Monday, July 23, 2018


      Samba at Shangri-la the Fort is making Saturdays even more fun! Not only does the popular Peruvian restaurant bring its Latin inspired flair to its dishes, but they also set up live food stations and included an all you can eat menu to its incredible Sabado De Fiesta lunch spread!

        Scheduled for lunch every last Saturdays of the Month, Samba's Sabado De Fiesta is held at the veranda of Samba, which is right beside the hotel's luxurious swimming pool. Although you're free to dine inside at the air-conditioned area, the veranda gives you a full view of the stations, so you can get into the festive atmosphere that Sabado De Fiesta is all about. 


         It was an honor to have Samba's Executive Chef Carlo Huerta Echegaray himself man the  Ceviche and Tiradito Bar himself. 

        The station offered fresh Ceviche Dishes of the Catch of the day, as well as other favorites such as Prawns, Scallops, Tuna, Salmon and so much more! 

       My preferred station, however, was the Street Taco Station, where they prepared the Mexican classic while you wait!

    A flour tortilla is placed over a hot plate, which is then topped with savory Pork Carnitas, Frejoles Churros, Guacamole, Salsa Picante, (all of which were house made), then topped with your choice of fresh vegetables, before it being topped with a Jalapeno cheese.

          You can actually customize your taco to your liking, as I requested that they omitted the salsa Picante to minimize the heat, allowing me to fully appreciate the playful flavors of the carnitas. 

         Upon request, individual portions of Parihuela de Mariscos, will be served to you. This is a Peruvian Bouillabaise that uses a with fresh seafood broth, punched up by Aji Panca Chilis, Corn Beer (a Peruvian Favorite), and roasted Bell Peppers. 

         The medley Seafood created an amazing symphony of flavors, with every spoonful you took, left you wanting more. The broth was vibrant and robust, making it a great way to kick off the meal to come. 


       Among the dishes that you may order are the Mixed Anticuchos.  These are a variety of skewers that have been seasoned the Peruvian way, and grilled to a gorgeous char. You can get a taste of the Anticucho de Corazon (Beef Hearts),Choncholi De Pollo (Grilled Chicken), Shiitake Skewers, scattered on a skillet nestled on roasted potatoes, and served with ocopa and rocoto sauce, which was a nut based spicy sauce. 

       The Arroz Con Choclo a la Mantequilla de Coral is a delicious rice dish that compliments the rich flavors of the peruvian dishes. This is a fragrant dish of buttered rice rice, sweet corn, bell peppers topped with a medley of minced seafood and shards of sharp cheese. 

    Another hearty dish is the Sudado De Mero,  a hearty tomato stew, further enhanced by onions, Aji Amarillo, and White Wine, with an immaculately cooked Grouper fillet perched on top. 

         One of my favorite dishes of the day was the Seco de Pato.  A juicy duck leg is bathed in a aromatic sauce made with Peruvian herbs and chilis such as Aji Apianca, Piquillo Pepper and frijoles de Chincha. They all harmoniously come together to compose an amazing dish. 


      For dessert, Samba offered a triple treat of a Fresh Fruit Mosaic, Tres Leches cake, and the popular Latin America treat, Bunuelos. 

       The Tres Leches was creamy and moist without being overly sweet, and had a wonderful Meringue icing topping. 

         The Bunuelos are fried dough balls infused with Pumpkin, and is perfect when dipped in its lightly sweet syrup. 

     All these entrees are available at the Sabado De Fiesta for only P1,800 per person, and P900 per Child. Service begins at 11am all the way til 3pm. You can also avail of their unlimited selection of cocktails for an additional P800++ (Includes drinks such as Sangria, Sexy Colada, Corona and a few more) , or their selection of non-alcoholic drinks for P400++ (Softdrinks, Selection of Ice Teas and Lemonades).  

Thank you Chef Carlo for the excellent meal!

Fun lunch with the KTG at Samba's Sabado Fiesta! 

8th Flr Shangri-La at the Fort
30th St., Cor 5th Ave
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City

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