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        If you're ever in the vicinity of Banawe in Quezon City and you're craving for some good and affordable dim sum in a bright and very presentable place, King Chef Seafood Restaurant would be your best bet. We recently went there with a couple of our other blogger friends to try their long list of over a hundred type of dimsums!  

        And the best part is, they have Morning, Afternoon, and Late Night Tea Time where they offer a huge discounted price on their dimsum! 

king chef

        King Chef has recently moved to their new home at the 238 Centre, still along Banawe in Quezon City. They have a huge space, wherein a high ceiling will greet you when you enter. They have lots of seats so it's not that hard to get a table. Even so, I noticed they always have customers no matter what time of day.


king chef drinks

        We started with their thirst-quenching drinks. Black and White Gulaman (Regular price P77 / Promo rice P55). Cold Fruit Punch (P120), And on the bottom, the Cold Milk Tea (Regular price P80 / Promo price P55), and Hot Soya Milk (Regular price P80 / Promo price P55). I ordered the Cold Milk Tea and I really liked it. Very refreshing and not too sweet which is just how I like all my drinks.



        Next, let's move on to the tummy warmers. Soups! The soups and noodles though are not included in the Tea Time promos. But they're still very reasonably priced. We tried the Laksa Noodle Soup (P180), which has just the right amount of heat. 


       They have Bola Bola Congee (P130) which is perfect to warm your tummy when you're hungry, while you "stretch" your stomach before your even heavier meal.

Beef Wanton Noodles

And if you like noodles, there's the Beef Wanton Noodles (P190) which I think my Dad would love!

Our Favorite Dim Sums!

Crispy Duck Wanton

        We really liked this Crispy Duck Wanton (Regular price P120 / Promo price P68). It was the first time we've ever tried it. It didn't look much at first. But we got the surprise of our day when we bit into one, there was a light heavenly crunch from the thin wrapper, and then we hit that soft sweet and salty duck meat inside! 

Fried Five Spice Spareribs

        ...and Richie's favorite, the Fried Five Spice Spareribs (P140). He loves it because first of all, it's fried, but still juicy on the inside, and it's seasoned just perfectly!

Ham Soy Kok

        Another one of Richie's favorites is the Ham Soy Kok (Regular price P95 / Promo price P62). If you haven't tried this, you should! It's awesome! It might not look much from the outside, but once you take a bite, you'll discover that it's got a glutinous chewy rice-cake-y texture, same texture as a buchi, but in the center is a delicious and soft sweet pork! You won't regret it! 


        I, on the other hand, have developed a love for Hakaw (Regular price P110 / Promo price P68). And King Chef's Hakaw has become one of my favorites! In fact I was heart-broken the second time we went back because they ran out of Hakaw. Sniff... But it's really good. It's got a good size and filled with delicious shrimp! I love drowning it in soy sauce! 

Bird's Eye Dumpling

        I also enjoyed the Bird's Eye Dumpling (Regular price P110 / Promo price P68) because it was somewhat close to a Hakaw. In fact, this was what I had the second time we went since they didn't have hakaw. 

Taosi Spareribs

        We also really loved the Taosi Spareribs (Regular price P85 / Promo price P55). We love that it has slices of squash in the bottom. Something different from other spareribs. 

Xiao Long Bao

They also have delicious Shanghai-style Xiao Long Bao (P150 for 6 pieces)

steamed dim sum

        For the other dim sums that were served that day, there's Chiu Chow Style Kuchay Dumpling (Regular price P95 / Promo price P62), Beef Balls (regular price P95 / Promo price P68), Chicken with Mushroom and Chorizo (Regular prize P105 / Promo price P68), and the Japanese Siomai (Regular price P105 / Promo price P62).

fried dim sum

        Dynamite (Regular price P100 / Promo price P68), Taro Puff (P120)Crispy Spring Rolls (Regular price P90 / Promo price P62)

dim sum

        Minced Shrimp Puff (Regular price P110 / Promo price P68), Beancurd Roll (Regular price P105 / Promo price P62), Fried Prawn Dumpling (Regular price P110 / Promo price P68)

pumpkin dumpling

        And the unique dumpling award goes to.... the Pumpkin Balls and the Carrot Balls (Regular price P90 / Promo price P62). I can't believe I wasn't able to taste both because I was busy stuffing my face with hakaw or something else. But I recall someone said it had a glutinous texture.


Peking chickensoyed beef kenchi

        Other things included in the Tea Time promo is the Peking Chicken Rice (P190), not included in the promo but is super good! It's very tasty and tender! They also have  Soyed Beef Kenchi with Cucumber (Regular price P120 / Promo price P68).

rice rolls

        For the rice rolls, they have Asado (P110), Shrimp (P130), Beef (P110), HK rice rolls (Regular price P130 / Promo price P68), Vegetarian (P95), and Stir-fried X.O. rice noodles (P95) 

mango balls

        For dessert, we had Mango Balls (Regular price P85 / Promo price P62). This is a simple glutinous dessert which isn't sweet at all. In fact I think it lacks a little bit too much sweet. That's just me. But it serves its purpose as a palette cleanser after all that dim sum!

dim sum

Here are the schedule for King Chef's Tea Time daily promotions:

Morning Tea Time: 8AM to 10AM daily
Afternoon Tea Time : 2PM to 5PM daily
Late Night Tea Time: 9PM to 12 MN daily

    King Chef's Tea Time promotions make the trip to Quezon City super duper worth while if you ask me! Excellent quality dim sum for a very good price! Definitely a great value for money, I must say!

Follow King Chef on Facebook to get updates on their latest promotions!

King Chef is located at:
2/f Banawe 238 Center Banawe corner Panalturan Streets
1115 Quezon City, Philippines

You may contact them on the following numbers:
Dim Sum Kitchen : 361-0571 and 361-1332. 
Fine Dining : 4665765 /3527534 / 4136619 / 4414177 / 6977781 
Delivery : 4104919

King Chef Dimsum Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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king chef dim sum menu
king chef dim sum menu


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