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The Winners of the Doña Maria #LEVELUPYOURRICE Contest!

         Congratulations to the winners of the #LevelUpYourRice Contest of Doña Maria! I am at a loss for words with their creations! Your creativity and innovation is amazing!

 Here are the top 3 winners who will win:

Php 10,000 cash
Doña Maria Rice
And a VIP Pass to meet Doña Maria newest Celebrity endorser, Alden Richards!!!:

Congratulations to the following for their amazing entries!

TOP 3: IG Username @OjAcopiado 

Honey & Soymilk Brown Rice Breakfast Porridge 🍚 Ever since we found out that our family is predisposed to cardiovascular diseases, we pledged to live and eat healthier. Thus, we decided to switch to eating high-fiber options such as brown rice. The problem is that many of the brands we tried before, no matter how tedious our preparations are, always kept that unpleasant texture of being hard and dry. Good thing that a friend recommended to us this Doña Maria Jasponica Brown, which truly lives up to its promise of having a quality like Japanese rice - sticky and soft with the right amount of bite. Eating brown rice no longer became a sacrifice but rather an enjoyable experience, as either a companion to our regular ulam or as a versatile ingredient to a dish such as this porridge. #donamariarice #levelupyourrice #premiumqualityrice @donamariarice
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TOP 3: IG USERNAME @Dyoll27   

Living in a boarding house while studying has taught me to be independent and to do household chores. One of which is cooking --which has never been my forte. In fact, serving a perfectly cooked rice can be a struggle for me. But that all changed when my Mama introduced me to Dona Maria Premium rice. The rice is perfectly soft,enticingly aromatic and has the right softness everytime i cook it. And since a perfectly cooked rice is already a guarantee with Dona Maria Premium Rice, i was inspired to cook more-- especially my favorite rice toppings. To surprise my parents about my newfound skill and passion for cooking...i decided to serve them my Bicol Express Rice toppings. It is actually a fusion of their roots because my mother is from Nueva Ecija (rice granary of the Philippines) while my father is a native of Bicol (known for their coconut cream-based dishes like Bicol Express). Since my Dona Maria rice is not soggy, the saucy Bicol Express perfectly infuses it with that creamy spicy flavor. Just like my parents, my masterpiece is a perfect match of Dona Maria's goodness and my Bicol Express' sauciness. My dish was a winner... loved by my parents. Thanks Dona Maria Premium Rice for making this possible. #donamariarice #levelupyourrice #premiumqualityrice @donamariarice
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TOP 3 IG USER NAME @AiramBeatrice

And because there are just so much mouth-watering entries, here are the 9 Minor Prize Winners who will win:

Php 5,000 cash

Doña Maria Rice


Minor Prize: IG Username ross.ann_mamabear

⬆😉 Adobo fried rice with string beans (sitaw). I prefer my Adobo to taste sweet, accompanied by boiled quail eggs. I also sprinkled some toasted garlic, for added flavor. My children loves my Adobo so much, especially when matched with Doña Maria's Jasponica rice. They always ask for extra rice! 🍚🍚🍚 ⬆😏Let me summarize and describe how @donamariarice's JASPONICA improved our meal! 😍 J - asmine rice and Japanese rice's admirable quality perfectly incorporated in Doña Maria's Jasponica to own palatable A - roma that we surely can't resist & S -crumptious, rich flavor that is ought to P - lease and satisfy our taste buds because of its O - verwhelming soft texture & the delighting N - atural fluffiness of each grain that's actually I - nfused with nutrients to energize our bodies and make us healthy which undeniably C - aptivates our hearts with every bite and never fails to boost our A - ppetite thus, providing our family the BEST and HEAVENLY dining experience. 😊 #DonaMariaRice #PremiumQualityRice #LevelUpYourRice
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IG Username mikkoj15

As a "Tito of Manila", I find it hard to make my dishes interesting to eat for my pamangkin and inaanak. I've tried everthing, made the sunny side up egg look like a smiling sun, sketched funny faces using catsup, so on and so forth but they didn't notice the food as well. My friend advised me to buy Dona Maria Rice to help me with this problem and because of that word-of-mouth from my friends and co-titos, I bought one bag. While cooking the rice, I've noticed that kids began to ask what I was about to cook. It has some sort of magic- perhaps it is the smell, the texture,or the taste which made the kids very happy and attended. And since I was quite glad with the outcome, I created my own rice meal for them, "Thick-slices of Bacon with green peas, corn and hotdog". The result was--that one bag of Dona Maria Rice made a huge difference! And I will definitely buy more! :) @donamariarice #premiumqualityrice #donamariarice #levelupyourrice
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IG username @shinefarinas


IG Username: Dang _22b
Being a long-time user of Dona Maria Premium Rice, i was excited to join this contest. No doubt about it, the prize was truly encouraging. But honestly I also wanted to take this opportunity to showcase the wonderful characteristics of Dona Maria Premium Rice and in a way inspire other moms who also want only the best for their family to try it. Also, in this way, I thought I could show gratitude to this rice brand that has fed and satisfied my family for many years. Then, I began thinking what dish to prepare...should i ask my mom and lola to teach me their heirloom recipes, should i ask my chef friends to trade in some secret rice recipes or should i start googling for inspiration. But then my lola's words of wisdom kept ringing in my head. I remember her telling me one summer in the province when she asked me to cook rice... "Apo, pag ikaw ay nagkapamilya na, nasa iyo ang responsibilidad na siguruhing masarap ang nakahain sa hapagkainan. At dahil pangunahing pagkain natin ang kanin, dapat lang na kanin pa lang ay masarap na. Kahit gaano ka-payak ang ulam basta masarap ang kanin, siguradong gaganahang kumain ang iyong pamilya. Pero kapag matigas o malata ang kanin, kahit espesyal na putahe, di sila kayang busugin." True enough ever since I've been serving my family Dona Maria premium rice, their appetite ,satisfaction and appreciation is always guaranteed -- even with the simplest and less expensive dishes. They love its aroma (my husband says "Amoy pa lang busog ka na") and right texture - not too sticky or not too dry. It goes perfectly well with our "ensaladang itlog na pula kamatis at pipino". People always say that any dish will taste good if you cook it with love. Perhaps all the more if the rice you serve was also cultivated, harvested and processed with love to ensure that it is clean and has the best quality. And that is why I am truly thankful and loyal to Dona Maria Premium rice...because it has not only helped me serve my family great-tasting meals. More importantly, it allowed me to show them how much i value my family and how much i love them. #donamariarice #levelupyourrice #premiumqualityrice @donamariarice
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IG Username @theblessedmom

Morning is the start up of the day. Morning become special everytime I serve my family's favorite rice. PRESENTING THE "MIPONICA VEGGIE DISH RICE". Being a mom, I know and I prepare what is the best and healthy for my family. ❤️ 🍚[D] Dona Maria Rice 🍚[O] Offers 🍚[N] Non-stop and 🍚[A] Absolutely 🍚[M] Memorable 🍚[A] Afternoon, Morning and Night Dining Experience, it will gives 🍚[R] Rejuvenation , re-energize and healthy to every 🍚 [I] Individuals 🍚[A] After eating the NO. 1 🍚[R] Rice in the world 🍚[I] It can make every meal, delicacy and specialty LEVEL UP, the finest 🍚[C] CHEF's NO. 1 TOP SECRET, finally revealed. Now, 🍚 [E] Enjoy the high quality premium white and brown rice, Jasponica, Miponica, Jasponica Plus and Willy farms 🍚🍛 I love it! We love it! ❤️ Proud mama ❤️ Tagging the no. 1: @donamariarice Levelup hashtags: #DonaMariaRice #PremiumQualityRice #LevelUpYourRice ❤️❤️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🍛🍚🍙❤️❤️ Join here too: @aringking @argeeeeea @carbonelana ☺️❤️ Hello @aldenrichards02 😍😍
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IG username @carinamariecastle

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IG username @liamlen


IG username @bearyliciouz

[5th entry] Pork and beans fried rice! 😀 Dagdagan ng pampalasa gaya ng bawang, sibuyas, asin at paminta at pwede ring samahan ng baguio beans, scallions, sesame seeds at maghiwa ng sariwang kamatis. Marami talagang pwedeng gawin sa @donamariarice kagaya nito na madali lang para sa isang college student na tulad ko. 😉 Mas exciting kainin para sa 'kin itong ready-to-eat na pork and beans dahil kahalo naman ang masarap na kanin ng @donamariarice. 😊 . Isang Tula na Aking Alay Para sa BAEgas ng Aming BUHAY! ⚫◽⚫◽⚫◽⚫◽⚫◽⚫◽⚫ . Noong una kong nakilala ang Doña Maria Bahagya akong nagtaka sa taglay na halaga Ngunit nang malasap ko ang pambihira nitong lasa Agad kong napagtanto, ah, kaya naman pala. . Sa amoy pa lamang nitong Jasponica Walang kagatol-gatol na ako'y nahalina Ang bango ay sadyang nakakatakam Siguradong kay sarap ihain, SIMPLE man o MAGARBO ang ulam. . Mababakas ang ganda ng bawat butil na kay puti Tunay na kapuri-puri kung ihahambing sa bigas namin dati Sa bawat subo'y mayroong pananabik Para bang isang tahanang patuloy kang bumabalik. . Kapag naluto na ay iyong mapupuna Na ang kanin ay husto sa pag-alsa Habang nginunguya ang mga butil nitong matataba Talagang mabubusog ang iyong sikmura. . Kaya naman masasabi kong ako'y tunay na nagagalak Doña Maria para sa akin ang KAMPEON, kumbaga sa patimpalak Sa bawat almusal, tanghalian, at hapunan ang aming pamilya'y GINAGANAHAN Na damihan at ubusin mga pagkain, pati na rin sa MASAYANG KWENTUHA'T TAWANAN! 💞🙌😁 . Salamat sa kahanga-hangang Doña Maria Jasponica! MAS sumarap ang aming pagkain dahil kasalo ang @donamariarice! #LevelUpYourRice #PremiumQualityRice #DonaMariaRice
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Dona Maria was so overwhelmed with response, so they created a special award for this heart-warming post:


IG username @cookieandrei

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Thank you everyone for joining the #DonaMariaRice #LevelUpYourRice contest! Congratulations to all the winners! All very well-deserved!

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