Wednesday, June 11, 2014


        Need a posh place to propose? I think Caviar would be the perfect place! Very elegant (though not in a don't-breathe-you-might-break-something kind of atmosphere), elegant table settings with wine glasses and the like. Not to mention the glass wine cellar filled with a variety of good wines that will greet you as you come in. Caviar Restaurant in Alabang is the place to go to in the south if you want to dine in an intimate setting away from the busy life in the Metro. 

        Oh, and have you seen the fireplace? I have got to get me one of these at home! (It's free to dream, right? It's also free to dream that the Philippines has cold weather for us to actually need a fireplace haha!)

Beautiful collection of wine

        Caviar Restaurant prepared a special brunch for the bloggers a few weeks back. We started with their Homemade Bread service with different types of bread. I liked the phyllo flatbread the most. It's fun to nibble these flatbreads while waiting for your meal.

        Next, we had the Granola in Martini  with Greek yogurt and oats, and served with fresh seasonal fruits. Sorry though no fruits in the picture. Rain already finished the fruits before I could take a photo. She's such a fruit lover hehe.

        The yogurt was very tangy and so the fresh fruits would have balanced that out. Everyone was raving about it.

        Next was a huge platter of Charcuterie and Vegetable Sticks with Cheese Dip. It had prosciutto, smoked Salmon, and Breosola. I really really enjoyed this one. I think I could eat one whole plate. I love dipping the vegetable sticks in the cheese dip. I really balances out the naturally saltiness of the Charcuterie items on the plate.

        Next was this colorful Caviar House Salad which had smoked tomatoes, Italian sausage, poached egg with hollandaise sauce, and a strip of double smoke bacon. The bacon was outstanding. Very tasty and crunchy, just the way I like it!

Ooooh look at that sexy poached egg!

And for dessert, bread pudding, Dutch Crepe with Cherry Sauce

(L-R) Bastiaan van der Walle and Frank van der Walle

        Caviar Restaurant is the result of the brilliant collaboration of two brothers. Frank van der Walle is the Executive Chef and Consultant, while his brother Bastiaan van der Walle is Caviar's Sommelier & General Manager. Together with their team of kitchen staff and waiters, they continue to serve delectable appetizers, entrees, and excellent wine for that unforgettable dining experience.

Thank you to the Van Der Walle brothers for hosting this Sunday brunch!
(Close na kami)

Caviar Restaurant and Champagne Bar is located at:
Unit A-206, Westgate Centre,
Alabang, Muntinlupa
Tel. No.:  552 7930 / 0917 868 3080
Follow them on Facebook!: caviarrestaurantmanila



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