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nanbantei of tokyo the fort

       Nanbantei of Tokyo is not your usual Japanese restaurant because it specializes in Yakitori. Apparently, in Japan, employees / businessmen often visited Yakitori-ya places (yakitori stands or restaurants) to relax and de-stress after a long day of work. And Nanbantei of Tokyo had been one of those famous Yakitor-ya in Japan. It has been in Bonifacio High Street and Greenbelt for quite sometime now, and I almost feel ashamed to admit that I haven't been there yet. 

         So, while Richie was off at the land of the free, I was told that they were unveiling some new unique Yakitori's and cocktail drinks.. I thought it was the perfect time to finally pay Nanbantei of Tokyo a visit! 

nanbantei of tokyo the fort

         The Nanbantei in Roponggi was doing so well it boomed into what is now an international chain. Nanbantei now has branches in Shanghai, and Singapore.

nanbantei the fort

       The Interiors are quite simple but still has its own charm. I especially liked they way they used the wooden furniture.

skewer grill

     With its open kitchen, you are given a peek their huge skewer grill in the center. 

veggie sticks appetizer

        While waiting for the others, we started munching on these vegetable sticks with vegetable sauce. This is probably one of the few veggie nibblers I really like.  Anyway, the vegetable sauce of Nanbantei is sooo good it tasted almost like shrimp paste. I think I could dip anything with this sauce and I'd be happy! My mouth is drooling as I type. It's complimentary per table. (Even better!)

shiitake mushroom salad

        The Shiitake Mushroom Salad (P180) is one of Nanbantei's specialties. It's actually a very simple salad but with fresh shiitake mushrooms which I've never had in a salad before. But the most outstanding thing I like about this salad is the sesame dressing. It really added a unique flavor to it!

miso shiru

        This Miso Shiru Soup (P85) is perfect for the rainy day. I like miso soups and this one was good. You can also immediately see how generous the seaweed serving is. Very healthy and delicious at the same time. 

Unique Yakitoris

        Now moving forward to Nanbantei's unique Yakitoris. I've never seen these types of yakitori before. Unique indeed!

poteto maki

        It seemed like the chef or the R&D guys had Richie in mind when they made this Poteto Maki (P100)! It's potato wrapped with bacon. Yum! A match made in heaven!

aspara maki

        Want a balanced yakitori? Aspara Maki (P100) is asparagus wrapped with pork. It's got veggies, and it's got pork! Balanced! Hehehe

gyu tan

Like lengua? Get the NEW Gyu-Tan (ox tongue) 

shrimp with bacon

        The NEW Shrimp with Bacon has got to be my favorite. So did everyone else. Shrimp is very tasty and juicy. And it's wrapped in bacon. So of course it's good! Surf n' turf on a stick!


        My friend  who's a chicken wings lover, really loved the Tebasaki (P120) or otherwise known as chicken wings. Simply grilled yet very tasty!


 The Negima (P110) is a combination of tasty leeks and chicken meat

pork yakiniku

         And if you're strictly "Pork only please!", Try the Pork Yakiniku (P110). Thin slices of pork belly with delicious Yakiniku sauce.

ebi tempura

        Their Ebi Tempura (P350) proves that size does not matter. Some other tempura look big but once you bite into it, they're actually mostly breading. This one has just the right breading to shrimp ratio. And very good taste too!

grilled rice, yaki onigiri

        Extra rice? Try this unique Yaki Onigiri (P85 per piece). It's grilled rice balls. They're made of yummy sticky white rice formed into a sort of triangular shape (not really balls) and then grilled to form a crispy grilled sear. An interesting change to the simple plain rice. Next time we go back here, I'm having this again. 

shiitake rice

        I was also able to try the Shiitake Rice (P30). A bowl of white rice drizzled with some sort of sweet Japanese sauce, and then topped with shiitake mushrooms and nori. If you like sweet then you will like this. Very tasty!  

tori karaage

        The Tori Karaage (P200) is crunchy breaded chicken goodness! The first piece I tried I think turned out to be chicken skin. It was so crispy, almost like fried pork rind (chicharon). I fell in love! Dip it in the ponzu sauce for a mix of salty and vinegar-y taste in your mouth!

New Japanese Drinks

         My girl friends and I have been planning a simple night out to catch up and have a few ladies drink. But since I already have low tolerance for alcohol, I don't like strong drinks. Which is why these new Japanese drinks of Nanbantei fit the bill for me.

japanese mojito

        I ordered the Japanese Mojito (P175) but half off on Wednesdays!). A very refreshing mojito drink! Slightly sweet!

fresh rita

My friend had the Fresh Rita (P150 but P75 on Wednesday Nights) and she says it's also not strong. 

ladies night nanbantei

They also have Gin Basil (P125), Hibiscus Mojito (P150), and Malibu Midori (P125). All of which are 50% off on Ladies Night Wednesdays!

green tea ice cream

        Here's Nanbantei's Green Tea Ice Cream (P100) one of the best. Because it doesn't have just a hint of green tea. The green tea flavor is quite strong but still sweet. You can kind of taste the bitterness at the back of your tongue. 

coffee jelly

        Almost all of them that night has been telling me that I have to try their Coffee Jelly (P120). I was already so full but I tried it anyway, and I'm glad I did. The mild bitterness of the coffee jelly cuts though the sweetness of the vanilla ice cream. Good!

I might be going back here soon with my high school girl friends. Watch out, Nanbantei! Haha!

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