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Nadai Fujisoba

        Just beside Kumori is a Japanese noodle place called Nadia Fujisoba. It’s a franchise from Japan that is famous for their soba and udon. I have to admit that I was a bit worried first that I would not like it as soon as I saw the term soba which is buckwheat noodles. I remember not liking it the first time I tried soba in Korea. But Nadai Fujisoba completely turned it around for me.

Nadai Fujisoba

        Black and white interiors with Japanese illustrations make you feel like you might really be in Japan!

Nadai Fujisoba

        I was honestly surprised that I enjoyed everything we had. The Yasai Kakiage Ten Tama Soba P300 (left photo), had a delicious broth made creamy by the egg, and then add the crispyness of the vegetable tempura. I didn’t even really notice it was veggies inside.

        Rina really liked the Aka Fuji Udon P260 (top photo). It may look super spicy at first because of the chili powder, but it’s really very tolerable. A good mix of savory broth with a hint of spice, the tasty thin slices of beef, sous vide egg, plus the chewy udon makes this a real treat to have.

        And then there’s the Hiyashi Niku Fuji Soba P260 (bottom photo) which is also rich in that sweet and salty Japanese broth, made creamier with the egg.

Nadai Fujisoba

        Another good item to order from Nadai Fujisoba is their tempura dishes. Big and has a good breading-shrimp ratio. Even with these tempuras soaked in sauce, they remained really crunchy. I didn’t really like the idea of cold noodles because I believe noodles should be served hot. But surprisingly their Ebi Ten Mori Soba P260 (left photo) was really good. The cold soup is served separately in a cup. And when they say cold, it really is cold. Like it had ice or something. The soup has that sweet soy vibe that is reminiscent of Tempura sauce. 

        And then on the right, the Ebi Tendon (P230). You can never go wrong with plump pieces of beautifully fried Tempura on a bowl of steaming, pillow soft Japanese rice.

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