Friday, July 1, 2016


        With the rainy season coming up, you can expect your Ramen cravings to attack you at full force. One of my go to places for awesome Ramen is of course, the world famous Ippudo. I'm no stranger to this place, having been there during the opening of their first branch at SM Fashion hall, and have returned numerous time since, especially when they have new dishes, and I most certainly was not going to miss out on a new Ramen that they claimed was "Boldly Meaty".. The Hakata Style Nikusoba!

    Ippudo recently opened their newest branch at the ground floor of Bonifacio Uptown Mall, just a few steps from the fountain area. Anyone who has ever tried to find parking in Mega Mall knows that this is awesome news. The new digs feels more spacious when compared to the Mega Mall counterpart, leaving me to prefer this branch more from now on. 


           As I showed in a previous post, Ippudo's Ramen, as filling as it is, is best enjoyed with side dishes in which they dubbed as "Ramen Sidekicks". Not only does Ippudo look to innovate their Ramen, but their side dishes as well. 

        One of the new Sidekicks is the Gyutan (P380), which is Australian Beef Tongue that is served on a hot plate, that is stewed to an uncanny tenderness, leaving the meat virtually melting in your mouth.      

     Not much a tongue guy (did that sound weird?), I was more enamored with the Wagyu Maki Onigiri (P320).  Pretty much a meal in itself, steaming Japanese rice is wrapped into a delicious slice of Wagyu Beef, then glazed in a lightly sweet Yakiniku sauce.

         What makes this Wagyu Maki Onigiri even more awesome that it's so filling, it's best for sharing, making the price you pay, even more worth it.   


       I'm going to flat out say it. THIS is my favorite Ramen from Ippudo. I know I raved about the Limited edition Akamara Miso Ramen and it's torched Chasu in the past, but if you put them side by side right now, I would Choose the Nikusoba. 

      First off, the creamy Signature Tonkotsu broth is mind blowingly amazing. It has that delicious creaminess that I enjoy in my Ramen.

      Next is the meat. As delicious as Torched Chasu is, the thinly sliced strips of Pork Belly screamed "BACON!!" at me, making it an instant winner in my book. 

            And though I did prefer the thicker, wavy noodles, the thin noodles of the Nikusoba were so perfectly cooked, that couldn't resist just jamming one chopsticks-full of noodles and meat after another.

       Oh, Don't forget to add the masterfully executed Onsen Tamago (Add P40) to your Ramen, for another level of creamy richness. When you mix everything together, I promise you, it's going to be a masterpiece in your mouth. 

      On more than one occasion, I've heard my beautiful wife tell me, "Ang sarap i-kanin 'to!" (It would be nice to eat this with rice), when discussing her Ramen. her logic being the broth ("Sabaw") would mix well with Rice, and the Chasu the perfect "Ulam" (Meal). I guess Rina wasn't the only one that felt that way, because you can now order extra Egg and Rice (Add P50) with your Nikusoba Ramen! 

         It's always a pleasuring dining with the awesome Denise of SHG, who was more than happy to show off her new "baby", the sparkling new Ippudo at BGC Uptown Mall.  

        It was good vibes all around when the KTG visited Ippudo! Thank you Denise and Niel for taking such great care of us as usual! I'm definitely going back for the Nikusoba!!

Ippudo is now open at the Ground Flr of Bonifacio Uptown Mall!    

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