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nuat thai

        Richie is a sucker for massages. Every time we come home from wherever, somehow he always says "I think I'll get a massage". We may have tried all the home-service massage service near our area. He often complains that he can't find a masseuse that can get the right pressure that he looks for in a massage. 

         Just recently, a trip to Nuat Thai in Banawe changed all that.  I'd like to share with you our very first Nuat Thai experience!

nuat thai

        The Nuat Thai Banawe Branch staff are very friendly and welcomes each customer with a winning smile! Hehehe

massage place

        This is the hall to the quarters. I used my camera flash here but it's actually very dim, with a very soft zen music playing in the background to complete the mood.

foot massage

        You will be led to this little room at the end of the hallway. A classy way to wash your feet, and sip some tea while waiting for your cubicle to be prepared.

foot reflex

        And then we were lead to a section behind some bead curtains with a row of comfortable seats. It was so dim that it took a bit of time for my eyes to adjust to the dim light. (I again used my bounce flash in the photo).This is where we were treated to our Foot Reflex aka a Foot Spa.

     It's been ages since I got a foot massage so you can only imagine how pleasurable this was for me. hehe. And I guess you could say the same for Richie because just minutes after we started, there was snoring in the dark coming from his lazy boy seat. 

massage place

        Then we proceeded to our couple's quarters. The quarters are a bit cramped with curtain dividers. But come to think of it, one doesn't really need that much space when getting a massage because all you'll do is lay on the massage table. 

massage place

        I took a peek on the other side of the hall and noticed that some of the beds were on the floor giving it a more zen feel. I wouldn't have mind staying in this quarter. I love laying on a cushion on the ground! Feels more cozy! 

        As soon as I finished taking photos, there it was again... that snoring sound. And it was again coming from Richie's massage table. And we hadn't even started yet! 

        Talk about total relaxation! 

herbal compress

        We had the Aromatherapy Massage with Thai Herbal Compress. And I really liked it! In fact,  I could use one right now. For an hour and a half, we were treated to a relaxing aromatherapy massage from head to toe. They have a selection of aromas to choose from, such as Eucalyptus and Green Tea, but Richie and I both chose lavender. (Although he said mas bagay daw sa kanya, "Mang Tomas")

    I've always wanted to try those hot stones, but I think this is better because of the aroma. It really does the trick in relaxing your muscles and soothing your senses.


     To cap off our massage. we were given some soothing tea. That really hit the spot! Thank you so much Nuat Thai Banawe Branch for our relaxing TREATment!

      I noticed a lot of Nuat Thai popping up everywhere and I'd say this is fine. With their great service, I guess you can never have too much of a good thing! ;-)

2nd Floor 238 Center 
238 Banawe St.
Check out the long list of Nuat Thai branches here.

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