Thursday, November 12, 2015

VILLAGE TAVERN: A WHOLE NEW WORLD OF BURGERS (Dont you dare close your eyes)

         Since it opened three years ago, Village Tavern has been one of my go-to restaurants for awesome food. Whether it be a burger or a steak, I'm always assured that I'm in for an impeccable meal. I've always found The Bistro Group's Executive Chef Josh Boutwood one of the most brilliant culinary minds in the country today, so I'm always excited when he whips up new dishes. So as expected, I nearly creamed my shorts when I found out he came out with some new gastronomic creations for the "World Of Burgers" line of Village Tavern!

This was indeed A Whole New World of Burgers That Would Make Aladdin Proud (and fat).

       The last time Chef Josh did a Burger series for Village Tavern was sometime last year. Don't tell Rina, but I still have dirty dreams about that Reuben Burger he created. This time, he used influences from around the world to create a diverse selection of burgers for every palate!

      Every burger has two constants, the toasted burger bun, and the Wagyu Patty, which are both excellent. Your server will inform you that the default cook on your burger is medium well, so if you have a preference in temperature (I prefer mine Medium), let them know and they'll happily adjust. 

            Let me start with my least favorite among the burgers, which was the Monte Carlo (P695).  I love the idea of topping the burger off with Prosciutto and red onion slices for an added zing, I was intrigued by the choice of St. Nectaire Cheese, especially since it was the first time I had heard of it, but discovered that its complex flavor profile worked wonderfully on the meat. Perhaps the only thing that I didn't enjoy was the olive tapenade, as I am usually averse to the taste of olives on anything.  

          If this batch of Burgers were The Spice Girls, The Waldorf (P625) would be Posh Spice (Am I showing my age?). It's elegant and classy, with a Waldorf Salad delicately perched on top of the St. Nectaire cheese blanketed Wagyu Beef patty. I'm surprisingly ok with Waldorf salad, since its a more a mixture of minced apples, celery and walnuts, dressed in a lusciously creamy mayonnaise than actual greens.   

           The Mexican (P650) should technically be one notch lower on my list because I'm hyper acidic. But credit where credit is due, the flavor of this burger packed a punch so hard, Floyd Mayweather wanted to hug it. The blend of the Quezo Sauce and the Chili that topped the burger was amazing.

          The easy favorite for me was the Octoberfest Burger (P675). The Wagyu Patty is covered in a sheet of Swiss cheese, that virtually melds itself on to the meat. Onions are one of the few vegetables I enjoy (Wait.. it IS a vegetable, right?) and the Braised Red Onions piled on top of the patty was phenomenal, adding an uncanny dimension of flavor to an already tasty burger. The pairing of the burger with Chef Josh's Beer Mustard on the side was a stroke of genius, as the tanginess of the mustard was a great compliment to the overall profile of the burger.

Much thanks to our gracious hosts, Charisse and Alby, who in true Bistro Group fashion, made sure we were well taken care of, while as we stuffed our faces with Burgers! 

Congratulations Chef Josh and the entire crew of Village Tavern for yet another excellent line of Burgers for us to choose from! 

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