Friday, July 6, 2018


       The sparkling new renovation of Podium Mall opened up opportunities for more shops and restaurants to settle into the bustling Ortigas center. Recently, a sprawling Food Hall opened, named, "The Corner Market". Spanning roughly around 1,200 square meters, The Corner Market is set to house 17 food establishments in its massive halls.  

      Though not all 17 are operational yet, your friendly neighborhood Pickiest Eater made the ultimate sacrifice for his beloved readers, to try the food stalls that have opened their doors at the Corner Market.. Where good food is just around the corner!

       The Corner Market Food Hall made sure that some of the finest food cultures in Asia are made readily available for it's customers. Thailand, known for its diverse cuisine, is represented by "Easy, Tiger". Easy, Tiger serves Classic Thai Noodle dishes and popular set meals consisting of entrees that we all know and love, at very affordable prices!

        Easy, Tiger has a number of soups to choose from, including the Thai classic, Tom Yum. But what makes Easy, Tiger stand out, is how it gives its customers the liberty of choosing the type of noodles they want to use in their soups!

         The Beef Noodle Soup (P150) with Thick Rice noodles featured a broth packed with immense flavor, and a medley of ingredients that was incredibly comforting on a rainy day. The tender slices of beef also instilled a more savory flavor into the soup, while making it more hearty at the same time. 

       I really enjoyed the Grilled Thai Sausage (P180 Set Meal with Tom Yum Broth, Papaya Salad and Steamed Rice). I really wasn't sure what to expect, flavor-wise, but I was impressed with what I tasted. The meat was tightly packed and had a light fragrance to it that was rather enjoyable when paired with the savoriness of the meat. 

     As much as I enjoyed the sausage, it was the Grilled Bacon Belly (P210 Set Meal with Tom Yum Broth, Papaya Salad and Steamed Rice) that got my tummy growling like a tiger! Again, the meat was marinaded in a medley of herbs, and i'm assuming lemongrass or something similar, because the aroma around it drove my tastebuds crazy! The cook on the Pork Bell was masterfully, giving it a delicate char while maintaining its innate juiciness. 

     If you can eat this with only one scoop of rice, you my friend, are a strong person than I. 

       So far, Easy, Tiger has hit all the marks for me when it comes to delicious Thai Food. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to try their Pad Thai yet, which is usually my an essential barometer when judging a delicious Thai restaurant. So far though, I am impressed with every thing I tried, and I'm looking forward to going back for the Pad Thai.. and Pandan Chicken.. And Spring Rolls... 

     You get the drift! 

Easy, Tiger
The Corner Market Food Hall
2nd Floor Podium Mall
ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center
Pasig City

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