Tuesday, July 17, 2018


            I've always been a huge fan of fan of Lumpia Shanghai, and it seems like my daughter took after me as well! Which is why when I heard about a home based purveyor with a brilliant idea of taking the traditional Lumpia to another level, I was immediately interested. 

           His creations, the Lumpianiza, is not only easy to cook, making it a convenient meal for your family, but they're incredibly delicious as well! With a variety of flavors to choose from, you're definitely going to find a flavor that fits your palate! 

             The Pop's Original Lumpianiza is the brainchild of Rele Hernandez. The idea in itself was so simple yet brilliant.. Why not take the beloved Lumpia and fill it with a different types of Longganizas from different regions? And from there, Rele experimented with other popular flavors, such as Cheeseburger and Beef Taco!

          Even at first glance, you'll notice that the Lumpias are packed with a lot of meat, assuring that you'll get a a savory mouthful with every bite you take, to go with that delicious crunch that we look for in a good Lumpia. 

             I had two personal favorites from the Lumpianizas I tried, with the first being the Cheeseburger. The Lumpianiza had delicious meatiness to it, which was further enhanced by the melted cheese inside the crispy wrapper. This one you could eat on your own as a canape or appetizer, and perfect with Ketchup, Sweet Chili, or even Hot Sauce. 

            My other favorite flavor has got to be the Hamonado! It was incredibly delicious, with the meat having a delicate sweetness, without being too cloying. For me, the innate pinoy flavors demanded it to be eaten with rice. Rina liked it with a touch of vinegar, but I was fine with it on its own. 

      The Lumpianiza is perfect for Rain's Baon, (haha even for my baon for work), or for a quick meal when you have guests over, or plain and simply, when you're craving for a different type of Lumpia! Not only are they amazing, they're also reasonably priced. 

As per Rele, Pop's Original Lumpianiza contains 80% meat, 20% fat. They proudly use 100% Natural Meat, with no extenders or preservatives. You can catch them at different Food Markets and Fairs, but for sure orders, best to check out their social media accounts!

Here's the price list for Pop's Original Lumpianiza:

Dozen Pack:
Tuguegarao (Garlic) (360g) - P200
Hamonado (360g) - P200
Vigan (360g) - P200
Spicy Tuguegarao (360g) - P220
Spicy Vigan (360g) - P220

Ten Pack:
Cheeseburger (350g) - P300
Beef Taco (350g) - P320

DM or text/call: 09276746166 for orders. 

For more information, Visit their Social Media Pages:

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  1. Thank you so much, Sir Richie! Glad you and your family liked the Lumpianizas. More power to you!



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