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      Murray and D'Vine was one of the restaurants that I had targeted to visit during the early days of my blogging. I distinctly remember taking advantage of a promo from a group buying site, just so Rina and I could try it ("El Cheapskate".. That is I)! 

     Years later, I went back with my friends from KTG to see what was new with them, now that they were under the Bistro Group Banner. And we discovered that they maintained the old favorites, but added a bit of new stuff as well!

      Something that you need to take into consideration when dining at Murray and D'Vine is that it isn't the most spacious restaurant in Serendra. However that doesn't seem to turn off its loyal customers that seem to enjoy staying at the Al Fresco area to get a great view of the people walking around. Which is good because my mentality is, we're in the Philippines, so I'm an aircon-kind-of-guy, but it's nice to see you have a choice. The old school bar look gives off a cozy charm that really connects to the customers of Murray and D'Vine. 

      Although they're known more as a drinking hub, Murray and D'Vine also knows what kind of food goes well with their drinks.. like the classic Bar Chow,  Nachos with Beef and Cheese (P225). The gorgeously toasted Nacho Chips were bathed in a creamy drizzling of cheese sauce, speckled with flavorful bits of Ground beef.. Although I had to avoid the Jalapeno slices, this was absolutely delicious! 

         I was surprised with how much I enjoyed the Spinach and Cream Cheese Dip (P175). As delicious as the dip was, the deep fried toasted chips were incredible, and could go with ANYTHING.  

       Of course when talking about Bar Chow, you got to have Fried Mozarella (P195), right? The stick let out a gentle crack when you bite into it, revealing the stunning melted mozarella within, which went well with the marinara sauce.  

       I don't eat squid.. With the sole exception of Calamares. And Murray and D'Vine's Fried Calamares (P265) is one of those dishes that is so deliciously addictive, you lose count of how many you've popped into your mouth.

         French Fries is my ultimate comfort food, and the Sour Cream Curly Fries (P125) made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Other flavors are also available, such as Cheese and BBQ. 

          There was a phenomenal zing of flavor on the the Chicken BBQ Flatbread (P265) that made it a definite must try!

        Despite there not being a single ounce of meat on it, one of my favorite dishes of the day turned out to be the Spinach and Onion Flatbread. The blend of the onions that seemed to be sauteed in balsamic vinegar, and the spinach laid on a unbelievably thin piece of flat bread was enough to make you forget the absence of meat.. Even if it was just for a split second. 


        One of the more popular items on the menu is the meaty, and lusciously smoky Baby Back Ribs (Half Slab P495/Full Slab P795)

       If you're not sure what to get between Murray and D'Vine's Ribs. Chicken or Burgers, then you can opt for the Perfect Sampler (P695), which has a little bit of everything! You get a small slab of Baby Back Ribs to go with a couple of Buffalo wings and a Beef Slider!   


         Don't let the Beef Burger Sliders (P375) deceive you. It looks small, but with those pure beef patties are really filling! 

         If you're looking for a no frills burger, then you should try Murray and D'Vine's Cheese and Bacon Burger (P445), which is neatly tucked in between an adorable heart shaped bun, with the classic condiments of tomatoes and onions. 

      The crown jewel on Murray and D'Vine's menu has to be the Juicy Lucy (P425). Upon first glance, it looks like a regular Beef Burger, albeit with beautiful criss crossed char marks tattooed across the patty.

          But a closer inspection of the burger revealed that.. What seemed like a delicious, meaty patty had more to it than meats the eye. In actuality, the burger was stuffed with Swiss Cheese and Sauteed Onions, ensuring every bite you take of even more flavor than you bargained for!  

     Murray and D'Vine is a place that has a great combination of delicious food and a nice selection of drinks, making it a great place for barkadas who has member that aren't too much into alcohol, but enjoys pigging out! (Umm.. speaking from experience?) 

Bonifacio Global City

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