Saturday, July 16, 2016


           I've discovered a new easy to prepare dish that is perfect for when we have surprise guests over or, when Rina and I are plain and simply, lazy to cook hehe.. Saikoro Steak! 

        Coming from a country where in the words "Wagyu" and "Kobe" are synonymous with steak excellence, Saikoro Steak has managed to carve it's own name for itself as a more afforadable alternative, whose standards of quality is still above those out in the market today. To let you in on a little secret, Saikoro Steak is already being used in some of the top Japanese restaurants in the country!

     The steak is already cubed for added convenience, and the gorgeous marbling of the meat is enough to catch the eyes of steak lovers out there. 

     Though you may cook it however you please, the good people at Saikoro Steak suggests marinading it in their Ebara Yakiniku sauce, which you may purchase from them as well, for only P180 per bottle. 

         Rina wanted to try it with a simple marinade of Salt, Pepper, and Rosemary, and cooked in Olive Oil, thinking that a simpler flavor would help us appreciate the natural flavor of the beef more. And she was right!

         Within a few minutes of pan frying, the steak was done, and I worked my magic. It was absolutely delicious. It may not be Wagyu, however the tenderness of the meat, was nothing short of stunning, and the flavor of the beef was phenomenal. 

        Of course the Saikoro Steak was best paired with a cup (or two) of steaming white rice. 

       We had enough steak leftover to do another batch with the Yakiniku Sauce, and I can attest that it was also amazing! I just poured the sauce on to the meat after it thawed, and after roughly around twenty minutes, it was ready for grilling! 

   Even my usually Picky little Rainbow loved it! Definitely something worth trying!

More information on Saikoro Steak:

P1,400 1kilo/pack approx 80-85pcs 

Bulk Orders:

1kg min 10kg at 1,300/pack
1k min 20kg at 1,200/pack

Yakiniku sauce 

P180 per bottle 330ml
Bulk orders at P150 per bottle

For Pick Up:
  • Fort Palm Spring condo, 30st cor 1st Street., BGC (Kervin 09178772683)
  • 14th Street, New Manila., Quezon City (Adrian 09228985544)
After a bank deposit, Saikoro Steak can deliver via Grab Express, with the Grab Express fee charged to the buyer. 


  1. It tasted good at first but with the succeeding bites, it felt like eating spam. The consistency felt like processed meat. Is it supposed to be like that?

    1. Hmm.. I do get what you mean, but it didn't bother me so much.. I was too busy stuffing my face to notice haha

      It doesn't exactly have the "pull" of beef, with every bite you take



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