Thursday, July 21, 2016


       Due to insistent public demand, KFC has brought back its successful Chizza! Never one to be satisfied with their success KFC Philippines has innovated their first version, and created a new one that will blow your taste buds away! 

        Get ready for The New Four Cheese Chizza from KFC!


         In case you're wondering, the four cheeses in question are Romano for a nice touch of saltiness, Parmesan for a bit of fragrance, while Mozzarella brings in a luscious creaminess, that is balanced by the gentle sharpness of Cheddar. 

   The cheeses are generously sprinkled over a KFC Chicken Fillet, which serves as its savory pizza pie crust. 

       First, let me say that the Chicken Fillet had an amazing crunch to it.. And this was despite the fact that it was delivered to my home. I can only imagine how much more delicious this juicy chicken fillet would be had I enjoyed it at the store. 

          You can see the mouth-watering melding of the cheeses that coat the top of the fillet, with every component of the individual cheese, working in harmony with one another, creating a delicious, cheesy bite.  I know this is meant to be eaten as a "pizza", but I would totally eat this with gravy and rice as well!!!! 

Rain and I couldn't get enough of the Four Cheese Chizza! 
(Please forgive my hair.. I just came from my afternoon nap umm.. Jog.)

        KFC's Four Cheese Chizza is available at all KFC outlets nationwide and is reasonably priced at P110 ala carte, and P125 with a drink! 

Oh and take this quiz to figure out what kind of cheese you are!

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  1. You have such a beautiful and adorable daughter! In our family, KFC is one our favorite fast food when it comes to finger licking good chicken, I am not surprise that they came up with new pizza chicken. Will have a taste of this weekend and will write my own review via



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