Wednesday, February 11, 2015


How do you like my shades? Pretty cool, huh?

        But I have something to reveal. No, I’m not transitioning to fashion blogging (although you might get that idea based on a a certain post I’ve done). The pair I’m wearing are not actually shades. They’re my prescription glasses with Transitions® Signature™ lenses. And I’m pretty excited to tell you all about it!

        Imagine glasses that magically change tint depending on the environment you are in. Yep! I’m wearing the same pair as the first picture! Whether you’re working indoors, or if you go outdoors in a garden on one fine sunny day or a scorching hot day in the desert, the Transitions® Signature™ lenses will adapt and give you just the right tint your eyes will need to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays. Thanks to the power of exclusive Chromea7™ technology that helps make these magical transitions. It helps the lenses become more reactive to UV light as well as indirect light. In addition, it’s also more responsive in hotter climates (Perfect for the Philippines!)

the pickiest eater

        My family and I often go out during day time to check out the newest restaurants in town, or when we’re out of the country, we love visiting awesome theme parks as well. And being a morning person, I always like making plans during day time rather than going out at night.

        This also means that you will be able to see clearly wherever you are. The problem with shades are sometimes the tint is too dark for certain conditions. But with Transitions® Signature™ lenses, this won’t be a problem. 

transition lenses

When I’m indoors, it’s as clear as day. No tint! 

johnny chow

        As a food blogger, the lenses are a big help. While some restaurants have bright lighting, some restaurants are more dim making food photography a bit more challenging. Thankfully, my vision is crystal clear with these Transition lenses as it adjusts to the lighting conditions of the restaurant.

transition lenses

Now, notice how dark it gets when I step outdoors on a really sunny day.

pool side

        Needless to say, the transition from indoors to outdoors is seamless, to the point where I don’t even realize that the lenses have actually dimmed. During hotel reviews, Rina and Rain can play in the pool while I lounge around, and if I want to read a book, I don’t need to switch glasses. 

        To get a clear vision of how it’s like to use these lenses and see it in action, click on this link ) Try it! It’s pretty cool!

transition lenses

        What makes these lenses so worth it is that you know you’re getting the best value for your money. The makers of Transitions® Signature™ lenses have this new breakthrough method of testing and really understand how to improve the product using real-life situations to test the product compared to just lab testing. They have tested it on over 200+ life conditions / scenarios, as well as very specific situations (if the person is facing the sun directly, looking up in the sky, sunshine shining though the curtains, if the person is outdoors wearing a hat, etc. It’s crazy specific! Making sure they cover, and keep covering all grounds.

transition lenses

        Transitions® Signature™ lenses don’t just look good. They’re very practical as you can imagine. I can’t even stress enough how many sunglasses I’ve lost. Apparently carrying a lot of stuff with me when I go out is too much of a task. So with these new glasses, I only have to mind one pair when I go out. 

        It’s so practical to carry it in your bag everyday. The thing is, Transitions® Signature™ lenses don’t just protect or correct vision, to look at the bigger picture, they enhance the way you see the world. Because I am able to see clearly in any light condition, I am able to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors when we go out for our staycations in exciting places, or the glistening golden beauty of something deep-fried placed on the table in front of me. In a way it makes me feel more connected with the world. 

        For more information on these lenses, click here 


  1. These are cool glasses.. and I could attest to that. I have been using these "shades" since college and it definitely helps especially during driving and going outside to walk under the sun. It is so clear when I am inside also so it is a win win. COOL!

  2. You look cool with those glasses. I agree the life is well lit with transition eyeglasses. I am too is interested in purchasing one. I believe eyeglasses with transition lenses will be a good fit for me too.



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