ernest Soulard Foie Gras is perched on top of a cream Mushroom Risotto, garnished with juicy Rosemary-Garlic Portobello mushrooms, Baby Spinach and Pink Peppercorns. 

      I'm very choosy when it comes to Duck Confit, because if not done right, it can come out a tad dry. However Epilogue's Confit de Canard (P775) was done masterfully. This delicious Duck Leg was slow cooked to perfectiojn, and served with a side of Potato Lyonnaise, Sautéed Haricot Vert, Walnuts, and a drizzling of Sherry Jus. 

        A dish you shouldn't overlook on Epilogue's menu, is the Yuzu Dori (P620). Though it may look like your average chicken dish, this is actually a beautifully fried Crispy Chicken fillet, flavored with Shio-koji a Japanese staple, laid over a bed Quinoa and Sun-dried Tomatoes. 

        In case you can't choose between a Foie Gras or Steak dish, the Maestro (P1,550) has got you covered.  A Steak Rossini of US Prime Angus Tenderloin is topped with a stunning piece of Seared Foie Gras drenched in a  Handcrafted Demi-glace, and served with a side of Gratin Dauphinoise

       Personally, I've never been much of a Foie Gras guy, so it was the King’s Cut (P1,690 for 250g / P3,990 for 600g) that I had my eyes on. This magnificent US Prime Angus Ribeye Steak had gorgeous diamond grill marks peppered all over it, and went perfectly with the Potato Gratin, and Creamed Spinach sides. 


          A very innovative dessert on Epilogue's menu, is the Cocoon (P320). You are served what looks like a simple white ball. However, that "Ball" is actually a dome made of Belgian White Chocolate.

          The magic begins when hot melted chocolate is drizzled on top of the dome, revealing the Italian Gelato waiting inside.  

         This beautiful mess, my friends, are the stuff that dreams are made of.

          There is as a stunning array of pastries to choose from, ranging from concoctions, with each seemingly more amazing than the last. 

       Their selection of breads as well would give the top flight bakeries in the country a run for their money! Tip: Past five PM, they have discounts on all breads! 

           Look who Rain met at Epilogue? Music Legend, David Pomeranz! Of course she had no idea who he was, but her mommy was super kilig haha 

          Granted, Epilogue is a little on the pricier side, but the "European Sophistication, couple with Japanese Discipline" is evident in every bite you take, and you know you are indeed getting your money's worth. Whether you're willing to splurge a little on a date, trying to seal a business deal, or basically just looking for an incredibly meal, Epilogue is a place that definitely won't let you down! 

Ground Floor, S Maison, Conrad Manila, 
Seaside Boulevard Corner Coral Way,
 Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City

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