Thursday, June 6, 2013


Everyone has a kid inside them. And there’s always that something that brings it out no matter what. In my case, there are two things... theme parks and ICE CREAM!!! At any buffet, I am always drawn to the ice cream of the dessert station even if there are a lot of other unique pastries up for grabs. Ice cream really comforts me even if I don’t need to be comforted hehehe.

That’s why I was like a kid again when we received two boxes of KIMY Playstix Pack from Nestle! It was a long time since I had some KIMY and it was such a treat to be eating this again especially during the summer.

What I like about KIMY is how innovative they are in making the flavours fun and unique. They’ve got the Swirl is a pretty looking strawberry flavoured ice cream with swirling pink and yellow colors. They have the Lava which is a Chocolate and Strawberry Ice Cream with Chocolate filling. They also have the Krazy Banana which has a jelly coating so that when you eat it it’s like peeling a real banana to reveal the banana ice cream inside. Pretty cool! And a lot more. With these attractive ice cream, you’d think they used a lot of food coloring but you’d be wrong. They are 100% free from artificial coloring and only has the recommended amount of sugar. Smart!

It was the first time I saw these Playstix and I have to say kudos to them for thinking of a fun way for us consumers to reuse ice cream sticks and at the same time exercise a child’s creativity to build anything beyond their imagination!

One box of KIMY Playstix Pack includes 2 KIMY Swirl, 3 KIMY Lava, and 10 more pieces of KIMY Playstix!

It also came with this already-built Playstix which I think looks like the cotton weaver from Hay Day (Yeah, I might be playing too much Hay Day)

 I immediately let Rain play with her new toy but of course at 1 year and 8 months, all she wanted to do was either chew on the stix, or hold and throw the pre-made one hehehe.

 And then I tried to make a square, and she took it from me and wore it as a crown hehe. So it was up to me to attempt to make something out of these colorful sticks for Rain!

So here are Mommy Rina’s simple masterpieces! Hehehe

Orange popsicle hehehe

A raft with a small sail out at sea :-)

A Peacock

Can’t wait to make more! Thanks Nestle!

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