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      A common problem Rina and I have when dining out is her requirement of there being rice. Sometimes I feel like having a burger, pizza, or even just a sandwich, while she requires something with rice, whether it be in a "Rice Topping" meals or even Sushis and Makis.  

     I recently visited a restaurant that would be the ultimate compromise for me and Rina, allowing us the flexibility to choose from a wide array of mouth watering dishes, without someone feeling lie that got the short end of the stick (Usually me). 

   Rice and Dough is the truly the Carbohydrate heaven that its name implies.        

              Rice and Dough is located at Venice Grand Canal Mall at Taguig, the mall famous for its.. Umm.. Canal. If you're planning on visiting the mall just for the Canal and Gondola ride, I would ask you to think twice, however I will Highly recommend you visit Rice and Dough, as well as a few other restaurants in the area. This is the newest concept of the brilliant minds behind Torch, so you know these people know what they're doing, even if it is something as avant garde as a Sushi and Pizza Bar!  


         If you want something rather light for your appetizers, then it would be best to start with the Parmecorn on the Cob (P138.95). A Grilled Corn on the Cob is shredded and sprinkled with a layer of Parmesan infused with a touch of Cayenne Pepper Cayenne Parmesan, and served with a cheese dip. 

          You wouldn't believe that the Proscuitto Focaccia (P349.95) is actually considered an "Appetizer" by the people at Rice and Dough. It's quite huge, not to mention incredibly filling, but at the same time, so darn hard to resist. Focaccia Dough is sliced right in the middle, and filled Prosciutto, Mozarella and Tomato (Which I removed). 

            The result is a delectable hybrid between sandwich and pizza, with the focaccia so soft and chewy, serving as a great base for the play of flavors between the creaminess of the cheese, and the sharpness of the Proscuitto.


         As delicious as the Focaccia was, make sure you don't miss out on Rice and Dough's actual pizzas, such as the mushroom filled Funghi (P479.95). The Funghi is topped with a medley of Shitake and Button mushrooms, then sprinkled with healthy heapings of Gorgonzola cheese, on a tomato base sauce. Sounds simple enough, but is among Rice and Dough's Best Sellers.

            There are a plethora of pizza choices on Rice and Dough's Menu, so you're bound to find something to your liking. however if you're Picky, you might want to try to Make your own pizza, via their DIY Pizza (P495.95) Menu!

      You start off by selection your sauce (Tomato or Cream), Choose a Cheese, Then two meats and two vegetables, and you're set!


     This might surprise a few of you, but I don't eat Sushi. First off, I don't like the texture and taste of raw fish, and believe me, it's not like I haven't tried it. I did and hated it. Not to mention, I have a strong dislike for the taste of Nori aka Seaweed.

    So I was suprised to find out that I can get on board with Rice and Dough's interpretation of Sushi, starting with their signature dish, The Perfect Catch (P339.95).  The Perfect Cath is comprised of raw Salmon (which I am actually ok with, since I enjoy Smoked Salmon) and Cream Cheese rolled over Panko Crumbs Golden Fried with Bonito flakes and unagi aioli cream. 

    I don't know how else to explain it, but all the components just work together perfectly, it's amazing. 

         Just like the Pizza, there is a DIY Sushi (P495.95) option, and I strongly recommend you try it, because even if you're not a fan of sushi (like me), you'll be able to compose a sushi to your liking. I created "The Carnivore Sushi", filled with Bacon, Angus Beef and Chicken Teriyaki, while The Hefty Foodie created the.. What else? "Hefty Sushi", using Bacon, Ham and Truffle Oil! 

Check out the checklist you fill up to make your DIY Sushi! 


            I'm not into shrimps, but I am a fan of Aglio Olio. And I can safely say that the Chili Shrimp Aglio Olio Spaghettini (P324.95) is outstanding. This is something I could share with Rina, because she can have all the shrimps because I like my Aglio Olio just plain, and it's ample enough for two, especially if you're ordering a pizza or sushi. There's a sprinkling of Chili Flakes on the shrimp that gives the noodles a gentle touch of heat that will tickle your taste buds. 

             There's nothing like seeing a server bring out a smoking hot cast iron skillet to your table, followed by a plate of juicy steak meat. After rubbing the platter with a fat piece of butter and hearing the sizzle, our server placed the steak on the skillet. 

After a couple of flips it was ready..

        Our coup de gras was the Grilled Salt and Pepper Meltique Ribeye Steak (P879.95), was nothing short of phenomenal. The name makes it sounds incredibly simple, but the natural flavors you get in every mouthful is pure. The Beef had an insane tenderness that belied its affordable price. And I loved the rustic presentation!

          There are actually so much more dishes from Rice and Dough that I'm looking forward to trying.. In fact if I could go back tomorrow, I STILL wouldn't know where to begin. You should take note that the prices are quite reasonable, however most of the dishes iare Carbs based, making it very heavy. Delicious, but heavy. 

Rice and Dough
Grnd Flr., Venice Grand Canal
Taguig City

Rice & Dough Menu

Rice & Dough Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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