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banzai moa


        Welcome to a world of authentic Japanese buffet! If you like Japanese cuisine as much as I do and if you're around the Mall of Asia area, then you'd definitely want to try dining here with your family. It's this huge buffet restaurant located at SM Mall of Asia By The Bay with a seating capacity of 500. It is the biggest Japanese buffet in the Philippines. And it's called Banzai, The Great Teppanyaki Theater!

banzai japanese chefs
Photo supplied by Banzai

        But keep in mind that this is not your run of the mill Japanese buffet. Banzai is headed by three amazing Japanese Chefs that are experts especially in Teppaniyaki, Sushi, and Ramen.

        Chef Hiroshi Ishikawa heads the Teppanyaki section. He has worked in Japan for over 20 years and then moved here to the Philippines.

        Chef Norimasa Masuda is in charge of Banzai's sushi counter. He has been a sushi chef for 12 years here in the Philippines.

       And for the ramen station, Chef Kiminori Iwabuchi is the man! He's had 19 years of experience in the food business both here and in Japan.

banzai reception

Friendly receptionists greet you as soon as you step in

banzai interiors

        The interiors of course are designed to make you feel like you're in Japan. The lighting is quite dim to highlight these wonderful Japanese lanterns.

banzai buffet moa

        The numerous stations are conveniently situated at the center of the dining area, and along the side, making you feel like there is food everywhere you turn!

        To give you an idea on how big this is, Banazai has 4 dining areas which are the Dotonbori area, Castle area, Old Japan Area, Sumo arena, and Nautilus area. So there are definitely a lot of tables to accommodate 500 people. It's ideal for family get-togethers, but also good for romantic dates as well.

        According to the Banzai map, there are 7 buffet stations. But I think by the time we went, there were more.

banzai tepanyaki station

        The Teppanyaki Station was the one that I kept coming back to not just because of the fun utensil flipping stunts the chef was doing but because of the Pork Teppanyaki which tasted like bacon! Yum!

assorted tepanyaki

Here's an assorted plate of their meat teppanyaki.

seafood tepanyaki

And here's one with all their seafood teppanyaki.

roasted pork belly

        A carving station with a delicious looking roasted pork belly. (Naturally, Richie went straight for this one).

Sushi, Sashimi, and Roll Station

        Here's the Sushi, Sashimi, and Roll Station where you can try different varieties of delicious sushi.

Banzai roll

        Such as their signature Banzai Roll. A roll of crispy sushi with tuna inside, and topped with a good squeeze of Japanese mayo.

dynamite roll

        Another one of their specials is the Dynamite Roll, if you want something spicy. Their special rolls remind me of Sumo Sam (Banzai is actually co-owned by Marvin Agustin with Co-Owner and Managing Partner Ricky Laudico

banzai sashimi

Here's an assorted plate of their sashimi.

assorted sashimi

        And another garden-like plate of rolls and sashimi plated by the chef for our table.

japanese pizza

Want Japanese pizza? Just head on over to the Pizza Station.


        If you're a fan of Takoyaki and Kaniyaki, they have a station for that too! I've always been fond of watching the takoyaki balls being cooked. 


        You can have them drizzle it with mayo, their sweet special sauce, and then dusted with a generous serving of bonito flakes. 

ramen station

        Craving for some hearty soup? No worries! They have a Gohan, Noodles, and Ramen Station. 

buta ramen

        One of their specialties is the Buta Ramen, which are available in 2 broths: shoyu or miso. I'm a Miso lover!

tan tan ramen

For spicy lovers, there's this colorful Tan Tan Ramen. 

Tempura and Tonkatsu Station

        Of course it wouldn't be a Japanese buffet without the Tempura and Tonkatsu Station


Banzai's Tonkatsu


Their tempura is quite good too!

roast station

There's also a Roast station

pasta station

They also have a Pasta Station


And of course there's lots of Yakitori selections to try as well!


        Have you ever tried a Japanese pancake? They're called Okonomiyaki. It's a Japanese pancake dressed up with bacon (or squid) and bonito flakes, then drizzled with sauce.

banzai dessert station

        Their Dessert Station displays a good selection of small pastries that makes it hard to choose, plus ice cream, and halo-halo...

snow cones

        But aside from pastries, ice cream, and halo halo, Banzai also serves snow cones! I had fun mixing the flavored syrup to make rainbow colors!

drink station

        The Drinks Station not only serves soda and juices, they also serve Iced Milo! A popular choice for the kids!

coffee station

Beside the drink is table is the coffee area. A popular choice for moms hehe.

        They also have a Salad Station but as you can imagine, the Pickiest Eater didn't really care much about it hehe. Hence, no photo!

sumo wrestler costume

        What makes Banzai extra special? The answer would be the BANZAI Trick Art Gallery! Sumo Wrestler / Samurai costumers are available for use at the Sumo Arena area. 

samurai wigs

        Costumes include cool wigs! Here's Pickiest Eater and Tales from the Tummy sporting their new do's!

sumo wrestler

        Once you're all suited up, head to the fun murals and have fun taking photos! A great and fun do-it-yourself souvenir you can post on your social networks haha! (Watch out, Richie!!!)

wrestler thong

Let me see that thoooooong! Baby! That thong tho-thong thong thooong!  ~Thong Song
Yep, we just had to! Haha!

banzai moa


P699 for Monday to Friday lunch
P899 for Monday to Friday dinner
P1,088 for Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. 

P499 - below 4.5 feet
FREE - below 3.5 feet

Rates are inclusive of service charge.  

Oh by the way... very important: NO LEFT OVERS!  Left over price is P1,288!

Birthday Celebrants:
        Banzai Week-long Birthday Blast where they may eat free for one week, with three full paying adults. 

      If you can't get enough of Japanese cuisine, then definitely try Banzai Japanese Buffet! Follow them on Facebook because they usually have lots of promotions going on!

Banzai is located at:
Bldg J, SM MOA by the Bay, Pasay City
Contact number for inquiries and reservations: 0916-3775357; 0999-4713597; (02)552-7368

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