Thursday, February 19, 2015


      I've always said, If there was a McDonald's in Cebu (Where I lived as a child) back in the 80's, I wouldn't have been such a pain in my Yaya's ass every Friday during the Lenten season. I credit McDonald's Fillet-o-Fish for helping me see fish in a different light. Prior to trying the Fillet-O-Fish, I did not eat fish at all.

     You see, as a child growing up as a carnivore, I would fear the Lenten season. My mom would explain to me the importance of making that small sacrifice every Friday, but as a stubborn not to mention, Picky little kid, it was difficult for me to grasp that I had to be deprived of meat for one day a week. 

    Now, I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that in case I need a seafood dish, I have the Fillet-O-Fish as my go-to meal. Since it's a bit lighter than your usual McDonald's Beef Burgers, I sometimes feel like I can finish two of them in one sitting.. Although I must admit, out of sheer guilt, I never tried. 

   But I would always think to myself, "How awesome would it be if McDonald's released a "DOUBLE FILLET-O-FISH", that is perfect for heavy eaters like me?". 

   Fittingly, an alleluia is called for, because McDonald's Philippines just released the Double Fillet-O-Fish for the Lenten Season!


         The Double Fillet-O-Fish (P172 Ala Carte) is exactly that.. Two Fish Fillet Patties with a slice of melted cheese in between, tucked away between two soft buns smeared with McDonald's Tartar Sauce! It's way more filling and heavier on your tummy. When ordered as an Extra Value Meal (With Fries and Drink P194 Small EVM/ P215 Medium EVM P232 Large EVM), I'm pretty sure it'll last me until lunch and dinner. (Midnight snack nalang kulang hehe)


      As I've mentioned in the past, I always eat ANY McDonald's burger with the Chicken Nuggets BBQ Sauce. Always. And the Fillet-O-Fish is no exception! 

   Here's a tip.. Pour some of the BBQ Sauce (P15) on the burger..

         Take a handful of fries and stuff it in the burger for a nice crunch... And Viola! You just pumped up your Fillet-O-Fish for the Lenten season! I do this a lot so the taste doesn't become too cloying for me.. I can eat it over and over again hehe.. 

   WARNING: It's kinda messy but that's all in the fun of eating it! Give it a try and let me know what you think! And if you've got any secret McDonald's Hacks or Tips you'd like to share with me, I'd love to hear it!!


  1. Hi Richie,don't get me wrong on this ok. But doesn't this defy the whole point of abstinence during the lenten season?Hahaha.Anyways just wanna let you know that I love reading your blog 24/7.

    1. Haha Bochog! Thank you for the kind words..

      Umm.. Well.. I wouldn't say "Defy".. but it.. umm.. kinda.. "Tweaks" it? hehehe



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