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      Through this door lies an amazing little restaurant that whose charm and ambiance allows it to offer much more than delicious food. It's the kind of place that you instantly feel right at home at, making you unaware of the amount of time that has ticked away as you thoughtlessly picked away at the numerous "Picas" available. Without realizing it, you discover that you've been in the same restaurant for hours.. and doing what? 

           Eating, obviously, but more than just that, you realize that you've found a great place to share an awesome meal with your friends, perhaps a few cocktails afterwards.. and maybe, even to meet that work deadline you've been dreading. Wait-what?

          Yes, you read that exactly right.. Work. 

           To those of you who have been looking for a Co-Working Space, allow me to show your new office.. 59c at Paseo De Roxas! 

         Now that we're in the digital age, many people now can "Work From Home". Funnily enough, a lot of those people don't like actually working AT home, because they don't feel like they get anything done. I don't blame them either. It's easy to lose focus if you're at home lounging around, watching TV. The next thing you know, your deadline is an hour away, and you're left frenetically POUNDING NONSENSICAL SENTENCES INTO YOUR KEYBOARD, JUST FOR THE SAKE OF HAVING SOMETHING TO SUBMIT!!!!!!

  Umm.. sorry.. I wasn't speaking from Experience. I swear. 

        Aaaaaanyway, what 59c at Paseo De Roxas has done, is create, a cool, Co-Working space for people who are looking for a little place that they can come over and do reports and other deadlines, in an environment in which you feel right at home, but not too comfortable wherein you wouldn't be able to get any work done. 

    The house has an 80's house charm to it that will invoke memories to people who grew up in that era. (Umm..So I heard..) 

       You may even inquire about their different Co-Working packages, where you can avail of their internet services, which is consumable as well.

       59c at Paseo De Roxas is the brainchild of Food savvy couple, Jean Paul and Patricia Cheung, who created a restaurant for the modern era. You have a restaurant, bar, and co-work space all rolled into one!

     How was a food? I can't wait to tell you all about it!


       It isn't anything groundbreaking, but the Maling Chips (P150) are incredibly comforting and I must warn you, HIGHLY addicting. I grew up on this stuff (Which may explain my rotund physique), and these deep fried slices of luncheon meat heaven had me looking for rice and Ketchup all over again. The perfect "Pica Pica".. Once you pop you can't stop. 

            Another must try dish was the Duckquitos (P220). Shredded duck meat is laid out on a crisp taquito, topped by small cucumber and leek sticks, the slathered in a rich, honey hoisin sauce, and balanced by a drizzling of Aioli. 

           If you're looking for some dimsum, you can try the Handmade Century Egg Dumplings (P140), which is served with 59c Paseo's amazing Garlic Chili Oil Sauce. If you're feeling a bit more adventurous, you can try the Liver Sausage version as well. 

           Being the self proclaimed Pickiest Eater in The World, I opted for the Bacon Wrapped Siomai (P170). The biggest difference between this and the one I enjoy at Harbor City in Cebu, is that 59c's version is deep fried, as opposed to the steamed version of Harbor City. As much as I love Harbor City, now that I've had it deep fried, I don't think I'd want it any other way!

           This is, in fact, the dish that initially got my attention in the first place. After my friend Spanky posted a picture of it on SnapChat (Follow me on SnapChat btw: Pickiesteater), It was love at first sight. Once I heard about it, it was a Wayne's World moment for me. (Millenials, look it up.)

         A good Bar Chow menu isn't complete without a wings dish, and 59c Paseo's Wings in Shantung Sauce (P240) has got you covered. The gorgeous deep fried wings are glazed in a sweet sauce, that has a gentle punch of heat to it, that's just enough to tingle your senses. You may dip it into the sour cream sauce, which adds a little more balance in case the level of spiciness is too much for you. (I could handle it so there's no reason you wouldn't be able to). 

            I really can't wait for Rina to try 59c Paseo's Shrimp Pao (P200), because I think it's something I feel she'll definitely enjoy. Think of it as a creamy minced Prawn salad, sprinkled with bits of mango, tucked between a steamed mantou bun. 


          For the Brunchfast menu items, we were served the Chicken Tausi Burrito (P260). This was a masterful fusion of the East meeting South Western cooking, wrapped up in a deliciously toasted burrito. Splitting the Burrito revealed grilled chicken chunks in a Tausi Sauce, and filled with Yellow Rice, Sesame Slaw. 

         Another favorite of mine from the day, (The Bacon Wrapped Siomai being the first), was the Longganisa Sesame Brioche Bun (P280). I've had longga-Burgers before, but this was the first time that I tried one wherein actual Longganisas were used, as opposed to one Longga Patty. 

     This was nothing short of magnificent. The juicy, plump longanisas, burst with flavor.. Just the right sweetness, to go with the creaminess of the Fried Egg topping, and the sesame slaw gives it an even more oriental vibe, with the cheddar cheese the perfect way to tie everything together. 

           I'm going to warn you right now. The Chicken Tausi Chow Mein is going to be one of the most addicting things you order at 59c Paseo De Roxas. The stir fried noodles are cooked perfectly, and everything, from the black bean sauce, the leeks, fried eggs and even the Kropek, wonderfully compliments with the chicken meat.

    And the dish even comes in these adorable Chinese Restaurant Style Take Out Boxes! 


           For the main dishes, the first dish we tried was the Asian Braised Beef Goreng (P320). A platter of tender braised beef is dressed with Fried Rice, Crispy Dilis. Peanuts, Siomai (which is, I kid you not, among the best I've ever had), Kropek and topped with a perfectly cooked fried egg. I've always found the "Goreng" to be a rather peculiar dish. It almost seems as if it's a hodgepodge of things leftover in your ref, that your mother threw on to a plate and said, "eat it!". 

           However, believe you me when you eat it, it oddly works together perfectly. 

     Given Chef Trish's Bacolod Roots, it was inevitable that the menu included the Kansi Noodle Soup (P280)! It had the right amount of sourness you look for in a good Kansi, and just a smidge of heat to keep things interesting. And the chunks of beef were so amazingly tender, and putting in you in quite the quandry.. Do you eat this with noodles, or do you go old school and order Plain Kansi (P240) with rice??  

       Many people are surprised when I tell them that I enjoy Hainanese Chicken. I attribute that more to people expecting that every meal that I eat needs to be slathered in lard then dipped in a vat of boiling oil before I eat it. Although I admit that I am particular to fried food, I do enjoy a good Hainanese Chicken every now and then, especially because I love it with the dipping sauces. The naughty eater inside of me has always wondered what those dipping sauces would taste like with Fried Chicken instead.. 

    Enter 59c's Frynaneese Chicken (P280)

         The Chicken is fried to a golden hue, and served with three dipping sauces.. I believe its the Ginger sauce (My Fave), an Oyster Sauce, and a Sweet Chili Dip, served with delightfully flavorful Hainanese Rice!

       The final main that was served, was the Mandarin Riblets (P280). This was also all sorts of awesome, with the Ribs covered in a sweet, sticky sauce, and served with Yellow Rice.  


      For the desserts, we got to try the very creative, and delicious Chocolate Bundt cake Sandwich, with Toasted Marshmallows (P160).  

          For a more "Native Fare", we got to try the stunning Banana Turon with Tikoy, Pulot and a Condensada Dip (P150)

               And Chef Trish left us floored once again with her East Meets West Take on the French classic dessert, with the Mango Sago Crème Brûlée

     The epic meal ended with the latest addition to 59c Paseo's Menu, the Calamansi Pianono. Made with Calamansi Curd and Edible flowers, this elevates the Bacolod Favorite, to new heights! 

Photo care of Spanky Enriquez

          59c is one of my favorite discoveries of the Year! Practically everything Chef Trish brought out from her kitchen was an absolutely winner, and I really can't wait to go back. Whether it's to plain and simply eat, maybe do a little work, or relax over drinks with friends, 59c At Paseo De Roxas is one place you'll keep coming back to for more!  

59c at Paseo De Roxas
59c Paseo De Roxas St.
Makati City, Philippines

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