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      It was at the turn of 2012 that I remember writing about how I wanted to expand my blog's entries to include stays in hotels around the metro for possible "Staycations", as well as away from the city for vacations. 

      My quest to experience as many hotels that our country has to offer continued when my family and I spent a night at one that undoubtedly has a global reputation as one of the finest names in hospitality.. Marriott Manila. 

      With more than 4,000 properties in over 80 countries around the world, Marriott is the largest Hotel chain in the world, with the Marriott in Resorts World one of the most luxurious in the Philippines. 

      Located within the Resorts World Complex in Pasay, Marriott Manila allows for easy access to numerous casinos, restaurants, night clubs, movie theaters and entertainment centers. The Hotel is also striking distance from the airport, making it very convenient for tourists, especially with its shuttles making hourly trips to and from NAIA. 

      My first time to set foot into Marriott Manila was just last November, during their star studded Tree Lighting Ceremony. Since Rina and I had our hands full (Rina was taking pics of the event and I was at.. umm.. the S'Mores station..), we really weren't able to explore the hotel at all, but I couldn't help but be impressed with the elegant, comfortable interiors of the lobby. 

    The Lobby transitions into The Greatroom, which transforms Marriott's lobby into a relaxing lounge where you can swap stories with some friends, over some cocktails and canapes.

    Marriott Manila also houses a 3,000 Sqm Grand Ballroom that can easily accomodate 2,500 at any given time, making it a great choice for lavish functions and parties.   

      You check in and check out at Marriott's front desk, which is also located at the ground floor of the lobby, where the front desk staff will be more than happy to attend to your needs.

      However, since we were billeted in a Deluxe Room at one of the Executive Floors, we were allowed to skip the long queue and check in at the Executive Lounge, located at the 8th floor!  

          The Executive Lounge offers comfortable seating and a comfortable ambiance that is conducive to getting some work done. Perfect for the busybody who needs to sneak in an email or the like while the kids are having fun in the pool or something.  

       The Executive Lounge also offers all day refreshments, including a healthy continental breakfast, snacks, and cocktails in the evening. 



      At almost 40 Square meters, our Deluxe Room in the Executive Floor was quite spacious, complete with a King sized bed, comfortable lounge chair, and a flat screen TV, giving you a 'feel-at-home quality".. 

   ...That Rain can attest to! 

    Our gracious hosts prepared a delicious welcome platter, consisting of mango based products..

      I realized that one piece of the platter was missing, care of the quick hands of Baby Rain!

      Marriott really pulls out all stops to make every guest feel like a VIP. Imagine switching on your TV and having a personalized "Welcome Message" greet you? 

     Playas gotta play, yo! (Umm.. is that what those young whippersnappers say?)

         Sometimes when traveling with a toddler and some "work" is needed to be done, you will find that a digital media player and a hard drive full of Sesame Street and other assorted cartoons can be your best friend. Thankfully, Marriott makes connectivity to your television incredibly easy with a cable connectivity provided, and slots conveniently located on the desk for easy access.  

       One of my favorite parts of the room was the bathroom! As I followed Rain into it to make sure she doesn't slip or something, I hit a switch by the light, and a gentle whirring filled the room. 

      Suddenly, the "blinds" at the end of the shower area began to raise, and Rain screamed out, "It's Mommy!", who was taking photos of the bed area.

       The simple effect gives the room a touch of sexiness, allowing you a glimpse of your partner showering.. Sounds hot, huh?

   The level of sexiness, of course, will be totally dependent on who exactly is in the shower at the time.

        Rina told me to shut the blinds before I showered, lest Rain's yaya get the scare of her life hehe

       It wasn't just the blinds that endeared the bathroom to me so much. More than anything, it was the bath area, which is separated from the toilet and sink area. 

       The shower and bathtub are situated together in a communal area, making switching from the tub to the shower even easier! Perfect not just for sexy time, but fun for the kids as well! 


       We discovered that Marriott Manila has a gorgeous swimming that is ideal for laps our simply having fun with the kids! 

        The pool has a couple of mini-pools within it as well (Poolception), where children can play in, making it easier to keep your eyes on them (especially this little water loving daredevil right here)

    The pool area is lined up with numerous lounge chairs, allowing you to relax while basking in the sun, while enjoy the gentle Philippine breeze. 

       Refreshments are also available at Marriott's Pool Bar, meaning you don't need to dry off and move to the coffee shop when hunger strikes when going for a swim. 


              Our stay included breakfast at Marriott Cafe, which instantly became one of my favorite Hotel Breakfast buffets! 

     The spread was remarkably vast and practically everything I tasted was absolutely delicious! 

A wide selection of breads, cheeses and spreads

  Cool choices for morning juices!

The Dairy Section

      Yes, I went straight for the bacon. Always go straight for the bacon. 

 That was gorgeous looking bacon. May it rest in peace.

Breakfast isn't complete without either Pancakes, Waffles or French Toast! 

 Marriott Cafe has got 'em all!

Make sure you stop by the Omelette Station for eggs 
done just the way you like it!

Classic Pinoy Breafast fare.. Longaniza, Tapa and Tocino!

The Philippines was very well represented with other dishes as well, 
such as Pork Adobo and Dried Squid

    Marriott also showcased international flavors with its Taco station 

        Japanese Station

  My favorite part of the buffet was the Grill station! You had a number of popular breakfast items to choose from, such as Spam and Hotdogs, but it was sheer genius of Marriott Cafe to include Rib Eye Steaks to the selection as well!  

         And despite the fact that Rina and I had an amazing steak dinner just the night before, we decided to make the most of it, and have steak and eggs (with a side order of bacon) for breakfast as well!

        Situated right beside Marriott Cafe is Java +, Marriott's in-house delicatessen, where you may find pastries and other snacks, to go with a soothing cup of coffee.


        Marriott's Quan Spa offers a wide array of services & treatments, ranging from Scrubs, wraps, and massages.

        Marriott's Health Center is equipped with the latest cardiovascular machines as well as weights, perfect for a brisk exercise before hitting the best tourist spots in the city, or for sheer relaxation. 

    With its stunning rooms and exemplary service, Marriott Hotel Manila continues the legacy of excellence that the Marriott name has been associated with. Its accessibility makes it an ideal choice for travelers and residents alike that would like to make the most of their fun "getaway". 

   Our staycation in Marriott Hotel Manila was undoubtedly one we would never forget.. Definitely one of the finest hotels in the country!

Marriott Hotel Manila
No 10 Newport Blvd, Newport City Complex
Pasay City, Manila



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